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William Torbitt: Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal

John Simkin

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William Torbitt/Davis Copeland is definitely a very unreliable historian. For example, on several occasions in his manuscript he cites as his source "The Green Felt Jungle" by Ed Reid and Ovid Demaris that was published in the UK in 1965. I managed to buy a copy of this book via the internet. It arrived this morning. I immediately looked up the page references to this book concerning the Serve-U Corporation. In fact, these pages say nothing about this company.

However, it is clear that the author of this document did have some reliable sources he could not name. As a result, it includes some very important information. For example, here is a passage concerning Serve-U Corporation that uses as its source “The Green Felt Jungle” (in reality it is a page reference to a list of Licensed Casino Owners in Las Vegas).

Grant Stockdale, ex-United States Ambassador to Ireland and former George Smathers Administrative Assistant and a stock holder and officer in Bobby Baker's vending machine and Florida land transactions, knew and was closely associated with almost all of the top figures in the cabal. Shortly after President Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963, Grant Stockdale was pushed, shoved or fell from the fourteenth story of a Miami building and was killed immediately in the fall. As an officer in the Bobby Baker enterprises, Grant Stockdale had particular knowledge of a good part of the workings of the cabal and his death was one of a series made necessary to protect the group from public exposure...

Of all the enterprises, none could compare with the controversial Serv-U Corp., a Baker-Black controlled vending- machine firm. Ed Levinson, president of the Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, was also a partner. Grant Stockdale, President of Serv-U and his money is covered later. Formed late in 1961, Serve-U Corporation provided vending machines for the automatic dispensing of food and drink in companies working on government contracts. In the next two years, Serv-U was awarded the lion-share of the vending business at three major aerospace firms - North American Aviation, Northrop Corporation and Thompson Ramo Wooldridge's Space Technology Laboratories. Baker and Black each bought stock in the company for $1 a share, while the others paid approximately $16 a share.

Copeland claims that Grant Stockdale was president of Serve-U Corporation. I asked Larry Hancock to check out Serve-U Corporation. He discovered that officially, Stockdale was neither an officer or a stockholder of the company. The president of the Serve-U Corporation was actually a man called Eugene Hancock. The story really gets interesting when you look at the Miami Herald account of Stockdale’s funeral.

“Funeral Services were held on Wednesday, December 4, 1963, at St. Stephens Episcopal Church with 200 people attending. The blue-and-gold Ambassadors' flag was draped over the coffin. Pall-bearers were Senator George Smathers, Attorney William C. Gaither, former State Senator R.B. Gautier, Jr., former U. of Miami football star and team leader Eddie Dunn, Stockdale's business associate Eugene Hancock, and Realtor Walter Etling. Burial was arranged with the Van Orsdel Coral Gables Mortuary at Woodlawn Park Cemetery.”

It would seem that Eugene Hancock was Grant Stockdale’s front man. Did Stockdale obtain information about the assassination of JFK via his business contacts with Bobby Baker and Fred Black? Or was it via his partner, George Smathers, a key figure in the anti-Castro community in Miami? Was he horrified when he discovered that those rumours of a plot to kill JFK came true? Did he decide to pass this information onto Robert and Edward Kennedy? We now know that at this time Robert Kennedy did not want a full investigation into the assassination. However, there was no guarantee that Stockdale would not pass his story onto others who might have wanted to disclose the names of the conspirators. Stockdale had to die. Not only because he could not be trusted to keep his information to himself but as a warning to all those who might have been tempted to go public at this time.

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Statements are made in Torbitt’s book that are known to be incorrect; others are suspect but should be subject to being proven right or wrong.


Torbitt also says that an associate of Osborne since the 1920s was a Syrian named (oddly) Fred Lee Crismon. Crismon, born in 1919, was not Syrian and was a child in the 1920s. Torbitt says also that Osborne was a minister of the American Council of Christian Churches (ACCC), which is not true based on everything we know about Osborne’s ministerial activity.

Crisman came to attention of Garrison with this letter:

Mr. G;

Out on the coast is a man you should talk with. Trace this

information out. His name is Fred Lee Crisman, of Tacaoma, Wash.

He flys to New Orleans steadily. 1964 eleven times. 1965, 17

times. 1966 32 times, 1967 24 times. He is the first man Clay

called after being told he was in trouble and he is the first

man that Beckham called also. He was questioned by both the CIA

and FBI in 1966 but he is able to call Wash. and they laid off of

him in a hurry. He is very good friends with Cubans and specially

SA [sergio Arcacha] in Dallas (he goes there too) and J.R. [Jorge

Rodriguez] in N.O.

Mr. Crisman is a very odd man. He supplied money for certain

political campaigns and in return is very much protected by both

Lou. politicos and Wash. state people. He has a diplomatic

passport issued on the word of a senate chairman of a committee.

He seems to have no income and certainly spends a large sum of

money on air travel. He is friends with F. Gremillion of your

state. His private office has an unlisted number (206 Ma 7-4790)

and is the meeting place for many odd characters from Cubans

to political figures. Ask him to take a lie detector test and

then ask him where he put the $200,000 dollars delivered to him

by Beckham in August of '67. (Cuban Money) Money that is used to

recruit killers to be sent to Cuba to try for Castro ask him if

it is not true that he has sent 5 different men to S.A. in Dallas

for final briefing. Make Crisman talk and you will have the

answer to why there has been fighting among certain Cuban factions

over the money in certain buried places. You know this is true

because some special Cubans have dropped out of sight. (Dropped

in Torpedo Junction) Crisman is also a pilot. He is the man that

through Beckham and S.A. (Arcacha] paid off certain people is

it not odd that he was a friend of Clay's as well as Beckham.

Is it not strange that he knew Tippet! Just ask Crisman certain

questions under a lie detector and see what the answers are. He

is the one that advised Mark Evans [beckham's alias] to hide

out in Iowa and NOT to go to N.O. to make any statement about

money or anything. Have an investigator check out the amount of

long distance calls that Beckham (Evans) has made to Crisman in

the past year and the wild places Crisman calls. He is leaving

for Europe in Jan. Keep digging Jim, you have some odd fish

on the run.

And Thomas Beckham told the HSCA investiagtors this about Crisman:

Delsa: Okay. Now, to bring this down and put it on record. In our preliminary discussions before, later in your contact with the Organization, with Crisman, Crisman you found to be at these various Churches.

Beckham: Uhum, uhum.

Delsa: Now, you don't know this for a fact, but you spoke to us prior to this in a discussion, and told us who you believed set this system up in New Orleans. Will you tell us now, who do you think set this system up with the Church?

Beckham: Well, I think Fred Crisman, because the Organization is all over the country. I'd rather not go into it now because there are different connections of people and other things, but I think Fred Crisman is the whole, front of the whole thing because he's not just a, he has too many contacts, too many, you know, he tells me who to contact. As a matter of fact, one time I was, had received a telephone call from a priest, and which you very well know his name, and I pronounce, starts with a "B", y'know. You had a thing in your file. [Ray Broshears]

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Crisman had close encounters of all kinds. As recounted in Kenn Thomas's Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy, Crisman was involved in 1947 in reported UFO sightings over Maury Island in Washington state’s Puget Sound, and reported recovering debris spewed from one of the UFOs. Far more amazing than that, Crisman claimed to have battled in underground caverns with subterranean beings called deros. He used a submachine gun while the deros used laser rays.

Garrison may have figured he had enough credibility problems in his investigation without drawing attention to Crisman.

But then there's this anagram:

Fred Lee Crisman = A Fencer Rids Elm

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John wrote:

Copeland claims that Grant Stockdale was president of Serve-U Corporation. I asked Larry Hancock to check out Serve-U Corporation. He discovered that officially, Stockdale was neither an officer or a stockholder of the company. The president of the Serve-U Corporation was actually a man called Eugene Hancock.

Aha! The plot thickens. And the relationship betwen Eugene Hancock and Larry Hancock was . . .

Hey, just kidding, Larry!


To David:

Beckman is discussed at length in Professor Mellon's book, "A Farewell to Justice".

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Ken Thomas appears to have done some work on Torbitt. I haven't had a chance to read over it thoroughly, but looks like it has some new stuff in it.

Along with Torbitt, I think it would be good to post the Gemstone stuff also someplace.

- lee


the torbitt document

by Kenn Thomas (kennthomas@umsl.edu) - July 20, 2001

Editor's Note: Kenn Thomas publishes Steamshovel Press, the conspiracy theory magazine. Four issue subscription: $23; single issue: $6, from POB 23715, St. Louis, MO 63121. An anthology of back issues, Popular Alienation (Illuminet Press, 1995), is also available.

