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Biography: Ville Huoponen

ville huoponen

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Hello all.

My name is Ville Huoponen, born august 5th in 1979. I am studying computer science at the Helsinki university of technology and residing currently in Espoo, Finland. Of course like many other contemporaries I too had my first more profound encounter with this subject matter when I saw the Oliver Stone movie JFK. However it took many more years until I really got interested in the assassination literature. I was really hooked after my father brought a book Murder in Dealey Plaza from Dallas, TX USA roughly four years ago.

The very first time I found about the murder was in circa 1987 when I was only eight years old and was reading the 1500+ pages long book Chronicle of Our Century. One page told us about the killing of JFK and the very next had the picture and information of Jack Ruby killing Lee Harvey Oswald. It sure looked strange to me and just didn´t make much sense. I guess I was right even back then. Unfortunately at that time I was more interested in He-Man action figures and C-64 computer games. Those sure were the good times.

I´ve read about two dozen books about the assassination and have been especially interested in the medical evidence and the possible Zapruder-film alteration. Also I´m curious about the assassinations of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King. I firmly believe that these deaths were not committed by lone nuts either and that the same people who killed JFK were also ultimately responsible for the deaths of RFK and MLK.

Hopefully in a year or two I will be able to write a high-quality screenplay about what happened to the great country of United States of America back in the sixties. Some people are saying that I´m a talented writer and have a good understanding of life. If that is true then I guess I´m going to do what I can and will give my best possible contribution. The John Kerry presidential primary campaign slogan says it well: We´re coming, you´re going and don´t let the door hit you on the way out.

For all you researchers out there - you are the best.

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