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Your thoughts on who actually Killed JFK?

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If you were to name who shot JFK in your opinion and that person is still alive who would you name?

The person has to be alive still, the best one thought in your opinion would be appreciated here?

I have not any idea.

Try to name as many as you can..........

If you can try to name four.

This has to be a hard question.

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No one who shot JFK is still alive. Or to put it another way, anyone who is still alive did not shoot JFK.

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I wouldn't know who the actual shooter was but all the shooters were military trained sharpshooters, in my opinion. Despite the fact that Governor Connelly was hit, it was a cleverly executed ambush with the shooters nicely concealed.

IF I was to do it, I'd have to be pretty stupid as I'm a bad shot. If I was a little bit loony and wanted to off Connally, it might go something like this

ok, first shot, ....drat (I don't know how to compensate when using a scope) missed, hit street. second shot, drat, Kennedy got in the way, hmm ...they're gonna get away oh dear I can just see Connally... ooops. Gulp. What have I done....

I think I'll go and sit somewhere dark and have a think. sheesh..Couldn't even get that right... :huh:

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Referring back to Nancy's question, my immediate thought was of Mick Jagger singing:

"...who killed the Kennedys? Well, after all, it was you and me..."

But I believe that limiting the discussion to persons still alive--and able to sue, based upon recent history here on this very Forum--might be counterproductive. Not only would that exclude persons whom, nearly 42 years after the fact, might now be looking upward toward dirt, whom also may be guilty as either perpetrator(s) or (co)conspirators, but it might actually sidetrack what appears to be a very logical and informative exchange of information and ideas...one which seems to have flourished over the past several days. And I believe there's some value to spirited exchanges of ideas, such as that which is occurring on the thread about Oswald's wallet:


Since there already is a thread on this very topic at the top of the Forum page,


I suggest we might direct our comments on who actually killed JFK to that thread. Not out of disrespect for your idea, Nancy...but merely because of the redundancy involved.

Whenever I notice an addition to that thread, I always check it out...as I'm always interested in yet another point of view, and particularly one which I might not have previously considered.

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Guest Stephen Turner

IMO, Walker holds the key here,highly trained military snipers.But thats not really the immportant bit is it?the real question is WHY?

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I don't think a well trained shooter would miss Connelly, hit Tague, and possibly hit the sign.

Drew, that's quite a good point. Under normal circumstances you wouldn't think trained sharpshooters aiming at JFK would hit Connally but considering the unique and difficult circumstances of this event, I think they did. Consider:

1. The target is moving and the vehicle he's sitting in is moving.

2. They're nervous. I know assassins are renowned for having ice in their veins but considering the magnitude of their assignment, they're entitled to be a bit jittery. This isn't enemy soldiers they're firing at, or the assassination of some tinpot dictator--this is the free world's top banana. Under orders not to miss, they've got to pick him off from a distance with others in the moving car, whom they don't want to hit, especially Jackie. It's a lot of pressure and they're only human--almost.

If they hit the sign (very possible as it was removed within days) then either you are right (they weren't trained marksmen) or I am right (they were very nervous).

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There are plenty of witnesses alive.

As bone chilling as it may seem it is a highly possible that out there is someone sitting and watching every move we say on the subject about JFK and whos getting close and who is far away, from what really happened on the day of 11/22/63?

Howard Hunt is still alive? He was always a question on this subject of his involvement.

List them, if you can?

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