Kevin Costner offers his dramatic interpretation of a Kennedy's aide's view of the Cuban Missile crisis in the film, Thirteen Days (2000).

Costner's previous contribution to filmic Kennedy history was in Oliver Stone's JFK (1991) as New Orleans DA Jim Garrison, a revered figure in the history of conspiracy research. It was a bit of climb from the monologue he delivered in the film Bull Durham insisting the Oswald acted alone, and Costner fans must wonder now if he might be working his way toward a role as JFK himself.

Bravo if Costner helps continue the trend of reinterpreting the Kennedy years on film. I wonder, however, how much Costner, or any of these Hollywood celebrities, know about the samizdat history that informs most of the written revisionism about JFK. Stone must know, since the chief samizdat, the Torbitt Document, was fundamental to Jim Garrison's case.

Until I put together the first published version of the Torbitt, NASA, Nazis & JFK: The Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination (Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1997), it circulated primarily in multiple-photocopied form. It remains compelling reading to students of parapolitics.

Although it conatins no photographs, i have always paired the Torbitt Document with the infamous "wink" photograph. Albert Thomas winks at Lyndon Johnson during Johnson's swearing-in as president after JFK's murder in this shot. David Lifton included it in his classic "body-switch" theory book/film, Best Evidence [1]. An author named Richard Trask reproduced negatives of the swearing-in sequence in his book, Pictures of the Pain [2]. He didn't mention that the "wink" photo is the only one missing.

The LBJ Library in Austin, Texas told me [3] that the negative was only missing one from the sequence. When I presented this to Trask, he wrote that it could "easily be interpreted as a making of contact with another as a gesture of good luck, or as a sign of empathy, or other such non-conspiracy possibility. I suspect, but cannot prove, that someone saw in this negative what they thought might be construed by others as an inappropriate gesture given the morbid nature of the circumstances surrounding the swearing-in, and an attempt was made to get rid of the negative." [4]

As I pointed out at the time, Richard Trask was not saying that there was no conspiracies. He argued that there was a kind of smaller conspiracy, that someone sympathetic to Albert Thomas tried to clean the historic record of an embarassing photograph. Any pro-conspiracy researcher of the JFK assassination could do the same without saying anything about the assassination one way or another. Certainly the opinions of those with a casual interest in the topic do not stand or fall on the Albert Thomas connection. While many people no doubt shrug their shoulders at what the "wink photo" might suggest, most people know that JFK's assassination involved a conspiracy. As recently as May 1996, even the curmudgeon newsman Walter Cronkite, paid for thirty years to hold CBS' insupportable view for non-conspiracy, allowed in his Cronkite Remembers special that Oswald "may have had an accomplice." [5]

And so it is with the Torbitt Document. The gamut of opinion about this curious piece of samizdat runs from Lobster editor Robin Ramsay's conclusion that it's "typical smart-ass CIA stuff to muddy the pool," [6] to John Judge's view that it represents a kind of Rosetta Stone to understanding the event. It's 157 pages of mixed type-script, scribbled marginalia and good but horridly formatted sourcing has circulated since its 1970 creation by William Torbitt, believed by some to be the pseudonym of a lawyer in the southwest possibly named David Copeland. The mismatched, awkward and missing references, the odd capitalizing and punctuation--all of which have been retained in this edition--makes the reader wonder how Torbitt got through his undergraduate education, let alone law school. As he explains in the afterward, the purpose of the work is to defend "honest right-wing conservatives" from being pinned with the crime of Kennedy's murder by a fascist cabal. It makes connections to such then-unknown governmental spy agencies as Defense Industrial Security Command and Division Five of the FBI; it suggests that a former prime minister of Hungary was the infamous "umbrella man" seen in the Zapruder film; it introduces to the assassination lore such personalities as Fred Crisman (spelled "Chrismon" by Torbitt) as one of the railroad tramps behind the grassy knoll. Crisman became the subject of Maury Island UFO: The Crisman Conspiracy (San Francisco: Last Gasp, 1999), the prequel I wrote for The Octopus (Los Angeles: Feral House, 1997), the book on Danny Casolaro's research.

The Torbitt Document ties together indisputable parts of the Warren Commission and testimony. Every major study of the assassination cites the Torbitt Document; some support and expand upon its conclusions [7]; even studies of the files released since the establishment of the government's Assassinations Material Review Board [8]. It is clearly the pivotal document of JFK assassination research and so serves as an important backdrop to popular entertainments like Costner's movie movie career, The X-Files and so forth.

As with the "wink" photo, I have always invited readers to take it or leave it. One way or another, if they give the assassination literature more than a passing glance, they will encounter it. Copies of the original Torbitt manuscript were extant as late as 1992, when I picked it from an anonymous researcher at a symposium in Chicago. Scrubbed up and even annotated and indexed versions of the Torbitt Document were available before and since on a per-order basis.

Treading on the Torbitt web, X-Files fans and parapolitical students will discover that the "wink" photograph and the Torbitt document have another thing in common that make them oh-so-science fictiony: NASA.

Torbitt includes among his threads the role of Werner von Braun, deputy administrator at NASA head from 1970-1972, in obtaining the Apollo contract for North American Aviation in 1961. von Braun was a Paperclip Nazi rocket scientist who, as one of the spoils of World War II, became a top NASA bureaucrat.

Under his work orders and those of his colleague Walter Dornberger, mentioned in the Torbitt as a directing officer of Bell Aerospace, POWs slaved and starved at the Nordhausen underground rocket works in Nazi Germany. von Braun later claimed that his only interest in the Nazi rocket program was its potential for space travel. [9]

He was preoccupied with the topic.

According to UFO authors Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour, von Braun told West German newspapers that a 1958 malfunction of a US Juno II rocket had been "deflected" off-course by an unnamed and presumably extraterrestrial source. The following year he elaborated to Neues Europa that "we find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base of operations is at present unknown to us. More I cannot say at present. We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with these powers and in six or nine months' time it may be possible to speak with more precision on this matter." [10]

The von Braun Astronomical Society, founded in 1954 by high schooler Sam Pruitt under Von Braun's direction, still maintains a 13.5 acre tract of land atop Monte Sano Mountain, near where the Torbitt identifies a DISC field office in Huntsville, Alabama.

von Braun's interest in space ran parallel with that of Albert Thomas in his later career. Elected in 1936 to the U.S. House of Representatives from the Eighth Texas District (comprised of Harris County, where the city of Houston is located), Thomas since 1941 had served on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Over the years he had voted to prevent workers from striking during the war and to increase Navy pay, but for the most part he was a loyal, liberal New Dealer whose electoral support came from organized labor and minorities. By JFK's day his Appropriations Committee position exerted an enormous influence on how the federal budget was spent. Despite the fact than he voted in support of the Kennedy Administration in nearly 90% of the roll call votes from 1961 to 1963, he helped direct the committee on a course to trim the budget and stop Treasury bureaucratic measures to fund social welfare programs. He had a strong interest in funding the fledgling space program, however. [11]

Thomas chaired the Independent Offices Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee, which controlled funds for the Atomic Energy Commission as well as NASA.

His efforts funded the space agency and led to its September 1961 decision to build its Manned Spacecraft Center near Houston, so far from the Cape Canaveral launch site in Florida. As the man with NASA's purse strings, he became a favorite of JFK's. The president's third-to-last speech was a testimonial to Thomas. Those final speeches and intended speeches have Kennedy the public hawk trumpeting the successes of the US's military build-up, citing the hike in the Polaris submarine count, hyping the Tactical Fighter Experimenatal (TFX) planes, but focusing repeatedly and particularly on his ambitions for America in space. After making a dig at Thomas over the NASA payroll money being directed at Houston, Kennedy said of Thomas, "In 1990 the age of space will be entering its second phase, and our hopes in it to preserve the peace, to make sure that in this great new sea, as on earth, the United States is second to none. And that is why I salute Albert Thomas and those Texans whom you sent to Washington in his time and since then, who recognize the needs and the trends today in the sixties so that when some meet here in 1990 they will look back on what we did and say that we made the right and wise decisions." [12]

In Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye, a book published at the time the Torbitt Document began to circulate, Dave Powers and co-authors Kenneth O'Donnell and Joe McCarthy, summarized their perspective of Kennedy's behind-the-scenes relationship with Thomas at the time of the assassination:

"President Kennedy also timed the trip to Texas so that he could appear on Thursday night at a testimonial dinner for Representative Albert Thomas in Houston, the Congressman's hometown. The elderly Thomas was one of the President's favorite congressmen and had done important fiscal favors for Kennedy in his capacity as chairman of the subcommittee that approved supplementary appropriations. Thomas had raised the money for the launching of the space program. The President initiated the costly drive to put astronauts on the moon not only for national prestige, but equally because he thought that large government spending on the space project was urgently needed to stimulate the national economy. He felt deeply indebted to Thomas for his support of the program and raised no objection when NASA located its Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, instead of somewhere in the Midwest or near Boston, where the President would have liked to have seen its huge payroll spent.

