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Biography: Duke Lane

Duke Lane

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Duke Lane has been studying the assassination of John F. Kennedy since reading Mark Lane's Rush to Judgment in the mid-70s (the two are not related). He has written several articles on events surrounding the assassination including "Grave Doubts" (Dateline:Dallas, 1992, online in text) about the exhumation autopsy of Lee Oswald, and "The Cowtown Connection" (Third Decade, July 1993, online) about the arrest of Donald Wayne House in Fort Worth on November 22, 1963, and the identity of the "mystery man" (thought by some to have been David Atlee Philips) photographed in police custody the same day.

He has also authored "Imaginary Witness" (Deep Politics Quarterly, 2Q2007) about the possible actions of purported Dealey Plaza eyewitness James Richard Worrell, Jr.; "Freeway Man" (online) analyzing the tale of purported eyewitness Ed Hoffman. He has completed two parts of the trilogy "The Great Elevator Shuffle, the Three Blind Mice, and the Invisible Man" (undergoing critical review as of August 2008) about the activities on the fifth and sixth floors of the Texas School Book Depository during the lunch hour of November 22, 1963. A long-term project, tentatively entitled Intrepid, is an in-depth look at the Tippit murder in Oak Cliff that shatters many long-held beliefs about that slaying.

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