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I trained as a teacher of English and Drama at Goldsmiths' College in London in 1976-77. I then worked for three years as a teacher of English and French at Dartford Technical High School for Boys before taking a job as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Härnösand, Sweden in 1980.

Since then I have taught EFL in Sweden, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Angola, and taken up other assignments and jobs, such as pedagogical advisor to a World Bank project in Trinidad and Tobago, and publisher's representative for one of the educational publishing houses.

I've been back in Sweden since 1991, working at university level teaching English Literature and Language, as well as a fair amount of ESP (English for Specific Purposes). I've been working with distance education since 1981, and with IT-based distance education since the very early 1990s (Sweden's a very high-tech country).

Currently I am responsible for IT-based distance education in English at the University of Kalmar (a 'polytechnic' in the south of Sweden). You can get an idea of what we do here from the distance English home page (http://www.humsam.hik.se/distans/index.htm) - although the page will almost certainly need updating whenever you visit it! We work with a variety of constellations of teachers and students, using a team of Internet tutors based in New Zealand, Australia and Spain.

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Hi there,

I'm an ex-ESL teacher, now a computer programmer and instructional designer at the University of Victoria, Canada, and I'm one of the Half-Baked Software (Hot Potatoes and Quandary software) guys. My details are here:



I hold a BA in English, an M.Phil (both from Manchester), and the RSA DipTEFLA. I previously taught EFL for 15 years in several countries. In my current job, I provide Windows and web-based programming services to support university language teaching and research.



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I'm Duncan Grey. I taught for 26 years in comprehensive schools in Cambridgeshire, plus one teaching adults in Sweden and another on exchange in Australia. I taught English and ICT and was Head of Learning Resources.

My claim to fame is that I published the first UK secondary school website (Hinchingbrooke School Feb 1995 ) Hinchingbrooke and maintained it until last year.

Now I'm mainly freelance, writing (The Internet in School, 100 Essential Lists for Teachers) and training (SFE, Lighthouse) but I'm also editor and portal manager for the Cambridgeshire Education Portal

I'm particularly interested in English Language, ICT within English teaching, Information Handling Skills. I'm also a proud Mac User.

My websites include

Put Learning First

Language in Use


History of a Country House

Sam Pepys' Diary

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My name is Anne Fox, half British and half French and been living in Denmark for the last ten years. My day job is as an EFL teacher and in this regard I am involved in three major EU projects with emphasis on inter-cultural competence, helping the disabled enter the labour market and strengthening local democracy through IT. As all three are kicking off this month, I am not entirely sure what I have let myself in for yet. I just know that it all sounds incredibly interesting.

My hobby is running a website for learners of French for which I both develop interactive exercises and collate useful links. Find it at http://www.homestead.com/Anne_Fox

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I am a geography teacher and Head of year at King Edward VI Camp Hill school for Boys in Birmingham, England. I have been teaching since 1974 and have just completed 30 years working in education. In 2001 I was given the award of UK Teacher of the Year for the 'most creative use of ICT'. In 2003 I was also a recipient of a BECTa 'ICT in Practice' award for using ICT in my classroom teaching. My pricicipal web site received the accolade of a 'New Media' award from the New Statesman, also in 2003. In more recent times I have been working for the DfEs as a member of the 'ICTIS' (ICT in schools) practitioners committee. My particular interest is the effect that using ICT has on learning. The use of multimedia and web based resources leads to improved engagement. I have been able to develop multimedia CD Roms for Birchfield Interactive. I have also provided content for other websites, such as Learn.co.uk, geographyonline.co.uk and the DfES website, TeacherNet.gov.uk. My recent work has included consultancy for the Guardian, Sony and Microsoft.





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My name is Julian Atkinson. I teach Modern Foreign Languages at a secondary modern school in Kent. I have previously taught KS3 Science. My website is www.wildfrench.co.uk which provides interactive exercises and past GCSE exam papers based on the Hot Potatoes software produced by the University of Vancouver.

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Lucia Gouvêa Pimentel. Artist and Art Educatior. I am Professor and Researcher at Escola de Belas Artes da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - EBA/UFMG (Fine Arts School of Federal University of Minas Gerais), in Brazil.

My research issues are Teaching Art and Contemporary Technologies, Art Education, and Engraving.