"The President knew, of course, that NASA picked Houston for only one reason -- Albert Thomas. It was always entertaining to watch the President listening impatiently to a visitor who was beating a long-winded path around the bush and then interrupting with one quick question which immediately brought the heart of the matter into suddenly clear focus.

When James E. Webb, the director of NASA, came to the President to explain the choice of the Manned Spacecraft Center's site, he began with a lengthy technical discussion about national geography. The President's eyes strayed to a written proposal that Webb had placed on his desk, and when he saw halfway down the page the first mention of Houston, he looked up at Webb and said, 'How is Albert Thomas feeling these days?'

"Appearing at the Albert Thomas dinner was especially important to the President because Thomas was thinking of retiring due to poor health and the President had been urging him to stay on in Congress for at least another term. We paid no attention to it at the time, but later we remembered that the President said in his speech about Thomas, "I asked him to stay as long as I stayed -- I didn't know how long that would be." [13]

(In the same book, incidentally, readers discover that JFK shared a favorite movie with psychologist/space scientist Wilhelm Reich, Bad Day At Black Rock, the 1955 movie starring Spencer Tracy.)

That Thomas also served on the Congressional subcommittee which funded the Atomic Energy Commission provides another gossamer strand in the web that spins out from the Torbitt. Researcher Peter Whitmey notes that the AEC's proving grounds are located near a town in Nevada called Mercury, a town apparently mentioned by Lee Harvey Oswald's albino-pilot comrade, David Ferrie, in a conversation overheard by Canadian businessman Richard Giesbrecht at a Winnipeg airport. [14] Oddly, authors Bill Kaysing and Randy Reid, claimed in their 1976 book, We Never Went To the Moon, that NASA faked the moon landings at a secret soundstage in Mercury, Nevada. [15] If so, the soundstage recreated a non-secret reproduction of the lunar landscape built for the Apollo missions on a cow pasture outside the Manned Spacecraft Center that Albert Thomas had assured was built in Houston [16].

the torbitt document

by Kenn Thomas (kennthomas@umsl.edu) - July 20, 2001

Treading further on the Torbitt web to the present, "JANET" commuter flights flying workers into Area 51, the mysterious secret airbase north of Las Vegas so often in today's news, take a circuitous northwest route from Las Vegas to nearby Mercury. [17] Area 51 watchers report difficulty tracking flight broadcasts beyond the radio beacon at Mercury. Area 51, of course, is today the center of much speculation about UFOs and has been historically linked to the development of the U2 spy plane. JFK assassination personalities such as Gordon Novel--mentioned in the Torbitt and a competing "umbrella man" to its Ferenc Nagy according to some researchers--have been attracted to the desert base. President Bill Clinton, an aspirant to the Camelot legacy, recently declared it exempt from environmental regulations in order to protect its secrets from a job hazards lawsuit.

(Interesting, too, that JFK himself offered help to Twilight Zone's Rod Serling in 1963 on the film Seven Days In May, which warns of a fascist takeover of the US run from a desert base.) [18]

Oswald's connections to the U2 remain infamous, of course, even if his link to NASA is lesser-known. His military service overseas began at Atsugi, Japan, out of which the U2s flew. He lived in the Soviet Union when it shot down Gary Powers' U2--some suggest Oswald gave the Soviets top secret info on the plane--and in Dallas he worked at Jaggar-Chiles-Stovall, which did photographic work for the U2 project. The word "microdots" appeared under the address and phone number for Jaggars-Chiles-Stovall in Oswald's address book, another clear indication that Oswald did spy work. Another indication: photographs of foreign military bases taken from the Minox spy camera found among Oswald's possessions reflected similarities to the work of George de Mohrenschildt, whose relationship with Oswald and the White Russian community is examined in the Torbitt.

Oswald left the photography job for for one with Reilly Coffee, which lasted two and a half months before he was fired. Oswald told the manager of a garage neighboring the coffee company that he had "found his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow," with an expected new job at NASA in New Orleans. Although he instead went to work at the School Book Depository, four co-workers at Reilly who specifically knew and worked with Oswald, got jobs at New Orleans NASA within weeks of his departure.

Another Reilly worker who moved over to NASA knew David Ferrie, and a friend of his, Melvin Coffee, spelled "Coffey" in the Torbitt Document, eventually found employment at Cape Kennedy. [19]

(Remember, too, that Michael Paine, whose wife rented a room to Oswald, worked for Bell Aerospace, where Walter Dornburger served as an officer.)

Paris Flammonde suggests that one of the people Richard Geisbrecht overheard David Ferrie talking to at that Winnipeg airport was L. M. Bloomfield, a banker in Montreal with ties to the OSS and possibly the CIA, who sat on the board of the Centro Mondiale Commerciale in Rome along with Clay Shaw. [20] The Torbitt Document details the Bloomfield-Shaw relationship. Flammonde documented Bloomfield's various interests in Le Credit Suisse of Canada, Heineken's Breweries, Canscot Realty, the Israel Continental Company, etc., in footnotes to Italian and Canadian newspapers. Bloomfield's links to the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate and his controlling interest in the Permindex corporation have been the subject of further recent study. [21]

More intriguing, however, is yet another name overheard by Geisbrecht, "Isaacs." The Torbitt Document describes a Harold R. Isaacs as an ex-editor for Newsweek who was the subject of a suppressed Warren Commission document. By 1976 Bernard Fensterwald reported that the suppressed document, an FBI report dated May 22, 1964, that contained information on Marilyn Dorothea Murret, a cousin to Lee Harvey Oswald. The FBI claimed that "Murret was linked in some manner with the . . . apparatus of Professor Harold Isaacs."

According to Fensterwald, Oswald and his family moved in with Murret when he first returned from the Soviet Union and she lived in Japan at the same time Oswald was working with the U2 program at Atsugi. Isaacs was a specialist on Asia and who began work at the Center for International Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1953. [22]

In the mid-1970s a researcher at the National Archives discovered another file labeled with Marilyn Murret's name that contained only background information on Harold Isaacs.

Turns out that Isaacs worked as a journalist in Shanghai in the 1930s and had an indirect link to the Richard Sorge spy ring, the topic of a book written by Charles Willoughby [23], the intelligence chief that Douglas MacArthur used to refer to as his "little fascist". The Canadian businessman Geisbrecht also overheard reference to a Kansas City hotel later learned to be the meeting place for members of the right-wing Minutemen group [24], a group whose California branch was headed by another Willoughby associate, a man named William Gale. [25]

Two final threads on this Torbitt-related web: Douglas MacArthur made reference to an interplanetary threat in comments bracketing the time Werner von Braun made his statements to the press. The first came in October 1955 when Mayor Achille Lauro of Naples reported that the general told him that "he believes that because of the developments of science all the countries on earth will have to unite to survive and to make a common front against attack by people from other planets." [26] By May 1962, MacArthur was including the remarks, plus other comments on the mastery of "cosmic power" that suggest he had also been reading Wilhelm Reich in a public speech he gave before West Point.[27] (Reich had acknowledged MacArthur's previous speech in another notable suppressed text, Contact With Space.)

Secondly, at the time Richard Geisbrecht made his attempt to convey to Jim Garrison what he had overheard at the Winnipeg airport a great UFO flap happened in the area. [28]

The pieces of the true history of JFK's still may be as scattered as his brain matter was on that day, but the Torbitt Document still helps make them discernible.

The Torbitt web may be convoluted, complex and perhaps no real causal links between any of these associations in the historic record can be made. A study of this manuscript will certainly advance reader understanding not only of the events of November 22, 1963 beyond the media dumb show that maybe allows for the possibility of an Oswald accomplice. That's why, whether it's Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Will Smith, or any other celeb who wants to transform conspiracy into a Hollywood movie commodity, either know about the Torbitt or have by osmosis absorbed its dialectic of spies, international fascism, multi-national corporate conspiracy, Mafia crime and space-age cover-up.

the torbitt document

by Kenn Thomas (kennthomas@umsl.edu) - July 20, 2001

End Notes:

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[25]. Dick Russell. The Man Who Knew Too Much. New York: Carol & Graf, 1992, p. 194.

[26]. "M'Arthur Greets Mayor of Naples," New York Times, October 8, 1955.

