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Jim Root

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Does anyone know who was responsible for removing Kennedy's files and personal effects from the White House after the assassination?

Perhaps the information is available somewhere but I cannot seem to locate where this information would be found. It seems to be logical that everything removed would have been cataloged. My problem is that only a few papers dealing with Kennedy's chief disarmament adviser and negotiator, John J. McCloy, can be found at the Kennedy Library. Where did the internal memos between Kennedy and McCloy go? Did any exist?

Jim Root

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Evelyn Lincoln, his secretary secured his private papers and belongings for Robert...she saw to it, that all was moved out and secured..

I seem to recall Robert also had sent others there earlier to change the locks and such..to get there to protect them, he did not want LBJs men in those files..

It seems to me I have read this information.also ,in one of the books relating to Robert....Look into information in her book...there may be some on the web..

B.. B)

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Thank you for the info. I looked up Evelyn Lincoln to see if I could find some information about her movements in the hours after the assassination. This is what I found:

"Birthdate: June 25, 1909 - Death: Thursday May 11, 1995

John F. Kennedy's personal secretary. She was riding in the presidential motorcadde on November 22, 1963."

This seems to sugget that Lincoln would not have been at the White House in the hours following the assassination. Since the assassination occured on a Friday one could speculate about when she actually returned to work. It would seem within the relm of possibility to think that Evelyn Lincoln may not have returned until Monday.

I am by no means an expert on homicide investigations but it would seem to be a "normal" procedure to examine the home of a murder victim for potential evidence. Since Oswald, the accused assassin, was already dead by the Monday following the assassiantion, perhaps this procedure was neglected or considered unneccessary.

The question remains: "Did items disapear form the White House in the hours following the assassination of John F. Kennedy?" What happened in the offices of the White House on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Jim Root

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Hi Jim:

I am rusty with the info in Evelyn's book, been awhile since I read it..

and some others pertaining to all this..But here goes....from memory..

She remained with Jackie at Bethesda till very early morning..and Robert

asked her to get to JFK's office early...and I don't believe any slept that

first night..from what many have stated.

Evelyn was there in the office Sat, morning very early...LBJ told her he

wanted everything out by noon, though later from what I have read, he

apparently changed his mind, she had it out by that time..but LBJ did not take

possession of the office till after the funeral..

Robert had sent some, of his men, as I recall over to the President's office

not too long after, he received word of his brother's death...to secure all....as

he remained in Washington...he said something to the effect he did not

want LBJ's men ..

going through them...but he did not state it that nicely.

Robert also ran into LBJ that Sat, morning in the WH, near or in the office,

and there were harsh words, ..I

seem to recall that Evelyn called Robert and let him know what was

going on...

As They were moved out they were then taken to Robert's office, Evelyn

remained there in charge of them..This info is also available in many other

books, her look at LBJ, is very harsh at times, but she was there and she dealt

with him, so.??

B.. :clapping

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