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The LBJ Cover-Up

Tim Gratz

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"Well this is the first time I have ever heard a theory that JFK was killed to advance the cause of civil rights."

"The question I raise is what motivated LBJ to order the cover-up. I think it is helpful to list the various scenarios and consider them.

In doing so, it may very well depend on who the conspirators were."

Quotes from two of your posts in this thread.

I am not sure I am advancing a theory although your original question asked us "to list the various scenarios and consider them." I thought I would be remiss if I failed to list these particular thoughts considering that the outcome (the Civil Rights Act of 1964) may well have been an outcome that, it could be argued, only became a reality as a result of the assassination.

So, for the sake of discussion, lets discuss this information.

I have been researching John J. McCloy for years based simply upon the fact that I found a letter written from him to Edwin Walker that was dated five months before the assassination. Coincidence?

In just the last few weeks I have made a circumstantial connection between McCloy and the NSA's John B. Hurt that seems rather strong. It deals with factual statements made by McCloy during discussions with President Truman prior to the surrender of Japan (statements that were based upon information that had been pieced together by John B. Hurt). I must consider that this folds in well with a loose connection between Hurt and Edwin Walker (beginning about 1935) and a stronger connection between Maxwell Taylor and Hurt (beginning 1941) that could be just a coincidence. But toss in the fact that Oswald attempted to contact a John Hurt (information that was supressed from the Warren Commission) and we have another interesting web from which to weave a possible picture.

But in this scenario you would have to make John J. McCloy a major conspirator and he would have to be in a position to coordinate and coverup an assassination. In addition one would have to attach a motive to any potential action that he may have taken that would fit with his character. You would also have to assume that he would, somehow have the ability to cover up his crime if he was in fact involved.

Let's examine the facts (not circumstantial evidence).

1) I recently discovered that the Kennedy Library seems, to a remarkable degree, to lack a collection of written correspondence between McCloy and Kennedy dispite the fact that McCloy was a major player within the Kennedy adminsistration. One could credibly ask, why is this?

2) Throughout his political career McCloy advocated and persued the advancement of civil rights within the military and later spread his advocacy to any area that could include Federal jurisdiction (interstate commerce and transportation for instance). He also fought for the equality of Nations and their peoples as well as the reemergence of a strong, equal partnership position for Germany within a democratic Europe that could fight Soviet expansion.

3) Being within the government and with a backround in intelligence McCloy would have had access to the information necessary to pull off an assassination.

4) McCloy had a close personal relationship with Maxwell Taylor that began in Italy (1943/44 or before), continued into Germany (McCloy as High Commissioner and Taylor as Military Governor, both were avid tennis players) that continued into the 1960's with both of the two working together within the Kennedy Administration.

5) Taylor and Edwin Walker had a close relationship that began in 1927 and lasted until ?????

6) McCloy wrote a letter to Walker (five months before the assassination) that one could argue was designed to distance him from Walker IF Walker were in fact associated with Oswald following the assassination (perhaps showing advanced knowledge of events about to unfold?). That message was placed in a depository that was very public and should have been very easy to find if events began to unravail or could have been placed as an insurance policy to insure complicity on the part of an unwitting Edwin Walker.

7) The assassiantion attempt upon the life of Edwin Walker was in fact associated with Oswald after Walker was interviewed by a German newspaper the morning following the assassination.

8) The assassination attempt upon Walker was in fact explained away by the Warren Commission that was led, in many ways, by John J. McCloy.

9) McCloy and the Warren Commission concluded that Oswald acted as a "lone nut."

10) McCloy was in fact named to the Warren Commission and played a major role in naming the lead council and directing the investigation.

11) Maxwell Taylor did direct, as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the War in Vietnam

12) McCloy and Taylor had the means, the motive and the opportunity to direct an assassination of President John F. Kennedy. (Taylor, Vietnam War, MCCloy Civil Rights legislation?)

13) Just for the fun of it one last little fact that I just discovered in the last 48 hours. Lt. Gen. Gordon A. Blake, head of the NSA at the time of the assassination and therefore the "boss" of John B. Hurt until his retirement, was a classmate of Edwin Walker (USMA 1931) while Maxwell Taylor was an instructor at West Point.

14) Marshall Sylvester Carter was Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) from 1962 to 1965. He to was a West Point class of 1931 Taylor/Walker associate.

15) After the assassination, while on the plane from Dallas to Washington DC it was Maj. Gen. Chester Clifton who made the plans dealing with how to get the widow, Kennedy's body after the autopsy and how to get the new president off the plane. Clifton was a Taylor appointee to Kennedy's staff and just by coincidence his first commanding officer after graduation from West Point was Edwin Anderson Walker.

If known to the general public, would the personal relationships of Edwin Walker with members of Kennedy's staff and advisors be a reason to call for a further investigation into that area alone?

How much more information would be needed to get a Grand Jury to indict?

Jim Root

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As the famous old saying goes, a good prosecutor can lead a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. But . . .

Respectfully, Jim, I do not see these associations as necessarily sinister. You have done excellent research in discovering relationships between people that were not suspected before, but there is nothing tying Gen. Walker into the assassination and even if there was his assaociation with Gen. Taylor would not get you very far in court.

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Let me return to the subject of Walker's travels in Europe that overlaps Oswald's travels. Why was there such a lack of infromation presented to the Warren Commission dealing with Oswalds travels? Dispite the fact that the passenger lists were available for all flights that left London (Heathrow) Airport were available at the time of the Kennedy assassination and to the investigators for the Warren Commission, no one identified which flight Oswald departed on. Why?

The new information that Antti and I have pieced together that shows that Oswald may well have taken anyone of several flights from London on the morning of Oct. 10, 1959 with anyone of several destination that could have placed him and Walker in the same place at the same time to meet. If these two men did in fact meet, could that meeting later provide Oswald with a motive to attempt to assassinate Edwin Walker? Motive equaling something more than just a "nut."

Is it important to consider that the messages sent by John Hickerson (American Ambassador in Helsinki and a McCloy, Cooper and Walker associate) dated September 4, 1959 and October 9, 1959 coincide exactly with major events in Lee Harvey Oswald's "defection" to the soviet Union? These two dates coincide exactly with Oswald's early discharge from the Marines and his applicaiton for a passport at the Santa Ana, CA courthouse (Sept. 4, 1959 which lists Helsinki as a possible destination) and his extra day of travel (Oct. 9, 1959).

The Oct. 9, 1959 message suggested that if a person presented himself at the Soviet Embassy and had already purchased first class Intouris vouchers, that person could gain enterence into the Soviet Union easily. Oswald followed these instruction to the letter dispite the fact that he never entered the American Embassy in Helsinki, where this information was generated, and that the information was considered so valuable that it remained classified for 13 years. Who gave him that information? COULD it have been Walker who was in the same place at the same time?

If Oswald and Walker did in fact meet what would the Warren Commission be compelled to do to cover that event up?

1) Oswald's flight from London to Helsinki could not be identified. It was not.

2) The military history of Walker would need to be left out of the Commission record. It was.

3) The telephone interview conducted between Walker (who was staying at a Hotel in Shreveport, LA) and a German newspaper would have to be explained away. It was.

4) Oswald would have to die. He did.

5) Walker would have to be kept quite. The letter from McCloy to Walker would insure this.

Just arguments for a scenario but arguments based upon facts.

Jim Root

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