[27]. "West Point Rites Honor M'Arthur," New York Times. May 13, 1962. Also: "Duty, Honor, Country, Address at the U. S. Academy, West Point, on the presentation of the Thayer Award by the Association of Graduates to General MacArthur, May 12, 1962." A Soldier Speaks, Public Papers and Speeches of General of the Army Douglas MacArthur. New York: Frederick A. Praeger, Inc., 1965 pp. 352-358.

[28]. "Two See 'High' UFOs Over City For Two Hours," Winnipeg Free Press, July 1, 1967; "UFOs: At Least Cause For Concern," Winnipeg Free Press, July 3, 1967; "Eyes In Space Suspected," Winnipeg Free Press, July 6, 1967; "Government Bid To Attract UFOs To Landing Site Scores Zero," Winnipeg Free Press, July 20, 1967; "UFO Probe Due," Winnipeg Free Press, July 21, 1967; "Schreyer Dogs Government on UFOs," Winnipeg Free Press, November 8, 1967; "Dept. Has Prints, Slides on UFO," Winnipeg Free Press, November 9, 1967; "US Expert To Check UFO Sighting," Winnipeg Free Press, November 25, 1967

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Guest Tom Scully

NASA, Nazis & JFK: the Torbitt document & the Kennedy assassination‎ - Page 104

William Torbitt, Kenn Thomas, David Hatcher Childress - History - 1997 - 238 pages

his wife, Gali, to Division Five of the FBI and the Defense Industrial Security

Command through the Henry Crown, Patrick Hoy dominated General Dynamics. he ...

Limited preview

....In addition to the examples quoted above, excerpted from an earlier post on this thread, Hoover and his FBI conveniently omitted other information, which seems by it's omission to magnify the suspicion of a conspiracy, involving the FBI's former SA IB Hale, employed by General Dynamics in a role of chief of it's industrial security in 1963.

Observe how the details in this article posted by Bill Kelly on the "Patrick Hoy" thread mesh with a name and street address displayed in this document which the DOJ, the FBI, and the WC left unqualified as one of the WC Report's exhibits, even more troubling because it was related to how Oswald was said to have been introduced to Max Clark, yet another General Dynamics security person, and to his White Russian wife.:

...Born Insall Bailey Hale, September 9, 1916, in Elmont, Texas, IB Hale devoted his life to the professionalism of the industry through his activities in ASIS, his career with the FBI, and in his capacity as Manager of Industrial Security with General Dynamics, Forth Worth Division...


Robert “Bobby” Hale, the Scripture-quoting “Papa Pilgrim” who used the Bible to pound subservience into his 15 children, went before a judge in Alaska last month, looking old and frail beyond his 66 years as he learned his punishment — 14 years behind bars — for sexually assaulting one of his daughters.

Prison time is only the latest chapter in the bizarre life of Hale, the son of a legendary TCU football player. He grew up in the west Fort Worth neighborhood of Ridglea Hills, attended Arlington Heights High School and, at age 18, eloped with the 16-year-old daughter of one of the most powerful and famous politicians in Texas history....

...Young wife’s death

Hale was a senior at Arlington Heights High when he eloped with his girlfriend, Kathleen Connally, a junior. They married in Ardmore, Okla., moved into a modest apartment in Tallahassee, Fla., and began a marriage of young hope.

It would last just over a month.

Kathleen Connally Hale died April 28, 1959, from a shotgun blast behind her right ear. She was pregnant. Her husband spent the next night in jail, a Star-Telegram report said at the time. But the death was later ruled an accident, caused when the gun discharged as Hale tried to take it from his wife.

Described as incoherent in the hours after his wife’s death, Hale was said to have later passed a lie-detector test, and his fingerprints were not found on the gun, despite the report that he had grabbed for it. So, authorities determined, Kathleen died during “a little squabble like kids will have.”

It meant an end to Hale’s brief role as son-in-law to John Connally, then a confidant to Sen. Lyndon Baines Johnson and an attorney for Fort Worth millionaires Sid Richardson and Perry Bass. John Connally later became governor of Texas and was wounded in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Connally, who died in 1993, wrote in his autobiography that he had been told that there may have been a suicide pact between his firstborn child and her new husband, and that “Bobby backed out.”

“I could not shake my doubts that Kathleen would never have taken her own life if her young husband had been … kind and considerate to her in the dark moments she must have experienced,” Connally wrote. As he searched for answers, he said he was troubled by what his daughter’s landlady in Tallahassee told him: “She said she thought Kathleen was afraid — of what, she did not know.”

She would not be the last 16-year-old Hale would take as a companion. His future wife and the mother of the 15 children on Hillbilly Heaven ranch was reportedly the same age when Hale courted her in the 1970s.

All-American’s family

More than 3,500 miles and a world of difference separate the primitive ranch in Alaska — where Papa Pilgrim held court over his flock — and the home on tree-lined Fortune Road in west Fort Worth where Bobby Hale grew up with his twin brother, Billy, and younger brother, Tommy.

Their mother, Virginia, was an accomplished bridge player. Their father, I.B. Hale, was an All-American lineman for the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs football team and its captain during the team’s undefeated national championship season in 1938. He was a good friend and college roommate of another famous TCU player, Davey O’Brien....


On the library shelf, next to Larry Hancock's book titled "Someone Would Have Talked" should be another book titled, "Uncorrupted WC Investigators Would Have Been Curious Investigators."

[PDF]Warren Commission, Volume XXII: CE 1389 - FBI report dated May 19 ...

File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View

On May 13, 1964, Mrs. VIRGINIA 13ALS, 6475 Fortune Road, ... Mrs . HALE stated she did not give the names of MAX CLARK or PETER GREGORY ...




Book says GD blackmailed Kennedy for F-111 contract Seymour Hersh's …

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram - NewsBank - Nov 15, 1997

In a tale that would make thriller author Tom Clancy jealous, Hersh says that GD had the twin sons of its security chief, then IB Hale, slither over a ...


....All of it is a curious jumble of interrelated coincidences, but doesn't it turn into something less coincidental when the element of Tom Clark (no relation to Max Clark) providing cover for the appointment of Henry Crown's lawyer Albert Jenner is injected into it, and we consider that Max Clark and IB Hale handles industrial security for the corporation controlled by Henry Crown who had to keep the $6.8 billion TFX contract, no matter what?

How small a matter are the links between Ruby and Crown vis Hoy, Irv Kupcinet and the Colitzs in one direction and via Crown's son's wife, Renee's father J. Myer Schine and her brother G. David Schine through the Schine's long association with Mickey Cohen, and Choen and Ruby's mutual friend, Candy Barr?

General Dynamics employee, Nax Clark and his wife, Gali, knew Oswald, IB Hale's wife, Virginia met Oswald and sent him to Leslie Welding for a job, although the FBI SAs included both the street addresses of Annie Laurie Smith (and her length of employment) and Virginia Hale, also in the same report, they only found room to note that a "Mrs. Hall", who actually provided the contact info of Max Clark to Oswald, is described as having a desk next to Annie Laurie Smith's. I suspect that "Mrs. Hall" was a deliberate obfuscation of "Mrs. Hale's" name....

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Guest Tom Scully

In 1957, the ailing Joseph Barbara, leader of Pittston, PA "family" was important enough to attract a gathering of Mafia dons from the principle eastern cities. Barabara's successor was Russell Bufalino, and the successor to his position, although fronted by the jailed William D'Elia, is actually today, the immensely wealthy, owner of a Pennsylvania governor, its state gaming commission and state Attorney General, a US Attorney and former asst. US Attorneys and local judges, Joseph Denaples.:


Capo di tutti capi or capo dei capi is Italian for "boss of all bosses...


The Apalachin Meeting was a historic summit of the American Mafia held on November 14, 1957 at the home of mobster Joseph "Joe the Barber" Barbara in Apalachin, New York.

It was attended by roughly 100 Mafiosi from the United States, Canada and Italy. Expensive cars with license plates from around the country aroused the curiosity of local and state law enforcement, who raided the meeting, causing Mafiosi to flee into the woods and the area surrounding the Barbara estate. Over 60 underworld bosses were detained and indicted..


...Photographs show the two arm-in-arm at a barbecue. A note from Father Sica to Mr. Bufalino and his wife was signed "love, Joe." A 1982 letter from Father Sica to former Pennsylvania first lady Ginny Thornburgh refers to Mr. Bufalino as "a friend." A witness recalled the Bufalinos attending Father Sica's ordination....

....An influential figure

DeNaples, 66, is a dominant figure in Scranton — and an influential player in Pennsylvania politics.

He owns landfills, quarries, 35,000 acres, auto-parts and forestry-equipment dealerships, and more — almost 90 businesses. He once headed the board of trustees at the University of Scranton....

