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Gerald D. McKnight: Breach of Trust

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Guest Robert Morrow

It is a fact that very few historians have written books about the assassination of JFK. Do you know why this is?

There is a very simple reason for that: 48 years later (or 42 years later in the case of your post), it is still not politically and socially acceptable to tell the truth about the JFK assassination: that it was an elite domestic conspiracy that was covered up by LBJ, Hoover and the Warren Commission.

The truth is so discrediting to the elites of both political parties, the media, academia and to the powerful families of the perps who were involved that the truth cannot be told or admitted to by the "establishment" in government, media and academia - sometimes those 3 are one and the same.

I think that there are people alive TODAY with criminal liability in the JFK assassination - perhaps an anti-Castro Cuban shooter or George Herbert Walker Bush, for example.

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