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Biography: Jonathan Campbell

Jonathan Campbell

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I am a Naturopathic Health Consultant (with the intent of obtaining an MS in Nutrition), formerly a 30+ year software engineer, living currently in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA. My health consulting website is http://www.cqs.com. I have been an advocate and activist for health and social and environmental justice for most of my life.

Reason for joining: I came upon the forum quite by accident; I found people talking about the JFK assassination as if they were born yesterday and hadn't bothered looking up any of the comprehensive research done about the who, why, what, and when of the most sophisticated and extensive assassination in the history of the world. I did quite a lot of research on my own about the assassination; several years ago a close friend and I were on the verge of writing up an "organization chart" of the people involved in it - who they were, why they were involved, who they reported to, etc. - since no one seems to have done this even though much of the information is known but documented in less usable form. Unfortunately my friend went into a depression spiral just after 9/11 and committed suicide, so the project was never completed. I wanted to add the research that I have done to that discussion, and also realized that there are a number of other areas (particularly health) for which I could be helpful in sharing my knowledge and experience.

Website URL: http://www.cqs.com

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