..... Louis DeNaples, owner of the Keystone landfill in Dunmore, Lackawanna County, and one of the richest men in northeastern Pennsylvania, Wednesday submitted his application for a stand-alone slots license. The application, which included detailed plans and a required $50 million letter of credit, also included letters of support from Peter Vaira, a former U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and Sal Cognetti Jr., a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Middle District in Scranton..

..Marino, a former Lycoming County district attorney, was appointed in 2002 as U.S. attorney for the middle district, which includes Scranton and Harrisburg.

The Morning Call reported in August 2007 that Marino had provided a reference for Louis DeNaples on DeNaples' gaming application for Mount Airy Casino Resort even as Marino's office was investigating DeNaples.

Marino resigned as U.S. attorney in October 2007 and was subsequently hired by DeNaples as an in-house counsel for non-casino businesses. Marino, 57, of the Williamsport area recently resigned that job to focus on his congressional bid....

The Education Forum > Answering to Were the RFK and JFK ...

I Heard You Paint Houses. The information which follows, is an unredacted version of one of the documents the ANGLETON.DOC was constructed from. ...



DeNaples findings gutted before slots vote, sources say Investigators ordered to remove analysis about casino owner's alleged ties to organized crime

By Matt Birkbeck Of The Morning Call

May 11, 2008....


Break from the bench

By Dave Janoski (Projects Editor)

Published: July 15, 2009

The nephew of reputed mobster William "Big Billy" D'Elia almost always got a break when he appeared before former Judge Michael T. Conahan, his uncle's constant breakfast companion.

Despite David J. Osticco's extensive record for robbery, escape and assault, Conahan approved his requests for work release, home confinement and incarceration in the Luzerne County lockup instead of a tougher state prison.

Last October, just three months before Conahan would find himself before a federal judge on corruption charges, he gave Osticco his biggest break yet. Facing a maximum of 77 years for walking away from work release and going on a robbery spree, Osticco got a sentence that could add as little as 18 months to his current two-to-four-year sentence for two previous robberies.

Conahan, who has been accused of conspiring with D'Elia to fix a defamation verdict against The Citizens' Voice, ignored state sentencing guidelines that should have landed Osticco in jail for at least five to 10 years because of his extensive criminal history, prosecutors say.

State court rules require a judge who deviates from the guidelines to explain his reasoning in open court, according to Luzerne County District Attorney Jackie Musto Carroll. The record in the Osticco case, including a transcript of the sentencing hearing, contains no reference to the guidelines....


January 30, 2009

Conahan resigns from DeNaples bank board

Times Leader staff

Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Conahan resigned from the board of directors of First National Community Bank on Tuesday, one day after he and Judge Mark A. Ciavarella Jr. were charged by the U.S. Attorney’s Office with accepting more than $2.6 million in kickbacks related to the PA Child Care juvenile detention center in Pittston Township and a similar facility in western Pennsylvania....


Louis DeNaples' attempt to regain bank seat thwarted

By Joe McDonald (Staff Writer)

Published: February 6, 2010

...In closing Mr. DeNaples' case, Judge Vanaskie said he did not intend to meddle with the OCC's regulatory powers.

"In this case, there is indeed persuasive reason to believe that Congress intended to foreclose judicial interference with actions taken by the OCC ... with judicial review coming only after the conclusion of those proceedings and only in the courts of appeals."

Mr. DeNaples' more than 35 years on the bank board ended in 2008 when the testimony he gave two years earlier before the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to obtain a gaming license for Mount Airy Casino Resort became the basis of his arrest on perjury charges by the Dauphin County district attorney's office.

The charges were later dropped but the OCC, the agency that regulates national banks, notified Mr. DeNaples he could not return to the board because, it said, he had escaped the charges by entering into a "pretrial diversion agreement." According to OCC rules, bankers cannot hold banking positions if they went through a pretrial program. The OCC warned Mr. DeNaples in a letter dated April 17 that if he returned to the bank's board he and the bank could be fined up to a $1 million a day and he could face up to five years in prison....

...Mr. DeNaples wanted Judge Vanaskie to rule he had not entered into a pretrial diversion and to issue an injunction against the OCC that would stop it from prohibiting Mr. DeNaples from resuming his position on the board.

Judge Vanaskie denied the request, saying the OCC "plainly" has the authority to take the steps it took against Mr. DeNaples "upon a finding that he did indeed enter into a pre-trial diversion or similar program in connection with the resolution of the perjury prosecution."....


Attorney general pick probed fix of DeNaples trial

By Matt Birkbeck Of The Morning Call | November 20, 2008

The Washington lawyer who reportedly was asked to become the nation's first black attorney general once made headlines in Pennsylvania for prosecuting the man who fixed Louis DeNaples' 1977 fraud trial. Eric Holder, 57, spent the early part of his career with the U.S. Department of Justice heading public corruption cases, and in 1983 successfully prosecuted James Osticco for bribing the husband of a juror in the DeNaples trial. Osticco, a high-ranking member of the Bufalino crime family, paid the husband $1,000, a set of car tires and a pocket watch to persuade his wife to vote for acquittal of DeNaples, who had been charged with fleecing the federal government for cleanup work related to 1972's Hurricane Agnes.


Published: June 2, 1994

...Mr. Holder, who refused requests for an interview this week, has said that he first felt seared by bigotry when he was prosecuting a mob figure from Pennsylvania in 1977. Mr. Holder listened to wiretaps in which the defendant, James D. (Shoes) Osticco, became infuriated when he learned that the man prosecuting him was black and used a racial epithet. "I was shocked," he recently told an interviewer for The Legal Times newspaper in Washington. "I had never been called that to my face." Fair But Tough as a Judge ....



by William Torbitt

I. Permindex and Its Five Subsidiaries

....The Nazis, Mafia and gambling syndicate members were all brought together under the large umbrella of the Defense Industrial Security Command and even the larger joint umbrella of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Division Five of the FBI. Of course, General Joseph Carroll of DIA could not possibly participate in any venture without the approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff sitting over him in the Pentagon.

The host of munitions and aerospace manufacturing companies with Mafia Members in the leadership positions began to surface during the 1960's and one of such connections surfaced as is shown in the Associated Press Dispatch of October 28,1969, which reads as follows:

A Pennsylvania manufacturing firm linked to the Mafia by a Senate subcommittee has won millions of dollars in defense contracts from the Pentagon. Medico Industries Inc. of Pittston, Pa., currently is working on a $4 million contract to produce parts for rocket warheads used extensively in Vietnam. Since 1966, the firm has received about $12 million in Army, Navy, and Air Force contracts. Pentagon records indicate it has performed well on all its defense work.

Medico Industries' present contracts do not involve classified material. However, a Pentagon spokesman said the firm and its principal officers had a security clearance from Jan. 28, 1968 to June 20, 1968. It was terminated at the company's request - a request which Pentagon sources said came after security officials asked for additionalinformation about its officers.

The company's name has cropped up in the organized crime investigations of a Senate subcommittee headed by Sen. John L. McClellan, D Ark. In 1964, McClellan's subcommittee listed Medico Electric Motor Co., later to become known as Medico Industries, as a principal hangout of Russell A. Bufalino, whom it described as "one of the most ruthless and powerful leaders of the Mafia in the United States."

William Medico, former president and now general manager of Medico Industries, was listed in the same report as among the "criminal associates" of Bufalino.

James A. Osticco, the firm's traffic manager, was present in 1957 when New York State Police broke up the Apalachin Conference - a meeting of top Mafia figures from throughout the United States. The participants also included Bufalino and Vito Genevese, once described as "king of the rackets."

Bufalino has been battling deportation since 1952. According to the McClellan committee's 1964 report, the Sicilian-born Mafia leader has been active in narcotics trafficking, labor racketeering, and dealing in stolen jewels and furs. Last year, Bufalino was charged with transporting stolen television sets across state lines.

Investigators say Bufalino and Medico have been friends since Bufalino moved to Pittston from Buffalo, N.Y. in 1938. A confidential report in the files of state and federal law enforcement officials refers to a company listed in the Senate report as being owned by Bufalino and says: "One of the silent partners in this enterprise is said to be William Medico . . . who is believed to have money invested in a number of places where the subject (Bufalino) acts as front man."

In a telephone interview, Medico said he has no business interests with Bufalino. He said he has known Bufalino all his life.

As for the McClellan committee report that Bufalino frequents the Medico plant, Medico said, "Sure he comes to see us. We're selling his equipment; he's a customer. I can't tell him to get the hell out."

The firm's record of getting government contracts goes back to the 1950's. It has produced such items as maintenance platforms for the Air Force and Navy, rebuilt generators for the Signal Corps, rebuilt machine tools and hydraulic wing jacks for the Army, Navy and Air Force. It also has had contracts from the cities of New York and Detroit.

