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Hi, I am Barbra' Oxstrand,

(Barbra' is short for Barbro which is a female name in Sweden where I come from, but I have learnt that it's a male name in Italy, Spain and other southern European countries).

I am a Swedish primary teacher and have worked as a class teacher a long time but now I am ICT-teacher and librarian in the Media Hall in my school, Nya Varvets skola in Goteborg, west of Sweden. The school has about 400 pupils aged 6 - 12 years old. My school is an ENIS school and I am the coordinator and run the home page. Have a look at my school in English and the Media Hall in Nya Varvets skola, Goteborg, Sweden

In my "spare time" I am working with National Montessori teacher training.

Between 1999 and 2003 I have been an active member of EUN-Virtual school - Special Needs Department. There I learnt to know many nice people from UK and other countries in Europe.

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Hi, I'm Chris Gunn.

I have worked at the University of Incheon in South Korea for the last four years. I teach English as a Second Language (ESL) and business correspondence courses. Although most of my time is spent in the classroom, I am interested in bringing teaching materials to the web. I run an ESL website for teachers: Boggle's World ESL Resources. This site is produced from contributions of other ESL teachers around the world.

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Hello everybody,

My name is Susanne Pratscher. I have been teaching German and English at the Vienna Business School Schoenborngasse for 25 years. During the last 5 years I have intensified work on international cooperations. Work with the team of the EUN Schoolnet has been very fruitful for me and my colleagues. Therefore we are again perticipating in Spring Day (http://futurum2004.eun.org). I am coordinating this project for Austria and I am always open for international contacts. If you want to learn more about me and my school, you can visit my website: http://home.schule.at/teacher/website

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Hi. :rolleyes:

My name is Mary Frentzou Rodokanaki and I come from Greece. I am an English as a second language and Greek as a second language teacher. I have taught in all three levels of education. Now I am teaching in a primary school. I am the coordinator of the Greek Department of the Virtual School.

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My name is Cristina Fuertes and I work as a music teacher in a Secondary School in Barcelona (Spain). In the last years I have been teach music with ICT and I have worked in some projects: RTEE, Teledmus, … and I am also involved in teacher formation about the use of ICT in music in the “Departament d’Ensenyament” in Catalonia.

In addition I am a member of the EUN Virtual School Music Department.

My own website http://www.xtec.es/~cfuertes/ has links to other projects about music and education, as you can see I have produced electronic and online resources related the use of ICT in music. Most of the projects are in my language, Catalan.

Cristina Fuertes


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My name is Juliette Taylor-Lallau and I've been ESL Co-ordinator at the International School of Toulouse (yes, I'm another colleague of Mr. Jones-Nerzic's!) for the past three years. Having started my working life in television, I changed direction when I moved to France ten years ago. I've taught at university in Paris and Toulon, battled with students at a Lycée Professionnel in Aix (not one of my more fulfilling experiences) and run countless courses in business and professional English for various companies. My most recent job has involved adapting the Common European Framework of assessment for use within the IST, and trying to provide a meaningful programme for my pupils which bridges the gap between an intensive EFL programme and an ESL support programme. My particular interests are in the applications of NLP to the teaching of languages, as well as working with stories and theatre. I'm also very interested in language acquitision by the very young learners and am following my own son's bilingualism with great interest. As far as technology is concerned, I'm just beginning to spread my wings and I find the whole world of Internet fora and CALL projects very exciting, if a little intimidating :ph34r: I look forward to interacting virtually with many of you over the coming weeks!

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Hi, my name is Huub Schoot. Huub stands for Hubert in English but I like Huub more....

I am a biologist and have an university degree in education as well. I have been teaching Biology, Psychology in Education, Classroom management, Biology, Sciences and ICT during the last 25 years and next term I will teach History of Science!

I was (and still am) developer of ICT teaching (learning) materials so I give courses in a teacher training college in the practical use of ict in the classroom as a tool, and my interest is finding ways to use ict in that manner.

I am an inservice trainer in higher secondary schools and biology conference coordinator.

I am head of the Biology Department of the virtual School.

I think the team of the biology department is as almost complete on this forum.

Biology Department Virtual School

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Hi. My name is Joy Archer. I taught English for 23 years in high schools in Leeds. Iretired on health grounds from my last post as Head of English. I had a complete breakdown and recovery took a long time.

I'm an active cotributor to www.tes.co.uk/staffroom, and have only just discovered this forum. I have a couple of email addresses where I lend a friendly informal ear to teachers who are having a rough time; ilovesooty@postmark.net and racheljanehowarth1956@hotmail.com

I have become very involved with the difficulties faced by teachers today, particularly abusive pupils and workplace bullying. I've appeared on radio and TV several times over the past two years, and have enlisted MP support to get questions asked in the House.

I'm now training in counselling, and hope eventually to forge a new career in this direction.

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Hi, my name is Ioanna and i work in the Centre for the Greek Language. I am interested in distance learning and in virtual learning communities. I guess this is one!

I've already written something in E-Learning (about "Fryktories", a community of teachers).

I find this is an interesting site but i'm a little bit confused. Where to start?

Anyway, let'so go "inside"...

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my name is Robbert Lucas and I've been asked by my former history teachter if I would like to pay some (he hopes many :ph34r: ) contribitions at this forum. I'm a student and I'm in the fifth grade. But what I've seen so far I think I will contribute frequent to this forum especially when I have the time to do so ;)

I'm also a tutor in english ;)

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Hi, my name is Allan Altruz. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, USA a wonderful and exciting city in the desert. I have taught American history, civics and business in middle school. Now, I work at a computer based school were all the lessons are on the computer or internet. It is a wonderful concept and a bit different then a traditional school. But this the twenty first century. I'm glad to join your forum and hopefully, I will be able to add something to the discussions. I love history any kind of history. While student teaching, I taught honors classes in World War I hidtory. I went to the University of Southern Illinois and Webster College. I have my masters in political science. Enough about me.

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My name is Frank DiSalle. I am not a classroom teacher, but I apply educational principles, and computer programming, to help empower people diagnosed with a mental illness. By giving them power in a virtual universe, it is my hope that they carry with them this feeling into the real world.

I graduated from Iona College in 1994, at the age of 46, after 15 years with the federal government, and 4 years in the US Army.

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Hi there

My name is John Heffernan. I am from County Mayo in the Rep of Ireland. I am currently working as Course Administrator of Graduate Diploma in Primary Education course with Hibernia College, which is an online College based in Dublin.

Prior to this I was a secondary school teacher for 2 years, teaching Junior Cert (12-14 years old) history.

I also am a part time Demostrator in ICT to Higher Diploma in Education (Irish equivilant to PGCE) University College Dublin.

Prior to changing careers, I worked in IT for 4 years.

I am currently studying for a M.Sc in IT in Education in Trinity College Dublin.


The only educational website I have created is


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