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Political opportunism is a commonly adopted tactic used in order to maintain a degree of control over issues. In a cynical sense it can be seen as a form of infiltration or deep entry into issues in order to at a later date exert control. In the light of such a perspective it is reasonable to see that as a result of the automatic identification by many people of bigotry as a cause in the Kennedy assassination there would be a tendency amongst those opposed to civil rights to shift towards, what now became seemingly inevitable, active support. The KKK also got on the 'band wagon' by dropping or diminishing their opposition to Catholics. The 'former members of' group continued to grow.

So, in summary, opportunism is a covert adherence to principles while displaying an overt change.

The tool to use by those who regard overt adherence to principle as the 'better way', is simply that : Maintaining Principle. In the face of a solidly maintained principle the covert attacks reveal themselves. This is the great undoing of the right. Through the millinnea the slow dismantling of slavery, feudalism, patriarchy has, in spite of reaction, been achieved by those who steadfastly maintain principle.

People like Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Kennedy, Palme, Lennon, the final edition of Malcolm X, and others recognise this and the pinnacle of their philosophy is the principle of non violent struggle. In this struggle ultimately these people and others are killed. What must be recognised is that these people are aware of this as a possible outcome and they make a decision about whether their life or the principle is more important. Ultimately reaction has no answer to this.

Except for more violence.

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