In 1963 it competed with eight other firms to take over management of a government- ammunition plant in Scranton, Pa., but lost out to a lower bidder.

In 1968 Medico Industries was one of the 166 companies from which the Army sought bids to produce parts for 2.75-inch rocket warheads. Ten firms, including Medico, responded and six got contracts. Medico was not among them.

But in the summer of 1968, the Army announced it needed still more warheads to fill Vietnam requirements. The four unsuccessful bidders on the earlier round were invited to bid again. All four, including Medico, got contracts. The Medico contract, awarded September 19, 1968, called for supply of 510,000 parts for $3,090,600.

Then, in December 1968, Medico was among the producers invited to submit proposals for shifting to production of a different and costlier type 2.75-inch warhead. The firm received a contract on Dec. 31 to supply 380,000 parts at a cost of $4,012,800. That contract is still in effect.

Under Defense Department regulations, a company can not be cleared for work on classified projects until its key personnel are given a National Agency check. This includes a search of FBI name and fingerprint files.

If any derogatory information is found, it is up to the Defense Industrial Security Command at Columbus, Ohio, to determine if it is serious enough to warrant further investigation. If such a determination is made the case is referred to a higher level for review. No such reference was made when Medico's application was processed.

In addition to security checks, all prospective defense contractors also undergo a pre-award review to determine their ability to produce. The personal background of company officials is not a factor in such reviews.

Medico Industries' success in obtaining government contracts has helped it expand from a small electrical company housed in a former mule barn to a large modern plant on the outskirts of Pittston. With a work force of about 400 during peak contract periods, the firm is one of the largest employers in the coal mining area.

William Medico and his four brothers, all officers in the family firm, are often in the news as participants in civic affairs, charity drives and occasionally politics, in the city of 13,000 midway between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre.


By Matt Birkbeck and Christina Gostomski Of The Morning Call

DeNaples' priest arrested

He's charged with lying about mob ties in investigation of casino owner

January 3, 2008

One of the first calls the Rev. Joseph Sica made after being arrested was to his longtime friend Louis DeNaples: "Don't say anything," DeNaples told him, "We'll take care of this."

That's what a prosecutor said Wednesday as Sica, a Roman Catholic priest, was charged with lying to a Dauphin County grand jury investigating DeNaples over his Mount Airy Casino Resort.

Sica, 52, is accused of lying about his relationship with the late Russell Bufalino, the longtime head of a northeastern Pennsylvania crime family. Sica was released on $20,000 bail after being charged with one count of perjury.

This is "not something one would expect from a priest," First Assistant District Attorney Francis Chardo told the grand jury judge during Sica's arraignment in Harrisburg.

Sica had $1,000 when he was arrested at his Scranton home earlier Wednesday and owns a handgun that was purchased within the past year, Chardo told Judge Todd A. Hoover. Sica, who declared bankruptcy in 1997, also owns a 2007 Jeep that's paid for, Chardo said.

If convicted, Sica could face seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

Sica, DeNaples' spiritual adviser and confidant, regularly appeared with DeNaples at state Gaming Control Board hearings and meetings. He frequently acted as a middleman, shooing reporters away from the wealthy Scranton businessman. The grand jury is investigating whether DeNaples lied about his alleged ties to organized crime to get a slots license.

Richard McGarvey, a gaming board spokesman, said Sica's arrest has no impact on DeNaples' casino license because Sica is not a key casino employee or investor and is not licensed by the gaming board.

"It's not something where that individual has specific connections to the board," McGarvey said.

Kevin Feeley, a Mount Airy spokesman, said Sica's arrest "will not impact the casino. ... Today's news does not change the fact that Louis DeNaples does not have ties to organized crime."

Feeley said DeNaples, 67, and Sica have been friends since childhood and DeNaples was "concerned for his friend. ... Obviously Father Sica and Louis DeNaples are old and close friends ... and they remain friends." Feeley has said DeNaples' family took Sica in as a child and raised him....

Edited by Tom Scully
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Guest Tom Scully

William Torbitt/Davis Copeland is definitely a very unreliable historian. For example, on several occasions in his manuscript he cites as his source "The Green Felt Jungle" by Ed Reid and Ovid Demaris that was published in the UK in 1965. I managed to buy a copy of this book via the internet. It arrived this morning. I immediately looked up the page references to this book concerning the Serve-U Corporation. In fact, these pages say nothing about this company.

However, it is clear that the author of this document did have some reliable sources he could not name. As a result, it includes some very important information. For example, here is a passage concerning Serve-U Corporation that uses as its source “The Green Felt Jungle” (in reality it is a page reference to a list of Licensed Casino Owners in Las Vegas).

Grant Stockdale, ex-United States Ambassador to Ireland and former George Smathers Administrative Assistant and a stock holder and officer in Bobby Baker's vending machine and Florida land transactions, knew and was closely associated with almost all of the top figures in the cabal. Shortly after President Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963, Grant Stockdale was pushed, shoved or fell from the fourteenth story of a Miami building and was killed immediately in the fall. As an officer in the Bobby Baker enterprises, Grant Stockdale had particular knowledge of a good part of the workings of the cabal and his death was one of a series made necessary to protect the group from public exposure...

Of all the enterprises, none could compare with the controversial Serv-U Corp., a Baker-Black controlled vending- machine firm. Ed Levinson, president of the Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, was also a partner. Grant Stockdale, President of Serv-U and his money is covered later. Formed late in 1961, Serve-U Corporation provided vending machines for the automatic dispensing of food and drink in companies working on government contracts. In the next two years, Serv-U was awarded the lion-share of the vending business at three major aerospace firms - North American Aviation, Northrop Corporation and Thompson Ramo Wooldridge's Space Technology Laboratories. Baker and Black each bought stock in the company for $1 a share, while the others paid approximately $16 a share.

Copeland claims that Grant Stockdale was president of Serve-U Corporation. I asked Larry Hancock to check out Serve-U Corporation. He discovered that officially, Stockdale was neither an officer or a stockholder of the company. The president of the Serve-U Corporation was actually a man called Eugene Hancock. The story really gets interesting when you look at the Miami Herald account of Stockdale’s funeral....

John, are these at all close to the page numbers Copeland described? From 1961 to 1965, several editions of "The Green Felt Jungle" were published.



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Tom, I think the Bobby Baker and the Serve-U Corp. - Black et al, is well documented. I remember reading a lot of details about that - how they got the contracts for vending machines in all the military bases and defense contractors, etc.

As for Torbitt, some of it checks out and some of it is a mishmash of truth and BS.

I sort of take it like Dick Russell says. It sounds so outrageous a conspiracy that its just too far fetched.

It's a lot of tidbits of details that are in many cases, just wrong.

There is some interesting stuff there.

And thanks to Kenn Thomas for republishing it at Steamshovell.

I think it is the Torbitt document that says that Carl MacIntyre and his American Council of Christian Churches and World Council were involved in this secret network along the members of the board of PAN AM Airways.

Well it just so happens that the good right Rev. Carl MacIntyre was a neigbhor of mine, both in Camden where I grew up - and his fundamentalist Bible Prespeterian church was in nearby Collingswood, a few miles away.

We also lived in Cape May at the same time, and I visited his Christian Admiral hotel and conference center once in the late 70s when he hosted Rev. Ian Paisley, the Orangeman from Northern Ireland, who I heckled.

Well, I went looking to interview Rev. MacIntyre after reading the Torbitt Document and the allegations that MacIntyre was hooked up with Bowen, the preacher who sat next to Oswald on the bus to Mexico City, and Eugene Bradley, the guy Garrison tried to get to testify. I guess it was in the early 80s, when MacIntyre was in Collingswood, so I drove over there and went in to the open church and then went looking for him in the rectory and meeting rooms next door and there was nobody around. So I peaked into this one large meeting room, and there on the back wall was a giant - wall sized wood mural of the world - with the PAN AM World Airways cities and their flightpaths.

I didn't know what to make of it, but there must have been a connection between MacIntyre and PAN AM.

I picked up some of his free handouts - magazines and newspapers while there, and learned a few other things about him.

I was wondering how MacIntyre could be of use to the FBI and CIA and the SPECTRE - like network described in Torbitt but reading through his publications it became apparent.

His radio ministry, which the government tried to shut down for violating FCC standards, was broadcast behind the Iron Curtain like Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, and he directed messages to his friends there. When the FCC shut him down he started broadcasting from a pirate radio ship off Cape May.

MacIntyre also protested the arrival of any official Russian Orthodox church leaders and branded them KGB while he backed the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, the parish also supported financially by the CIA and to which Marina Oswald had her daughter baptized in without informing Oswald.

