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Oswald: Communist/Socialist?

John Dolva

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Didn't Armstrong comment on the "I Led Three Lives" story?. Isn't Robert the only source for this fixation?

I don't know if it was a fixation. More like a fan of a TV show, and Oswald probably read the book as well.

John O'Neill, the former FBI agent killed at the WTC, said that he was inspired to become an FBI agent

because of the TV series staring Robert Stack, and I know for a fact that there are more women than men

enrolled in Crime Scene Investigation classes and schools (ie. Wecht Institute) because of the current

CSI TV shows that portray women investigators in a heroic light. So Oswald being inspired by the FBI

undercover agent's TV show is quite understandable. Robert just informs us of this, and it was confirmed

by others.

Robert, however, is probably more of an inspiration for Lee to enlist in the Marines than was David Ferrie,

who Jim D. says encouraged his CAP cadets to enlist.

While Oswald "memorized" Robert's USMC Manual before he enlisted, Robert doesn't recall his little brother,

who followed him into the Marines, ever mentioning communism, let alone haveing a fixiation with it.


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