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I am Director of ICT at Melbourne Girls Grammar. All our girls

from Year 5 upwards have their own notebook computer which they can connect

to our network from every classroom in the school (we got rid of the last

"lab" two years ago). All the machines used by the girls are PIII or faster.

and we partner with Toshiba and Fujitsu. We run Novell 6.1 on most of our 14 servers, have 18 nodes, we can connect a maximum of 1500 users at one time. We have a 10Mbs internet connection which is a dream in the classroom.

My current projects for 2004 are: to project manage the redesign of our website; to set up a portal - I have the hardware and will be setting up a pilot with the Novell software around mid year; thirdly we are constructing a Science Futures Centre and I am project managing the IT and Comms infrastructure which will had another two nodes for 600 users.

I'm sure you are aware that it was in Melbourne that the whole "laptop"

thing started. This is the third major independent school in Melbourne in

which I have directed learning technology programmes. In 1999/2000- I took

some time out to set up the learning technology programme at the

International School of Toulouse which is where I met Richard Jones-Nerzic

and also John Simkin who are regular contributers to this Forum.

If anyone wants to ask anything about notebook computers, constructionist

learning theory, network design in schools, school portals, professional

development etc etc please drop me an email. If I don't know the answer I can probably point you to someone who does.

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Hi! I'm John Palin. I'm not a teacher but I am married to Christine who is! I do teach adults on a regular basis within the NHS.

I am very interested in the teaching of history in schools and I am currently

involved in a new website project which I hope will interest users of the forum.

The website www.knowingbritishhistory.co.uk celebrates the history school text books of S.L.Case with a special emphasis on the Knowing series which was very popular at one time, designed for the less able students and covering a very wide range of history topics and periods. Though these are now out of print they can still be found in schools and I know they are much photocopied for classroom use today.

I want to encourage discussion and particularly want to hear from people who know the books, can remember them or still use them. They are now difficult to locate and since Christine does have the copyright and co-authored one of the books, we are interested in whether they could be adapted to the National Curriculum and perhaps used as differentiated resources. In the course of time we also want to include a braoder range of informative pages on the website which would be helpful to teachers and others interested in history.

I'll be happy to hear from you! Do try the Website please!

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Hello !

I am a french teacher born in 1964. I teach history and geography in a lycee of Mantes la Jolie near the former frontier between France and Normandy. Since the treaty of St Clair sur Epte (911), Mantes la Jolie was part of the former french kingdom.

The city has been gained and burned by Guillaume le Conquérant (William the Conqueror ?), but he was deadly wounded during the fights.

During the "Guerre de Cent Ans", british troops gained the city, but Du Guesclin, with crafty tactics, liberated Mantes.

I am still writing a doctoral thesis about french cultural planning (1961-1995)

and I am proud to support the rugby's grand slam winning team


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Hello All,

My name is Anne Gilleran and I work in the European Schoolnet which is the European Portal for Education in Europe. http://www.eun.org

I work there on many projects. I coordinate the Virtual School, that is mentioned many times in this forum. I hope that you will visit and enjoy the resources there.

I also run a website for School Heads at http://smc.eun.org and coordinate the European Network of Innovative Schools.

I have been an education all my life, variously as teacher, guidance counsellor, head teacher and researcher.

I would like to say what a wonderful resource this forum is and I hope that we can all continue to support each others efforts for the good of teachers everywhere

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I have been teaching in Doncaster since 1992. First at The Hayfield School, then since 1996 at The McAuley Catholic High School, an 11-18 comprehensive with specialist college status in the performing arts.

I have responsibility for A-Level English within the school, am Gifted & Talented Coordinator, and also teach A-level Film Studies.

In my spare time I trawl the web, marvelling at the wonderful resources put together by people who are more conscientious than I am!

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Hello, I am Chris Newton. I'm a former Systems Analyst for Motorola and I have almost twenty years experience in Information Technology.