They say MacIntyre was pals with J. Edgar Hover, and indeed Hover was said to be a fundamentalist and Baptist and they certainly had the same mindset towards liberals and communism.

While I never got to meet MacIntyre - other than the one time I heard him and Paisley preach and I heckled them, so I never got to question him about anything, he often made the local papers.

The last news story about him, shortly after his wife died, was that he had taken off with his longtime secretary, both of them being in their eighties.

So there's some things about the Torbitt doc that do check out, so maybe there is something to it after all.


Edited by William Kelly
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Guest Tom Scully

Bill, I'll reply in depth to your post after I respond to Jim's questions and opinion. The Pan Am angle you describe seems closely associated with this.:



Author Xxxxxx X Xxxxx XXX vividly portrays the father who was a master political strategist, a prime mover in the creation of the airline industry and a leading conservationist.

President George H.W. Bush: I have read every word of Make It Happen and got an enormous kick out of it.

Karl C. Rove: If anything, Make it Happen underplays Sam Pryor's role in the 1940 Republican Convention and nomination of Wendell Willkie. Pryor was the pivot on what so much turned in those quick and important months.

Charlie Trippe (son of Juan Trippe, chairman of Pan American Airways): Sam Pryor . . . played an indispensable role in the development of Pan Am in its glory years.

The Torbitt Document cannot be taken seriously today because of all the errors in both the text and the sourcing.Take a look at how many footnotes are to the "files" of Jim Garrison. How do you cross check something like that?

There might be a few interesting tidbits but, with what we know today, the idea that the plot was carried out through FBI DIvision Five and DISC is just plain silly.

IMO, Nomenclature of an Assassiantion Cabal was designed as a disinfo document. And it worked. Many people took it seriously for a long time. Those few interesting tidbits is what gave it interest.

The rest is just so bizarre and just plain wrong its ridiculous.

Jim, isn't the greater risk the reaction your response is flavored with, vs. the risk of being "snookered"? If you make a list of the elements not associated with JFK assassination research, or even more interesting, a list of the elements not known at all, or so obsucre as to be considered not known, BEFORE Torbitt, wouldn't that list be valuable enough to redeem Torbitt as a gift that keeps on giving?

Is Louis Boomfield and example of the heretofore unknow, or DISC and its address, or Division 5, or Fred Crismon?

I was just re-exposed to this, a couple of days ago.:

Here is an extract from Warren Hinckle's book, If You Have a Lemon, Make Lemonade, about Jim Garrison:

My last communication with Garrison was on November 5, 1968. It was not untypical. ....

.....Garrison began talking when I picked up the mailroom extension: "This is risky, but I have little choice. It is imperative that I get this information to you now. Important new evidence has surfaced. Those Texas oilmen do not appear to be involved in President Kennedy's murder in the way we first thought. It was the Military-Industrial Complex that put up the money for the assassination - but as far as we can tell, the conspiracy was limited to the aerospace wing. I've got the names of three companies and their employees who were involved in setting up the President's murder. Do you have a pencil?"

I wrote down the names of the three defense contractors - Garrison identified them as Lockheed, Boeing, and General Dynamics - and the names of those executives in their employ whom the District Attorney said had been instrumental in the murder of Jack Kennedy. I also logged a good deal of information about a mysterious minister who was supposed to have crossed the border into Mexico with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the assassination; the man wasn't a minister at all, Garrison said, but an executive with a major defense supplier, in clerical disguise. I knew little about ministers crossing the Rio Grande with Oswald - but after several years of fielding the dizzying details of the Kennedy assassination, I had learned to leave closed Pandora's boxes lie; I didn't ask.....

Bill has posted that his father was a homicide detective, so I suspect he will agree with this line from a recent Tom Selleck TV movie with Selleck playing the role of a small town Massachusetts police chief suspended from office by the town council, "cops hate coincidences."


Page 104

...L.M. Bloomfield was in overall charge responsible only to Hoover and Johnson. The second layer of participants with supervisory and working assignments under

Bloomfield and the first group were Walter Dornberger, ex-Nazi General, Guy Bannister,

Albert Osborne of A.C.C.C., E.E. Bradley of A.C.C.C., Morris Dalitz of Las Vegas,

Major General John B. Medaris, Robert McKeown, Igor Voshinin, George Bouhe, Peter

Gregory, Maurice Gatlin, Sergio Arcacha Smith, Lee Harvey Oswald, William Seymour,

David Ferrie, T. Gonzales, Manuel Garcia Gonzales, Layton Martens, Gordon Novel,

Walter Sheridan, William Dalzell, Paul Raigorodsky, Joe Bonanno, Dimitri Royster of

A.C.C.C., Alex Carlson, George Mandel, Breck Wall, Clay Shaw, Joe Cody, Jake

Kosloff, Mike McLaney, Ruth and Mike Paine, Igor Vagonov, Jack Bowen, Mike Ryan,

Tammie True, Max Cherry, Patrick Hoy, David Hoy, James Powell and a number of

others with limited assignments informed only enough to carry out the assignments with



Page 104

George DeMohrenschildt with his long years of experience in intelligence roles, testified to facts connecting Lee Oswald and Max Clark and his wife, Gali, to Division Five of the FBI and the Defense Industrial Security Command through Henry Crown, Partick Hoy dominated General Dynamics, he further revealed the name of the Division Five agent in charge in Dallas-Fort Worth area. Here is what DeMohrenschildt said:...Secondly, that in my mind Max Clark was in some way connected with the FBI, because he was chief of security at Convair-(owned by General Dynamics)--he had been a chief of security. And either George Bouhe or someone else told me that he is with the FBI to some extent....


Front Views & Profiles

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Feb 5, 1957

handsome general manager the Lincoln Park West hotel, where he and the president, Ernest Byfield Jr., are plan- ning a new dining room to be called the Left ...


Front Views & Profiles

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Feb 5, 1957

... the Lincoln Park West hotel, where he and the president, Ernest Byfield Jr., ... Bill is a nephew of Pat Hoy, president of the Sher- man-Ambassador ...


Kup's Chicago‎ - Page 53

by Irv Kupcinet - Chicago (Ill.) - 1962 - 286 pages

"Maybe not," said Crown. "But without being a cook you've done an excellent job

of running the Pump Room." Yielding to Crown's persuasion, Hoy began a new .

career at age forty-six and made a success of it from the start....


Lions in the street: the inside story of the great Wall Street law firms‎ - Page 14

Paul Hoffman - Law - 1973 - 244 pages

Gilpatric himself had an office in General Dynamics' headquarters in Rockefeller

Center and had advised the company on its acquisition of Material Services ...


Henry Crown Resigns from Material Service

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Apr 1, 1966

Hoy, for- merly president of the Sherman and Ambassador hotels, was brought into Material Service by Col. Crown in 1960. The withdrawal of the Crown family


Ledgers Show Hoy Did Not Repay Crown's Sons

Pay-Per-View - Chicago Tribune - ProQuest Archiver - Sep 23, 1970

... public yesterday in Federal District Court revealed that Patrick H. Hoy never repaid $156738 he borrowed from the Eons of Henry Crown, the industrialist.

The following details could only be known after Torbitt.:


Wedding Bells for Robert McNamara (washingtonpost.com)

Sep 8, 2004 ... Diana Masieri Byfield and Robert McNamara will wed next week in the ... Ernest Byfield, a former OSS officer and public relations executive.


THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Sam Huff finds idyllic homestretch

- Washington Times - NewsBank - Oct 12, 1991

Strange that bushy eyebrowed Gucciloafered Ernie Byfield grand old man of ... THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Sam Huff finds idyllic homestretch

Remember Jack Kennedy he goes onHe used to rent a house from my mother when he was president. Asked if the president did so for his wife Jacqueline quite a ...


Business Week

Business - 1986

The taint has not reached to Lester or Henry Crown, both members of GD'S board.

... 25, the Pentagon's Defense Industrial Security Clearance office will ...

Federal Securities Laws and Defense Contracting: Hearings Before the ...‎ - Page 53

by United States Congress. House. Committee on Energy and Commerce. Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations - Securities fraud - 1986

... on Lester Crown and the General Dynamics Corporation (CD) . ... defense

contractor participating In the Defense Industrial Security Program, .



New York Times - Dec 7, 1986

"Meanwhile, seven officers and employees of Material Service were padding their expense accounts -''at the direction of Crown,'' according to the Government report - and reimbursing their boss. The project was cut short when Material Service was subpoenaed by a Federal grand jury investigating corruption in the industry.

The family turned to Albert E. Jenner Jr., a lawyer and longtime friend who is on the board of General Dynamics. ''Whenever the kids got into trouble,'' Jenner says, ''they never bothered the old man. They talked to me, and I got them out of trouble.'' In return for his cooperation with the grand jury, Lester Crown was granted immunity from prosecution.

