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Progressive Taxation

John Simkin

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John wrote:

Percy Bysshe Shelley once said that “morality is imagination”. I think it is one of the wisest things anyone has ever said. D. H. Lawrence took the opposite position. He said “every philosopher ends at his finger tips”. I am from the Shelley school of thought. We can only make moral judgements by looking outside ourselves

John I respectfully suggest you apply this principle to making judgments on other people's politics. You wrote (perhaps in a different thread) that you abhor Christian fundamentalism. I think you should attempt to consider an entirely different world view and how such a world view would influence your views on public events.

That being said, I thought your post above was excellent and worthy of serious consideration. You have a brilliant mind and, at the risk of offending you, I still have hope that you will recognize that Jesus Christ is more than just a great moral philospher. Should you ever do so, I think you would accomplish a lot because of your intelligence and organizational abilities.

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