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I'm afraid it is a long time since I have had a job interview!

However you will need a clear vision and plan for what you can offer the role.

Are you able to identify (gently!) existing weaknesses in the area of responsibility the job covers?

What do you know about the school and its current priorities?? How can you help the wider school achieve its aims through the new post?

What are your career aspirations beyond this post?

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I am applying for a second in Faculty job whose main responsibility will be 'in charge of GCSE/KS4'.

Any tips on what to include in letters, what to expect for interviews,etc... If this is your job description, can you tell me more about it? All help appreciated.

Like Andy it has been sometime since I was interviewed for a job. Over the years I have been involved in recruiting people for various jobs, projects, etc.

Some of the things I look for is: enthusiasm (probably the most important thing of all), energy (without this you will be unable to contribute effectively), ideology (not necessary my own ideology but someone who has thought deeply about the subject and has a good idea of the kind of outcomes they want to see take place), social skills (all interviewers are looking for people who are able to work with the existing team), intelligence (signs that they are still able to learn – I would never employ anybody who has a closed mind), critical thinker (it is important to me that the person is capable of questioning my ideas – after all, even I sometimes get it wrong) and optimism (I dislike being in the company of pessimists).

Of course, all interviewers have different value systems. The vast majority do not like critical thinkers but some things are universal and they are likely to select a candidate who displays enthusiasm, optimism, intelligence and social skills.

The real challenge for the person being interviewed is to discover the value system of the person making the appointment. If the value system of the head is different from yours, you have to decide whether to act a role or to stick to your own philosophy. I remember being interviewed for a job as a head of department at a comprehensive school by a man who I knew wanted to run a grammar/secondary school under one roof. For example, he employed a rigid two band system from Year 7. I decided to make it clear that I was a passionate supporter of mixed ability teaching. He still gave me the job and over the next three years we had some interesting staff meetings where I challenged him on this issue. He seemed to enjoy the experience. On one occasion he even allowed the staff to vote on the issue. He lost the vote but it only went to illustrate his power – he told the staff he was unwilling to change the structure of the school. After three years I left the school. Eventually I discovered it was impossible to work under a head whose value system was so different from mine.

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Well, the interview is on Tuesday. Did I not say? I got this job for ONE term and it can be renewed as a permanent post as a 2nd in Faculty, in charge of KS4. I have been given all the details about the interview and I noticed that the school has invited one of the candidates who was present the last time round... I really don't know what to make of it, so if you have any tips, from whichever side of the interview room, it would be greatly appreciated... (interviewee, interviewer).


My lesson is : half a Yr 10 class (grades A* - B ): Ma ville, intro lesson, concentrate on Speaking and Listening skills.

Graham, any ideas on how to approach the matter? :idea


Have a great weekend


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