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My name is Mervin Eyler. I'm from the States, originally, but have spent a good part of my life living abroad (Germany, Brazil, and Spain).

While working on my Masters in Education, I taught ESL to students and faculty at Towson State University, Maryland.

Currently, I teach mostly Humanities-related courses at the American School of Valencia in Spain. Most of my students are Spaniards and go on to local universities. A few, however, go overseas. The school is switching over to an obligatory International Baccalaureate program, and we think the numbers going outside of Spain will change.

Apart from my work at school, I translate and/or correct the manuscripts of (mostly medical) researchers who wish to publish in high impact level English language publications (Hypertension, New England Journal of Medicine).

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Hi. My name is Jean Walker and I have recently been elected to the full-time paid position of President of our state Teachers' Union here in Tasmania, Australia. I have been involved with our union at Board level for many years as well as being a classroom teacher for over 30 years, teaching secondary English/History/Special Needs.

I am English by birth (Huddersfield, Yorkshire) and migrated here with my parents. I taught in Maidstone, Kent in 91 and 92 and for a short time in Gothenberg, Sweden.

My journalist partner is an ex-Geordie from South Shields and we travel a lot.

I am particularly interested in comparitive education and look forward to some interesting discussions on current and future trends in education, now that I am in a position to influence our education policies here.

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My name is Terry Freedman. I'm currently Head of E-Education in an inner London Local Education Authority, and have several books and numerous articles published. Full boigraphical details may be found at:


For articles on e-learning and Information & Communication Technology, visit:




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I live in Victoria, British Columbia and have been in Canada since 1965 having defected from the UK, London. My early training in adult education was from community development and co-operative development. I have worked in the Canadan arctic with a co-op organization and in Africa with humanitarian organisations. In a couple of countries I used co-op volunteers from the underground co-operative system that was practically destroyed by war to move food and research medical needs of families unable to fend for themselves.

A teaching contract in oil fields in Sumatra using my teachnical training as a former apprentice in London together with EFL curriculum was without was without any drama. On the other hand in Iran where I worked for an American US helicopter company to teach technical English to the Iranian Armed Forces the end of the contract was far form passive. That was in 1979 when the revolution took place and it wasn't useful being a foreigner in Iran just then and we were evacuated in a hurry.

I entered the formal education system later in life as a social studies teacher but found that working to support adults was where I preferred to be and so returned to find contracts in both adult education and humanitarian support programmes providing food, medical and education goods and service to displaced people and refugees according to the local political mood.

Now I am retired, and I'm working hard to expand co-operative thinking in my neighbourhood with a basic course for non-co-operative members "Introduction to Co-operative" to be given at the end of April if enough people show interest.

I look forward to learning from this site in between checking out co-operative sites of interest and practicing Tsoaist t'ai chi.


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Hello forum devotees.

I am Chris McKie. I have been teaching History and Government & Politics since 1995. I currently reside in Wolverhampton, West Midlands in the UK. My first teaching job was in a private school in London. At present, I teach in a mixed independent school (Wolverhampton Grammar).

My historical passions are numerous, but include 19th century British political history and the Reformation era in Europe. Having studied for a Masters degree in US Government and Politics at Essex University in my younger days, I am always keen to throw myself into political debates. Apart from the politics of the UK and the USA, I am also interested in matters pertaining to the EU.


Edited to include: after a successful job interview yesterday, come September I'll be moving to the Wirral as a Head of Department.

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Hi, my name is Tony Edwards and I'm currently a student teacher with Curtin university in Perth, Western Australia, majoring in Human Biology.

I'm in my second year (of four) and have now had 5 weeks of prac, and am hoping to pick up some tips for my next prac :)

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I'm Stuart Wilson, Deputy Head Teacher in Grange Academy, a 1200 pupil comprehensive school in Kilmarnock, Scotland. I used to teach biology and have been interested in the use of computers etc. in education since the days of the Sinclair ZX81. Nowadays I teach psychology to senior pupils and spend most of the rest of my time in administration. I'm also involved at a local authority and school level in coordinating links with schools in other countries.

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Hi My name is Danielle Miles and I am an ICT Graduate Teacher at Sackville Community College in East Grinstead. My background includes 10 + years in the IT industry as a database designer, consultant and web developer.

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I guess this is a good place to introduce myself since I've had my own class site for about 10 years now.

I teach social studies in New York City, in lower Manhattan.

My address is: http://www.elfrank.org/

My current course is at: http://www.elfrank.org/gov

I looked at some of the other members' sites and was quite impressed. I will get back to them in detail soon.



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Greetings everyone.

What a find! This has the makings of a tremendous resource.

My name is David Hughes and I have taught in schools in Cambridgeshire, Cheshire and Nottinghamshire for twenty years. My last full time teaching post was as Deputy Head in an inner city Nottingham school.

After a time on secondment with the local Learning and Skills Council, I set up my own educational consultancy concentrating on learning effectiveness, thinking skills, e-learning and leadership and management development.

I've been involved in educational business activity in advance of the new 14-19 curriculum debate and have been concentrating on the development of practical e-learning solutions which are educationally, rather than technically, determined - see my webpage for an overview.

I'm also part of the Educationalist team responsible for the educational contact database for schools and colleges:


and invite all Forum members to take a free listing if there are services or expertise they wish to bring to the attention of UK schools and colleges and beyond.

Best wishes,

David Hughes

My Webpage

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Born Paris

Left France

B. Sc mathematics, Hebrew University

Ph. D economics, university of Chicago

Professor of economics in a business school, New England for the last 25 years

Microeconomics and history of economic thoughts to business students.

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