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John, I suggest you should proably add Robert Tannernbaum to your long list of investigators. As I am sure you are aware, he was an investigator for the HSCA under the other Richard Sprague. Below is some biographical info on Tannenbaum:

CHAIRMAN TUNHEIM: Well, would it be possible, Mr. Tanenbaum, for you to give us really just a brief overview of your career and how you came to be involved with the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

MR. TANENBAUM: I attended college and law school at the University of California at Berkeley and went to work for District Attorney Frank Hogan in New York County. And while there I served as bureau chief of the criminal courts of the felony trial bureau and deputy chief and for a period of time acting chief of the homicide bureau, and while there tried several hundred cases to verdict.

While I was there I was asked to come down to the committee. I didn't apply for it in any fashion and Richard Sprague was the chief counsel and I met with members of the committee and Mr. Sprague, both at Mr. Sprague's office in Philadelphia and in Washington. I had no real intimate knowledge of the library of books that had been written to that point on the assassination. And wanted assurance from the committee simply that whatever the facts were we would be permitted to tell the American people. And that is if Oswald did it from the facts and he did it alone, we were prepared to say that. If he didn't, based upon the evidence, we too wanted to have the ability to say that. We wanted to have and clear investigation as we did for example in dealing with homicides on the streets of Manhattan.

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Does anyone know whether this is the same Robert Tannenbaum who is a prolific writer of mystery novels?

Yes, and one of them Corruption of Blood if I remember the name right relates to his experiences in JFK assassination research.

There is one slight problem with Mr. Tannenebaum. It appears the 14-odd novels published under his name were actually written by his cousin Michael Gruber, and Gruber has now spilled the beans. Of course JFK researchers would have a hard time recalling anything of value that that Mr. Tannenbaum has ever said or written about the Dallas murders, yet he is regularly touted as a "big name" speaker at conferences on the assassination.

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