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Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone

Lynne Foster

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Alll you people who are concerned with disinformation do not appear to be exposing anybody here, who killed kennedy?

Well, Ms Foster-Dulles, Until the likes of you and Lone Nutter Pervis took over the forum there was some very good research being done here. Now the likes of you and wacked out Hemming wanna be have driven off the good posters. Maybe if you three shut up for a bit people will get back to serious posting.

But I know the intent of disinfo people. You three are the ones who have no desire to expose anyone who killed Kennedy. God, I thought Gratz was disinfo, at least he could write an intelligent post. Even if he thinks Castro did it, and no one agrees with him, he has something to SAY. You three just want to disrupt this forum.

And for some odd reason John is allowing this??????

But a mere high school kid can take you all on with his hands behind his back and blindfolded.

Go for it Owen, but I think Steven is also right: let them post their crap and others can just post around them. Problem is the JOHN: They take over every thread!!!


In event one considers "good research" as running around with their nose completely lost up the rectal

orifice of Mr. Garrison, then perhaps that would be true.

And, since you obviously lack the capability to effectively interpret that at no time and/or place have I ever referred to LHO as a "lone nut", in that respect, you continue to demonstrate that you just may be lacking in certain fundamental cerebral processing functions.

Which is usually the case when one has cerebral/rectal inversion!

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Purvis, it's best not to respond to personal attacks, it's a waste of time, but this, I found interesting:

Frank Sturgis and lee Harvey Oswald were in a fistfight prior to the Kennedy assassination.

Looks like the patsy was carefully chosen -and that is reputed to be the first connection between Watergate and the kennedy assassination.

Now that's what I call interesting, ignore the personal attacks.

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