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Ed O'Hagan

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Here are a couple of 'doctored' views of the Stemmons sign which, I submit, were never intended to be seen. The first picture can be found by clicking through the 'garbage' clippings towards the end of the Geraldo Rivera version of the Zapruder footage... and there's more interesting 'stuff' there too. It sure looks as though Abe's camera X-rayed the Stemmon's sign in this one!

The second picture I had unfortunately omitted tagging at the time I filed it, but I think I found it in an early copy of the Zapruder footage from the UK. Whoever was doing the 'artwork' really made a mess of it.

Ed O'Hagan

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Nice Ed!

Hudson Exhibit Number 1 appears to be equal to Willis photo #5.

Mr. ZAPRUDER - Well, of course, what I saw you have on film, but that was the day, November 22, it was around 11:30. In fact, I didn't have my camera but my secretary asked me why I don't have it and I told her I wouldn't have a chance even to see the President and somehow she urged me and I went home and got my camera and came back and first I thought I might take pictures from the window because my building is right next to the building where the alleged assassin was, and it's just across--501 Elm Street, but I figured--I may go down and get better pictures, and I walked down. I believe it was Elm Street and on down to the lower part, closer to the underpass and I was trying to pick a space from where to take those pictures and I tried one place and it was on a narrow ledge and I couldn't balance myself very much. I tried another place and that had some obstruction of signs or whatever it was there and finally I found a place farther down near the underpass that was a square of concrete I don't know what you call it maybe about 4 feet high.

Mr. LIEBELER - I show you a picture that has been marked Hudson Exhibit No. 1 and ask you if you can in fact see yourself in that picture?

Mr. ZAPRUDER - Let me see--there it is here. That's me standing there--there's a girl--that's where I was standing.

Mr. LIEBELER - You are pointing out a concrete abutment that comes up immediately to the right of the sign that reads "Stemmons Freeway, Keep Right"?

Mr. ZAPRUDER - That's right. That's the girl behind me--that's my girl that works in my office. She was up there, too.

Mr. LIEBELER - So, you and this girl are shown standing on top of this concrete abutment there?

Mr. ZAPRUDER - That's right---she was fight behind me and that's from where I took the pictures.

Mr. LIEBELER - Then, you can actually see yourself in this picture, can't you?

Mr. ZAPRUDER - Well, I can't distinguish myself being--I know I was there.

Mr. LIEBELER - Do you recognize that this picture was taken at the time you were there?

Mr. ZAPRUDER - Yes; I was there and I would say this couldn't be anybody else, unless---if this is an authentic photograph and it isn't composed now or changed---I would say that's me. That's the first time I have seen that. Were these pictures ever published in a magazine---there were pictures like that I suppose--- actually?

That is a very peculiar remark.

Mr. LIEBELER - Now, this picture, Hudson Exhibit No. 1, has a sign in it that says "Stemmons Freeway, keep right." doesn't it?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Mr. LIEBELER - Can you find that sign on the photograph No. 18 of the Commission Exhibit No. 875? The one that we were talking about before.

Mr. HUDSON - That's right here, I believe - right here.

Mr. LIEBELER - Now, that sign says, "R. L. Thornton Freeway, keep right." Where is the Stemmons Freeway sign in this picture? Can you see it in that picture at all - I can't.

Mr. HUDSON - I can't either - that isn't it - it's farther up this way.

Mr. LIEBELER - That's further back up and it's out of the picture?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes.

Mr. LIEBELER - There are two signs in picture No. 18, one says, "R.L. Thornton Freeway, keep right." and the other one says, "Fort worth Turnpike, keep right."

Mr. HUDSON - There were two of them that wasn't too far apart right throught here - them signs was - one was right along in here and the other one was either further up, I guess. It's not in that picture - I don't believe. Now, they have moved some of those signs. They have moved the R.L. Thornton Freeway sign and put up a Stemmons sign.

Mr. LIEBELER - They have? They have moved it?

Mr. HUDSON - Yes, sir.

Mr. LIEBELER - That might explain it, because this picture here, No. 18, was taken after the assassination and this one was taken at the time - No. 1.

Why move the signs.

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