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Hya all. Im Cate, I run a small company SymData Technologies Ltd. We help people create assessible information, especially focused on the use of symbols for LD or language difficulties. I also run symbolworld.org, a site for symbol users where we wil publish any ones writing and achievements.

I am especislly interested in the power internet communiation can have for people. Currently we are working on a symbol webbrowser and symbol webmail, published by Widgit software. BBC review the webbrowser

And personally ( I cant let this go without a mention 'cos its how I'm know) I have a huge love for and keep treefrogs.


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I'm Bamber Gascoigne and I have been involved with history on the net for ten years. In 1994 I began writing an interactive world history that is now online at http://www.historyworld.net/. We have several features that we think are special, including a timeline (6000 events) on which users can mix their own selected categories of events and images. In 2002 we won the New Statesman New Media award for Britain's best educational website. Since then we have launched an index to historical content on the net (www.oceanindex.net, with 40,000 links and growing fast) and templates enabling museums, schools and individuals to put images online simply and cheaply (http://www.oceancollections.net/ and http://www.oceanartists.net/). OCEAN is an acronym for One-Click Edited-Acces Network.

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I started teaching sciences in 1969 and published my first web pages in 1997. I took time off school in 2002 to devote more time to writing and since moved to Somerset. My websites really need updating: I hope to get to grips with this in the spring.

Gondar Design Science provides support for GCSE science students, the main content is biology. :D This site currently serves over 7,000 web pages per day and generates a good selection of emails asking for last minute revision help.

Sambal's Science Web is my Key Stage 3 science site featuring "Ask the Cat" for homework help. Sambal is a 12 year old pedigree Siamese cat. :P

Gondar Design Biology contains a small selection of AS biology materials. B)

I currently live with my wife Virginia on a six acre smallholding in Somerset. We have a flock of Hebridean sheep and a small flock of Rhode Island Red chickens. I wrote materials for the BBC's BITESIZE when it was first published and have been writing for the Guardian's Learn.co.uk website. I have just completed some materials for English Nature.

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Hi. My name is David Ardley and I am currently 'Head of Shed' for Design Technology at the International School Of Toulouse in France. I set up the department from scratch when the school opened in 1999. Prior to moving here I had taught in Private schools in the UK for 12 years. We currently offer IGCSE Design Technology (Resistant Materials primarily) and the IB Diploma in Design Technology (a great course!). At KS 3 we have a hybrid course that incorporates several different curriculum models linking Art and Design and Design and Technology, Design being the common philosophy between the departments.

I spent my childhood overseas (Australia for a short while then Hong Kong where I spent all of my secondary education at Island School) prior to going to the UK for University. I studied for a four year B.Ed in Design Technology at Middlesex. I am married to a French Girl and we have two daughters - Alexia aged 7 and Charlotte aged 3 months.

I love rugby, collecting Industrial and Product Design, Toy cars (rally cars by Dinky, Solido and Corgi mainly), real cars including Caterham 7's and most sports saloons and a good beer or glass of wine.....but obviously not at the same time! I also enjoy ribbing my trusted friend and colleague Richard Jones-Nerzic (History Forum) about the current state of Welsh rugby..... :P

I currently have a web page on the department at:

Department Of Design Technology at IST

I have also purchased the following URL to develop a site devoted to post 16 Design Technology Education (a forum of resources and information for students and teachers of IB and A/AS Level Design Technology). IB and A Level Design Technology for Students and Teachers

I hope to be able to get it up and running very soon :D

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I am Mr. Vladimir Kalinin from Smorgon, Belarus. At the moment I am head of information centre on children and HRE in gymnasium N4. I am working for the last 4 years as researcher in the field of HRE appointed by our ministry of education. ICT is new issue to us, so I see that all of you are very experienced in this field and I could learn from you and could share our way of work, innovations in the field of HRE and just talk to you and work in one project because Belarus isolated in Europe not and we continue to live at iron curtain despite of collapse of the USSR. Very strange situation form my mind.

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Terve! ( means hi! in Finnish )

I am Mika Vanhanen, 39 yrs, a teacher and coordinator of ENO-Environment Online. ENO is a global web school for environmental awareness, together with 130 schools in 52 countries.

I live in the East of Finland. My experience on ICT in education starts from the early 1990's.

I like music ( also a music teacher ), my family and distance running.

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