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New Teaching Resource for Citizenship

John Simkin

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The Education Forum is currently involved in creating a resource for teachers of citizenship, civics, politics and sociology. What we have done is to persuade people from all over the world to give an account of their political philosophy. So far 39 people have done this. This includes people from England, Wales, United States, Spain, France, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand and Russia.

The idea is that panel members are then asked questions by students from all over the world. At the moment this is being done by students in Andy Walker’s sociology class. The political views of panel members cover the complete political spectrum, from far-right born again Christians in America to left-wing anarchists in Sweden. Please feel free to join us.

Hopefully, members of the Citizenship Project will join in. I think it is a teaching resource that we can include in our project.

If you do, could you add a piece on the background to the development of your political philosophy.


Some of the questions being answered include:

"Is it morally right for top wage owners to pay more than a 40% rate of income-tax?"


"Is it better for our political leaders to believe in God than to be agnostics or atheists?"


"Should governments pass legislation that might encourage behaviour that is contrary to religious teaching. For example, abortion, sex outside of marriage, homosexuality, etc."


"Should governments use military action to remove unpleasant political leaders from power?"


"Is Iraq becoming another Vietnam? If so, should those foreign troops in Iraq be withdrawn."


"Is proportional representation an important ingredient of democracy?"


"Which country has the best democratic system in the world?"


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We also need some more schools to get their students involved either asking questions directly or through their teachers username - volunteers please!!

I only have a very small A Level sociology group

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