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So many lies - when is a full story for truth

Nancy Eldreth

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I have not heard one full story of truth yet involved with JFK.

IF the truth did ever come out it would be maybe where all would have to agree upon total facts as given. Since we have not had the total facts given only twisted verions of some shredded truths we might never get the real story.

Who did it?

How many Shooters?

Who was behind it? We, I do think have that much at least.

How many people paid off to lie about facts?

How many people were killed to keep the truth out?

Sorry, but about now I am about as discouraged as one can get.

Maybe, I have learned enough now to know at least this much is so true. PAYOFF'S and BRIBES or making it unbearable uncomfortable to people, to keep the truths from coming out.

Actions of government not alone in this action.

Both Gov. and Mafia are the same in this. One over and onto each to do this. So who does control it? GOV> OVER MAFIA than MAFIA< OVER TO GOV.

To this day.

Ouch, I am sure is in order but (what the hay) it is worth it to tell at least this much of the darn ugly truth.

I would love to see Bush crush, and the groupies that surround him go down.

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