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I was born in Rutherglen, near Glasgow, Scotland in 1945. I attended Bankhead School, Rutherglen Academy, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Bristol. I have a PhD in plant physiology and biochemistry. I did postgraduate work at the University of Warwick and Rothamsted Experimental Station before moving to the United States to take a job at the Boyce Thompson Institute. I am now self-employed as a consultant and free-lance editor, and live in Ithaca, NY.

I have been interested in the assassination of John Kennedy since it happened, but particularly since 1993. I have published articles on general aspects of the assassination, on the "sniper's nest," and on the ancillary case of the death of US Navy Lieutenant Commander William B. Pitzer (http://www.manuscriptservice.com/DarkCorners.html). I manage the Web site of the research journal JFK/Deep Politics Quarterly (http://www.manuscriptservice.com/DPQ).

I believe that the movie JFK provided a fairly accurate explanation of the circumstances under which the assassination occurred and was covered up.

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I reside in the US and am retired, although I have done some work, in my own home.

I did not attend College when I was younger, but did so for awhile, after my two kids started to school. Then with my former spouses many employment relocations, I didn't complete my college years. Instead, I was able to meet so many different, as well as, interesting types of people...an education in itself.

Many years later, I became involved in a special field of interest, in which I attended many classes, workshops and seminars and earned many different Certificates, most with College credits. In addition, I attended the Univ of Utah for some specail courses. Sometime later, I was able to serve on the Board of Directors in three local non-profit agencies....not all at the same time though! In one, I became the Social Director and planned all the activites and fund raising events..including a once a week Teen Dance., which was quite successful, at the time.

I have always had an interest in the JFK assn. probably from day one. That is, even though I had not actually been a JFK supporter and did not even vote for him. Still, I felt this was our Presiident and was in horror as to what occurred as well as the way it happened....just unbelievable to me. Only later, I began to view JFK politically, in a much different light then before.

When I saw Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald live on TV, I just sensed that something was not right in what we were being told. I was also really surprised (shocked) at the Warren Comm. findings.

Eventually, I heard about Mark Lane traveling around making talks about conspiracy. At that time, most regarded him as a kook..especially the media. Yet, from what I heard, he was saying things that I seemed to feel might be true. I kept wishing he would speak in my area, but he never did.

I also saw Marguerette Oswald on a late night talk show and she was claiming her son was innocent and he was in fact, working for the govt. I had never heard this before and it rather startled me. At the time, I did believe that her son probably shot JFK even though I didn't believe he was alone. I actually felt she was just deluding herself and sort of felt sorry for her because she couldn't accept what her son had done.

Then, I began to hear about Jim Garrison. What he was claiming, really did intrigue me. I thought that he might possibly be on the right track. Yet, the media was really trashing him and making him out to be a screw-ball, on a witch-hunt.

One problem I had, was in obtaining JFK conspiracy related type books. Sometimes I would hear about one, but would never see them available in my local book stores. Sometimes I would find them at the library. Much later I heard about the Third & Fourth Decade Publication and was able to subscribe to them. I really enjoyed the articles, alhough I kept wanting to read more and more and be able to find more information.

I continued to learn what I was able to through the years and then when I finally was able to get on the Internet, it opened up a whole new world, as far as JFK Research goes. I had no idea so much was available. I found a JFK related website index and went through it every night. It has been a great learning experience, these past few years. In addition, I have been a Member of several JFK related forums for several years.



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Nathaniel Weyl was born in New York City on July 20, 1910. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Columbia College in 1931 and did postgraduate work at the London School of Economics and Columbia University. Nathaniel was President and Founder of the International Foundation for Gifted Children authored more than a dozen books including Red Star Over Cuba (1961), The Jew in American Politics (1968), Traitors' End; the Rise and Fall of the Communist Movement in Southern Africa (1970), Creative Elite in America (1979), Karl Marx, Racist (1979), Encounters With Communism (1981) and Geography of American Achievement (1990). He is a recipient of the Bronze Star from the U.S. Army and a member of the American Mensa and Phi Bet Kappa. In Ojai he has served as program director for the Unitarian Church and is listed in the 2000 edition of Who's Who in America.

