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Clint Peoples

Paul Jeffery

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Does anyone have any information regarding the death of Clint Peoples?

He was the Texas Ranger who for years tracked the death of Henry Marshall, eventually persuading Billy Sol Estes to testify that Mac Wallace had killed him. This was as opposed to the official 1962 version of suicide-he shot himself dead 5 times!

The verdict was over-turned to murder in the 80's, of course Wallace was long gone by this time. At the same time Estes, through his lawyer, produced the explosive document in which he offered knowledge of other murders-including the most famous one of all!

Wallace and Peoples have something in common: they both died in one-car accidents. Peoples died in relatively recent times-after claiming he had documentary proof of Wallace-Johnson involvement in the death of the President.

His name must surely come very high on the long list of suspicious deaths. Higher, in my opinion, than Richard Nagell, who also died in the 90's. What alarms me most about these cases is the fact they happened so long after the crime-the cover-up still in action 40 years later??

As mentioned, all I know is that Peoples died in a one-car crash. Does anyone have further info on the circumstances? ie, press cuttings, reports etc.. Was there an autopsy? Did anyone raise suspicions? Does he have family ?

Any help greatly appreciated.

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