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Google Desktop: World Domination?

John Simkin

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Last week Google launched Google Desktop, which includes a new Sidebar and an upgraded version of the current Desktop Search. According to Jack Schofield this is an attempt “to claim some space on the world’s most valuable virtual estate – the Microsoft Windows desktop”. You can use it to search, either on Google or on your local hard drive.

Some people will be reluctant to download this software onto their system. It has the potential to allow Google to discover everything about you.

If you type “Microsoft World Domination” into a Google search-box you get 498,000 pages. “Google World Domination” brings you 699,000 pages.

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The day you type in "Google sucks" and get 0 pages you will realise they have definitvely passed over to the dark side of the force. At the moment it is 17,500,000 and 26300 if you put it in quotes :lol:

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