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Oswald in Mexico

Guest Stephen Turner

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Ron, are you familiar with this story it seems to provide a dimension to Oswalds Mexico City sojournings heretofore undisclosed.

If you study the FBI's Cointelpro documents, one of the groups targeted was the Friends, because of their anti-nuclear stance.

I once tried to find Ruth Paine's name in the Cointelpro documents coming out of Pennsylvania, but didn't find any.

Steve Thomas


A lot of Cointelpro docs were stollen from the Media, Pa. (Suburb of Philly) FBI office in the 1970s and published by a group of radicals. Tink Thompson was teaching Philosophy at one of the local colleges there and knew the group who did this, and I think Vince Salandria represented them in court when they got busted.

Cynthis McKinney also hosted a seminar on the Cointelpro operations at the Congressional Black Caucus in DC last month.

Ruth Paine's student "pen pal" correspondence with Russian students was most certainly monitored though there's not many docs.

But I don't think it's Ruth Hyde Paine - Michael Paine's wife who is the real key, but Ruth Forbes Paine Young, Michael Paine's mother. She was Mary Bancroft's close friend and international traveling companion and wife of Arthur Young, inventor of the Bell Helicopter. They were Michael and Ruth Paine's mentors and financial benefactors, Philadelphia Quakers and possible targets of Cointelpro.

Also, as Robert mentioned, there is more to the Philadelphia Quaker in Mexico City story and other aspects to this angle that I'll try to update when I have the time.

Bill Kelly


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