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Using computer games for currlculum-based learning

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I'm an independent researcher who catalogues the use of computer and video games in teaching and learning, particularly in schools and colleges. By games in this context, I refer to those that are designed for entertainment only e.g. Sim City, Zoo Tycoon, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Super Monkey Ball and so forth.

I have a blog of such examples here:


...and there are some more examples in this (4Mb) Powerpoint presentation which I did at the Game Developers Conference last March in San Francisco:


There's also some related resources here:


Do you (or have you in the past) used such games for teaching?

If so, could you answer the following please – it would be much appreciated:

- What subjects/part of the curriculum do you use the game for?

- How do you use the game i.e. how do the teacher, pupils and the game interact?

- What benefits of using the game have you noticed?

- What obstacles have you had to face when using these games?


John Kirriemuir


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