At the present, I am involved in researching John F. Kennedy's assassination. John Simkin invited me to participate in your forum. I'll gladly answer whatever questions I can and hopefully point you to the right resources if I can't.

I live in South East Florida, U.S.A.

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I have been Labour Member of Parliament for South Shields since June 2001. I was previously Head of the Prime Minister's Policy Unit (1997-2001) and Head of Policy in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition (1994-1997). From 1989 to 1994 I was Research Fellow at the Institute of Public Policy Research, and from 1992 to 1994 Secretary of the Commission on Social Justice.

I was educated at Haverstock Comprehensive School in London. I graduated with First Class Honours in Philosophy, Politics and Economics from Corpus Christi College, Oxford University, and completed a Masters Degree in Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I was a Kennedy Scholar.

I edited Reinventing the Left in 1994, and co-edited Paying for Inequality (also 1994). I was a founder of the Centre for European Reform. I am President of South Shields Football Club, and a member of the Whiteleas and Cleadon Social Clubs.

In May 2002, I was appointed Education Minister with responsibility for School Standards.

I am the son of the socialist historian Ralph Miliband.

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Hello, my name is Larry Hancock and I do historical/document research relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy. John Simkin has invited me to the forum and I'm happy to assist with questions on this subject. If you wish to contact me directly you are welcome to use my email at: larryjoe@westok.net. I've posted a brief biography below for your reference.

Larry Hancock, born in 1947 in Oklahoma and attended Oklahoma State University and the University of New Mexico. After receiving his BA in History/Anthropology/Education he served in the United States Air Force and went on to work in a variety of communications oriented companies including Continental Telephone, Hayes Microcomputer and Zoom Technologies. He has worked in various areas of communications technology for 34 years and is currently Marketing Manager for Zoom Technologies of Boston.

Hancock has been involved in the study of cold war history and the Kennedy assassination for approximately 14 years. He is co-author of "November Patriots", a docufiction novel and author of "Someone Would Have Talked" a factual analysis of both the conspiracy and cover-up, published in November of 2003.


In addition he has ressearched and published several document collections dealing with the 112th Military Intelligence Group, Richard Case Nagell and his intelligence connections and the CIA segregated files.


He has been a contributor to the JFK Lancer Chronicles and to the journal of the UK research group, DPUK. He most recently served as Conference Chair for the 2003 November in Dallas Conference.


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Martin Shackelford obtained a B.A. degree in history from the University of Michigan, followed by some graduate work in the field. After leaving university he became a delinquency social worker in Michigan. He is currently retired from that position.

Shackelford has investigated the assassination of John F. Kennedy for over 30 years. His primary focus has been on the photographic evidence. He has a large collection of books, slides, documents, videotapes, DVDs and audio recordings relating to the case.

He has also written a large number of articles on the case and for many years was a major contributor to Fair Play Magazine. His JFK work has also appeared in The Continuing Inquiry, The Third Decade, The Fourth Decade, The Assassination Chronicles, The Investigator, Real Crime Book Digest and Review Magazine. His articles appear on the websites The Assassination Web, JFK Place, JFK Lancer and clintbradford.com.

He has contributed to books by other researchers, including Ian MacFarlane, Harrison Livingstone and Michael Benson, and has attended many JFK research conferences, including those in Fredonia New York, Providence Rhode Island, Washington DC, Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor Michigan, and Sudbury Ontario, presenting papers at some of these.

Additional materials and website links can be found at:


Edited by Martin
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I am a controller with Fortum corporation in Espoo, Finland.

Fortum corporation

I have a BBA and an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration.

As a hobby I have been reading about the JFK assassination and related conspiracy theories.

Occasionally I take part in debates related to the JFK assassination theories.

