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Warren Burroughs

John Simkin

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Warren Burroughs was assistant manager of the Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. John Brewer, the manager of Hardy's Shoe Store, saw a man acting strangely outside his shop: "The police cars were racing up and down Jefferson with their sirens blasting and it appeared to me that this guy was hiding from them. He waited until there was a break in the activity and then he headed west until he got to the Texas Theatre."

Brewer went into the theatre and spoke to Burroughs about this suspicious character. Burroughs had seen him enter the balcony of the theatre. When the police arrived Brewer accompanied the officers into the cinema where he pointed out the man he had seen acting in a suspicious manner. After a brief struggle Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested.

Burroughs claimed that Oswald enter the Texas Theatre just after 1.00. He also testified that Oswald came downstairs and purchased some popcorn at 1.15. This information caused problems for the Warren Commission as it was claimed that J. D. Tippit had been shot at 1.16.

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