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Biography: Gary Ashton

Gary Ashton

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My name is Gary Ashton, 59 years old from West Hartford, CT, (born, raised and retired). I've been a lurker on the ALT. JFK ASSASSINATION newsgroup boards for almost 10 years. I have made exactly 3 posts in those intervening 10 years. I attempt to look objectively at all the particpants. I guess one might call me an agnostic CT. At the time of the assassination I was 17 and a senior preparing to play our cross-town rival in football the very next day - Saturday (11/24/63). Needless to say the game was postponed sometime into early December, (partially frozen, icy field.) The JFK thing has been with me ever since. JFK's image to me has of course changed over the ensuing 42 years, as has my views toward the Warren Commission Report have as well. In my mind back in '63 JFK could do no wrong, and then I live long enough to find out he and Bobby and Marilyn were... let's just say cavorting around... to be discrete. I don't sell books, or pamphlets. No webpages or monographs. I never flame, but will always fell free to add my 2 cents to a relevant discussion. I also have a pretty good photo archive accumulated over the years. I also see you have some heavy hitters on the board. Perhaps someday in my lifetime I will be able to have some closure to this lifelong mystery.

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