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Biography: Tom Rossley

Tom Rossley

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Worked at The Hartford Times (CT) on 11/22/63. Saw all Original Reports that day. Like any grown adult in those days I accepted the WCR. One night I heard a radio show with a guest knocking the WC. First thought was that he was a scavenger making a buck. Second thought was Communist Sympathizer. (Height of Cold War) However, he did say some things I knew were true. That prompted me to go out & Buy the 26 volumes.

My intentions were to prove the Critics Wrong. Unfortunately the volumes Proved that the Authorities/Media Lied & Destroyed Evidence.

Been with it ever since.

I have the WC Volumes (also on CD)

I have the HSCA Volumes (also on CD)

I have ALL the Dallas Papers from THAT W-E with Original Reports.

I have around 1000 books (pro/con)

I have Several copies of "Z" Film. Even in Slide Form.

I have over 1000 hrs of Video.

I have Many Gov't Docs. obtained via FOI.

I have the 5 CD Set of WC Documents (over 550,000 pages)

I have my own "Live Audio Chat Room" on http://www.paltalk.com/

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