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My name's Mike Tribe. I have taught at the American School of Madrid for the last 23 years, first in the elementary school and, for the past five years, in the high school history department. Before moving to Spain, I taught history at Iranzamin International School and geography and economics at Parthian School, both in Tehran, Iran. I was in Iran before, during and after the Islamic Revolution. Whilst in Iran, I met and married my wife, Sheelagh. We have one daughter and are happily settled in Madrid. I am a member of the USO trade union and am a union rep at my school.

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Hi, I'm Ian Rendall and i set up a concept called 'grassroots xchange' grassroots xchange which aims to help children, students, pupils and teachers gain experience in the music industry and to give them resources to aid their development. We are also actively trying to give pupils and students and outlet to give their talents more exposure.

Not only are we helping young musicians but we're also helping other 'roles' within the industry such as photographers, writers, managers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, event managers etc etc.

If any of you are interested in talking to us we'd love to talk to you about how we can work together.

many thanks



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I am KLAUS POPA, born in 1951 in Brasov - Kronstadt in Transilvania/Romania. I studied English and German philology at the University of Cluj and graduated in 1974.

My interest in ancient, mediaeval and contemprary history dates back to my youth, when I was fascinated by folk tales which we children were told or read. Not only the tales of the Brueder Grimm (Kinder und Hausmaerchen), but also those of Hans Christian Andersen.

In the 70ies and 80ies I dedicated myself besides teaching English and German in different professional schools in my hometown of Brasov with ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

As my family gradually moved to the Federal Republic of Germany, first my second brother with his family in 1981, then my mother in 1984, my father in 1987 I decided to leave the trist Romania of the last years of Ceausescus dictatorship in 1990.

I have been teaching in Germany the German langiage, mainly to resettled persons from the Soviet Union of German descent. I also started studying the Nazi past of the German minority in Germany, whose result are several websites on the topic, an edition of documents (2003) and the collaboration at "Halbjahresschrift fuer suedosteuropaeische Geschichte, Literatur und Politik" edited by Dr. Johann Boehm in Dinklage/Germany, whose latest issue was just released.

I have also increasingly delat with ancient Greek and Roman literature. At present I'm engaged in translating the "Saturnalia" of Macrobius into German (for my own purposes).

I invite all members of the Forum to look at my main websites:

Kritische Blaetter zur Geschichtsforschung und Ideologie

Die aktuellen Seiten

Die totgeschwiegene Dimension

Klaus Popa, BA.,

editor of Die Rumaeniendeutschen zwischen Demokratie und Diktatur. Der politische Nachlass von hans Otto Roth 1919-1951, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main etc. 2003

Die Rumaeniendeutschen zwischen Demokratie und Diktatur. Der politische Nachlass von Hans Otto Roth 1919-1951

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My name is David G. Healy, a resident of two places, Northern California [Lake Tahoe vicinity] and Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm most curious as to why some folks go absolutely bonkers when the "possibility" of Zapruder film alteration comes up.

As for teaching? None organized - over the course of my career, much by example. I've led many seminars over the years dealing with application [hands on] techniques in my chosen profession -- that of, broadcast media Cameraman for both film and television. During the past 20 or so years I've spent a considerable amount of time in the specialized 'post production' field of "compositing".

I enjoy thinking "out-of-the-box" - interested in NEW ideas and horrible punctuation.

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Hi, I'm Donna.

I'm 26, mum to an 8yo boy, and a beginning teacher in Tasmania, Australia.

