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Downward Angle of Fire

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Since this point has been reached, may as well add in another of the little "numbering" tricks of the WC.

Notice that the original SS Book with the photo's/survey/etc; was CD 85.

Thereafter, the WC re-numbered it CE-875

When the SS Survey Plat was entered into evidence in March, it was entered as CE-585.

The WC utilized this type of systematic and correlating numbers identification system to confuse much of the evidence, and unless one is laying out the actual exhibit at the same time as they are reading the testimony, etc; then welcome to "LOST"!

They also utilized this similar numbering system when entering into evidence something with the witness's name in front of the actual item.

This "bouncing ball" method of numbering and entry of exhibit numbers has led many persons astray in their search.

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The remaining 7 or so attachments contain drawings. Although they are a portion of the chapeter which dealt with the Downward angle, I will nevertheless post them separately as they are of some significance.


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