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Tim Gratz: Left-wing Extremist?

John Simkin

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Over the last year (he joined in November, 2004) we have had to put up with Tim Gratz’s campaign to convince members and the outside world that JFK was killed by a plot organized by the KGB and Castro. He has also spent a considerable amount of time defending the policies of George Bush.

On virtually every thread he has taken part in he has failed to find another member to support him. I am sure that this is not because the Forum lacks others who support his JFK theory. Also, there must be plenty of George Bush supporters on the Forum.

I suspect the reason why Tim gets no support is because other members are reluctant to be identified with his postings. He definitely does not provide a very good image of a JFK researcher or as a perceptive political pundit.

Tim Gratz’s behaviour has resulted in members suggesting that he is a CIA disinformation agent (after all, he seems to be very keen to defend the activities of the CIA). I have always dismissed this idea. It is based on the theory that the CIA would hardly employ someone like Tim to do such a bad job at convincing people that the KGB/Castro was responsible for this crime.

Over the last two days Tim Gratz’s pathetic attempts to defend the Bush’s administration has got me thinking. Maybe he is not a deranged right-winger. Maybe he is a disinformation agent. Not some one who is working for the CIA but for some secret left-wing organization. Maybe his real campaign is to discredit people like Bush and Russo. If that is the case, he is doing a highly successful job. His handlers must be very pleased with him.

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Oops! The gig is up!

You should be aware, however, that by so revealing my true mission you may have violated both US and English law (the Official Secrets Law) (revelation of the names of covert CIA operatives).

Given what is going on with Scooter Libby, all members should remember to henceforth seek legal advice before publicy exposing the names of CIA disinformation agents (John, that would include, I suspect, any current members of Operation Mockingbird.)

Edited by Tim Gratz
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Hmm. Just noticed that not only does John think I am a "right-wing extremist" he also suggests I am "deranged." Another absolute lie. Since I never owned a range, I can hardy be deranged now, can I?

John is a typical leftie. Just like Salandria suggested "The Nation" had engaged in criminal obstruction of justice by not agreeing with his view of the assassination, John would propose I must be "deranged" to hold views counter to his.

Isn't that exactly what the Soviet Union used to (and Cuba still does) with political dissenters: either lock them up for "crimes" or institutionalize them? John would probably feel right at home. The government would "take care" of the pesky right-wingers for him!

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