This is my third year since graduating with the University of Tasmania with Bachelor of Education, with Honours. This is the first year I've taught full time, but my experiences have included relief teaching (casual, fill in teaching), grade 1/2 class part time, literacy specialist for grades 1/2, part time teacher in a grade 5/6 (10-11yos) all male class in a very tough school and I'm currently in a grade 2 mixed class at the same school - very difficult population of students.

My honours research focused on children's perceptions of other children, using photographic stimuli to investigate children's attitudes to others - stereotypes, discrimination, acceptance and tolerance of those different to themselves.

Information on my honours research can be read at my personal webpage: http://donnaeaves.dyndns.org (see Honours Research on the left sidebar.

I am also the creator/owner of a new Australian education website, AusTeachersAusTeachers.

I have a strong interest in early childhood education and I am interested in working with disadvantaged students and I have skills in Japanese teaching (I love working with younger children on languages other than English) and a passion for IT.

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Hello -

My name is Mike Toliver. I'm currently a biology professor at Eureka College, in Eureka, Illinois, USA. Our college is perhaps best known as the alma mater of Pres. Ronald W. Reagan. I've taught for 24 years, but I suppose the main reason I've been asked to join this group is because of my experience in Vietnam.

I was born and grew up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. After graduating from high school in 1967, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Finished boot camp in March of 1968, had specialized training as a radioman, and was then sent to Vietnam. Spent 13 months (normal Marine Corps tour) there with the 3rd battalion, 1st marine regiment, 1st marine division. Got out of the Marines in Dec., 1969 and immediately started college at the University of New Mexico. Finished my B.S. in May, 1973 and went on for graduate study in entomology at the University of Illinois. Finished my Ph.D. there in 1979, got married in 1980, started teaching at Eureka in 1981.

I've been a resource for students on the Vietnam War for some time now, through my participation on the Spartacus web site and on npr.org (they did a forum on the Vietnam War following a "Point of View" program on Maya Lin).

I have a web page at www.eureka.edu/emp/toliver/index.html

My email is either miketol@mtco.com or miketol@eureka.edu

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After graduating from high school in 1967, I joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Finished boot camp in March of 1968, had specialized training as a radioman, and was then sent to Vietnam. Spent 13 months (normal Marine Corps tour) there with the 3rd battalion, 1st marine regiment, 1st marine division.


Welcome home guy...

David Healy

MAAG-Vietnam 1963-64

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My name is Wayne Catron. I am a 25 year veteran social science teacher from Dixon, California. I presently work with "At-Risk" teenagers in our town's continuation high school. I previously thought History and Economics to Honor students at the local comprehensive high school. Although my interests are international relations and world history, my goal for this forum connection is to attempt to link my students with other teenagers through out the world. My goal is for my students to see the world beyond the self-righteous and egotisical view of mainstream America.

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Guest Jon Byron

My Name is Jack Bryant and I Qualified at Birmingham University (B.Ed) in 1982

I taught for 6 years in Birmingham before going overseas and teaching at 3 top International schools for the next 16 as Head of Physical Education.

Due to my love and knowledge of ICT, I was given the opportunity to teach ICT for the last 2 years and taught up to IGCSE and IB Level.

I was tempted away from teaching in January but would like to continue to develop on ideas I used during my time teaching.

One such idea is http://www.webs4schools.net/

It's Just an idea, and there are plenty more, but it seems a shame to give up 22 years teaching experience and web programming skills.

I do miss teaching and guess I always will!

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My name is T. Folsom I am the head of the Advanced Placement American History department at a southern California high school. I have a Master's Degree in American History with an emphasis on 20th Century American History. I have earned nearly 30 semester units beyond my Master's Degree, all in American History. My interest in the Kennedy assassination stems back to the early 1970s when I was originally convinced of conspiratorial involvement. After reading much more on the case and after learning proper analysis methodologies and evidence analysis I am no longer a conspiracy supporter. I am convinced beyond all doubt that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I've lived in New Zealand for two years while serving a full-time mission for my church in the late 1970s and I have traveled throughout the United States and England over the past ten years.

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