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US Civil War: Partners Needed

John Simkin

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Message from Peter Wright, a history teacher in Scotland:

I'm looking to set up a curricular link to support my students who are doing an in depth study of the US Civil War. This is a study at Advanced Higher level and is (or should be!) very demanding in terms of knowledge and understanding of concepts, historical skills etc. The students, who are around 17 - 18 years of age, have all passed Higher History (university entrance qualification in Scotland) with significant success and are likely to go on to study the subject at University level. They are however a small group and would benefit from a wider range of peers with whom to discuss their ideas and conclusions.

The course deals with the causes, progress and consequences of the civil war and all students have to prepare a dissertation dealing with a particular issue related to the topic.

Anyone interested in setting up a link with Peter should email me and I will put you into contact with him.

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A fellow teacher of mine will be teaching higher level U.S. history covering the Civil War by the first week in December. If this will work, feel free to e-mail him at brad_wall@usd465.com. He is the advanced placement teacher for our history department.

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