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Biography: Alan Kent

Alan Kent

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For a disproportionate amount of my life, I have labored in the lucrative field of retail management.

I came to study the assassination of John Kennedy as a lay student of post-WW2 American foreign policy who was appalled at the superficiality of mainstream historical writing on the subject.

I have, in a small way, assisted a few Kennedy assassination authors and researchers by supplying relatively unusual articles and documents pertaining to the subject matter, as well as excessively wordy opinion pieces and manuscript critiques.

I hope to someday finish a "big picture" analysis of the structure and development of the plots which I believe melded into the unwieldy mess of a plot that finally felled Kennedy. To date, I have a wonderful title, and about 220 drafts. I'll complete it about the time Lifton next publishes!

Your forum seems to be populated largely by sincere, intelligent folks, and I hope to contribute effectively and to learn much from the interaction.

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