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Jack D. White was born on January 17, 1927, in San Angelo, Texas. His parents, John Nathan White and Billie Lorena Dumas White, moved the family to Fort Worth shortly after his birth and he was raised and educated there. After graduation from Amon Carter Riverside High School in 1944, White worked briefly for the Fort Worth Press as a sports writer covering high school sports under legendary sports editor H. H. "Pop" Boone. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1945, during World War II. After his discharge in 1946, White returned to Fort Worth to pursue his interest in journalism, art, and history. He graduated from Texas Christian University in 1949, with a B.A. in journalism and began an advertising career as copywriter and art director at Yates Advertising Agency in Fort Worth. In 1954, he joined the Witherspoon and Ridings Public Relations Agency in Fort Worth, which later became Witherspoon and Associates, at the time the largest advertising agency in town. White began as the firm’s first art director and during his twenty-seven years with the agency rose to vice-president, executive art director, personnel manager, and part owner. He specialized in design, type management, and photography and developed their in-house facilities for darkroom work, studio photography, and slide show presentations.

Although White had photographed the city since the 1950s, he only began collecting Fort Worth photographs seriously in 1972, when Witherspoon was planning the 100th anniversary of one of its clients, the Fort Worth National Bank. He was in charge of acquiring copies of historical prints of Fort Worth for the bank’s annual report, a historical booklet, and an exhibit for the bank lobby. After the anniversary event, he took care to preserve all the exhibit materials. During the next twenty years White reproduced other clients’ historical photographs and took hundreds of pictures to add to the collection. Another of White’s areas of expertise and collecting interests is the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. He is nationally known as an expert on the assassination and served as a photographic consultant to the U.S. House Select Committee on Assassinations during the hearings. He was also a consultant on the Oliver Stone film, JFK. As a result of his interest in the Kennedy assassination, White published two videotapes on his photographic studies of the assassination. He has developed a slide lecture, which he presents to classes and symposia on the JFK assassination and also contributes his research to professional journals.

White retired from Witherspoon and Associates in 1981, and formed his own company, Jack White Enterprises, which specialized in free-lance art and photography. In 1984, as business increased, he took on partners. The firm’s name changed to VJS Companies, and the company added new services, including typography and photostats. The firm closed for a brief period in 1991, following several setbacks, but reopened later in the year as Jack White Graphic Arts. Now retired, White lives in the White Lake Hills addition in east Fort Worth with his wife the former Sue Benningfield. Their home, built in 1970, was designed to focus on a view of the downtown Fort Worth skyline.

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My name is Marcel Dehaeseleer, it is not easy to pronounce or write my name, but nevertheless this is easier than Schwarzenegger ;-)

I was born in june 1965 and I live in Belgium. I'm former Belgian Gendarme, and since April 2000, I am Police Inspector in the New Belgian Federal Police.

I'm probably the only Belgian Independant Researcher who often work (remotely) with U.S. Researchers.

I am rather proud to have been helped by Jack White, Dr John Costella, David Healy and Rick Janowitz, on my Experiment called "Camera Obscura": http://users.skynet.be/copweb/labo/co2/co2.htm

The JFK Assassination interests me since more than ten years. I joined the Research Community in April 2001. I mainly post messages on JFKResearch and sometimes elsewhere in a restricted way.

My main fields of Research are the Zapruder Extant Film and also the analysis of photos taken on 22nd Nov. 1963.

Best regards from Belgium...

Edited by Marcel Dehaeseleer
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Hello. My name is Lee Forman. Born in 1966, I had written several reports on the JFK assassination back in my High School days in the early 1980s, concluding that a conspiracy was unquestionable. My interest in the case began in part due to my older brother's curiousity, as he had been born November 23, 1963.

I am at present a Sales Director working in the Telecom sector. I received my Bachelors in Political Science at Messiah College in Pennsylvania in 1991.

My interest in the JFK assassination debate was renewed following my learning of letters which had been sent to A&E by Ladybird Johnson, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, criticizing the airing of "The Guilty Men" on the History Channel, due to it's implication of Lyndon Baines Johnson as a conspirator.

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