In May 1974, Crown was elected to the board of directors of General Dynamics, and two months later the Defense Department approved his application for a top-secret clearance. The results of the grand jury proceedings did not become public until December. Neither the members of the board nor the Pentagon had been told of the bribery case..."


By WAYNE BIDDLE (The New York Times); Financial Desk

June 16, 1985, Sunday


Albert E. Jenner Jr., who was Republican counsel during the Watergate hearings and has long been a member of the General Dynamics board, said: ''Lester is a splendid person. He's very careful not to have the board believe he is the major domo of this corporation,'' but Mr. Jenner onceded that Mr. Crown was not just one among equals...."

In 1970, Tyler Abell had yet to publish his stepfather's "Diaries (1949-1959)", probably because the employer of he and his wife Bess, LBJ, was still alive. The Diaries were published in 1974, after LBJ's death.

Do a search with the phrase displayed in the image now, Jim, here is a link already set up, which search result is missing (it does come up sporadically)? http://www.google.com/#expIds=17259,18167,23756,24692,24878,24879,25651,25901,26119,26181,26325&sugexp=ldymls&q=%22led%20to%20very%20high%20places.%22&cp=26&hl=en&wrapid=tljp1283034384634150&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbo=u&tbs=bks:1&source=og&sa=N&tab=wp&fp=9a9b849fbf3ac0e5


The point I think that is being made in Torbitt, and missed by so many, is that if Division 5 of the FBI, Hoover, and DISC had done routine and straight up investigations of General Dynamics executives, Henry Crown could not have come to own 20 percent of Gen. Dyn. stock and thus been in charge of the Gen. Dyn. executive committee and hired Patrick Hoy as a Gen. DYn. VP and president of the Gen. Dyn. Material Service division, because Gilpatric's negotiation of the acquisition of Crown's Material Service Corp. would have failed a legitimate DISC/Division5 investigation in the first place. PAtrick Hoy should never have been given DISC security clearance to be hired as a VP of the Gen. Dyn. parent corp.

What is the greater risk here, Jim, since your opinion carries sway in the JFK research community, your dismissive approach to Torbitt or my enthusiastic (more open minded) approach?

Edited by Tom Scully
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Guest Tom Scully

(quote name='Jim DiEugenio' date='29 August 2010 - 01:25 AM' timestamp='1283041501' post='203913')


Way back in the days when I had my three file cabinets full of materials, I did a five part series on Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal for the late Rick De La Rossa's site.

I showed in painstaking detail how there were so many errors in the document so many questionable sources, that its premise about the actual plot to kill JFK simply had not held up. I thought it was an everything but the kitchen sink approach; LBJ, DISC, DIvision FIve, Marcello, Roy Cohn, NASA, ACC, Permindex etc etc etc.

Everyone but the CIA. And what made this so interesting is that this document came right after Garrison, and purportedly relied a lot on Garrison's files. Which is odd.

So, yes, there are some interesting tidbits in it. No doubt: Bloomfiled, Shaw's background, the mention of the top secret DISC etc.

But as far as helping uncover the JFK plot, I don't think so. I think at the time it was meant to confuse things.


I understand your justification, I read all of Seamus's article, but I think too much was done to the entirety of the details in Torbitt, as a casualty in the main purpose of the article, discrediting Farrell.

Nothing in Torbitt was an inspiration for any of my original research. I became familiar with the name "Crown" only after reading about Obama's billionaire backer, Lester Crown, in mid 2008. I worked backwards and began to learn about Crown in connection with researching the background of Kemper Marley, the mentor of John McCain's father-in-law.

I first encountered Patrick Hoy when reading this article.:

"July 18, 1949, Traverse City, Michigan

Subscription - Record-Eagle - NewspaperArchie - Jul 18, 1949

... flaming sword is something new on the fabulous Pump Room menu in

Chicago as demonstrated by Patrick Hoy executive assistant to Ernest

Byfield president ..."

...after I stumbled upon the JFK family's odd leasing arrangement of Byfield's ex-wife's Virginia estate, Glen Ora, arranged

through William Walton.

I have no dog in this hunt, Jim, I just want to share my concern that such strong condemnation of Torbitt will result in most dismissing anything and everything associated with it, which is a reason I think so much of what I'm presenting in this post was not examined and then given the consideration I think it all still needs to be given. The associations and sheer number of coincidences are amazing, even if it turns out that is all they are. The official line is that Jenner was not associated with or involved in protecting the Dorfmans until years after the WCR was printed. I submit that Jenner journeyed to a hotel room in Detroit in late November, 1953, for the primary purpose of helping Stanford Clinton protect the Dorfman's and their insurance racket from a high pressure committee investigation.

How do you save any of the "baby", when Seamus is throwing it out with the "bathwater", using descriptions like this.:

III) Scamalamadingdong! "From page 6 of Kenn Thomas’s nauseating Nasa, Nazis and JFK: The Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination...."

Jim, immediately below the following quote attributed to the "Torbitt pamphlet", I've displayed what was known publicly before 1970, related to "Henry Crown of Chicago". I think it is more than likely that this reference to Crown and Hoy in Torbitt came from an FBI or other DOJ source. Drew Pearson did not publicly state while he was living, that Tom Clark had disclosed anything to him about Henry Crown, by name. Here, I've laid out the evidence that Ford gave Jenner's name to DeLoach, and that the FBI either failed to investigate Jenner's client relationships going back just ten years, to 1953, or they did and decided not to interfere, even though the Ruby - Dorfman link was already in the news cycle, and also ignored the complication that the folks who bought up and locked down the Zapruder film, had an insider, Maurice "Tex" Moore, a member of Luce's family, on the board of the Corp. controlled by Henry Crown, and the Luce family guy was also close to John McCloy.

Then, there is also the problem of Warren, described by the number two man at FBI, Tolson, as being close to Drew Pearson. Pearson had the info that was only publicly disclosed after he died, that Tom Clark and Hoover had told him about Henry Crown's Chicago Outfit, ties, and you then have Warren, (despite the high odds Pearson or Tom Clark shared what they knew about Jenner's principle client, Henry Crown), serving up the name of Albert Jenner, seconded by Tom Clark. McCloy and Luce probably also knew what was going on, via McCloy's law partner, and Gen. Dyn. board member, Tex.

So, it must have been very important to place Albert Jenner where Warren placed him, despite everything detail in this post, coming out at some future date. ....and it seems it started with the description in Torbitt.


NASA, Nazis & JFK: the Torbitt document & the Kennedy assassination - Page 50

William Torbitt, Kenn Thomas, David Hatcher Childress - 1997 - 238 pages - Preview

... DC, Ed Levinson of Las Vegas, Benny Seigelbaum of Miami, Henry Crown of Chicago, associate of the Mafia, Patrick Hoy of the controlling clique in General Dynamics and Joe Bonanno of Lionel Corporation of New York. .


U.S.A. confidential

Jack Lait, Lee Mortimer - 1952 - 404 pages - Snippet view

Regardless of election outcomes, the Mafia, which backs all parties, is solid, politically and financially. It owns several of the largest hotels and at least one of the members of the syndicate which bought the Empire State Building from the Raskob estate is a frontman who invests underworld millions in legitimate enterprises.

Of course, many of the new owners are entirely legitimate. Colonel Henry Crown, of Chicago, the new chairman of the Empire State, was an associate of Jake Arvey in a shady real estate grab in Chicago, to buy property which they knew was to be condemned for a new super-highway. Arvey is the Illinois Democratic boss, a frequent companion of the Fischettis and Capones. We have often seen them dining with him at the Chez Paree. Another stockholder is a New England relative of Sam Bronfman, of Montreal, ....


Captive city

Ovid Demaris - 1969 - 366 pages - Snippet view

From 1960 to 1966, the Colonel's general factotum was Patrick H. "Pat" Hoy, who went from president of the Sherman Hotel in 1960 to president of MSC and senior vice-president of General Dynamics in one sudden bold leap.

While Crown hobnobbed with Mike Igoe, Sam Nanini, Jake Arvey, Frank Chesrow, George Halas, Tribune Editor WD "Don" Maxwell, Louis Mantynband ah3> other old-time cronies,

Hoy made the nightclub scene with Sidney and Marshall i,JCorshak, Ralph Stolkin, a former Chicago punchboard operator turned California millionaire, and the Las Vegas crowd of Jake Gottlieb, Louis Lederer and Charles "Babe" Baron, a close associate of Arvey and a Syndicate representative in Las Vegas.

"'Ford reported to DeLoach that at a top-secret meeting of the commission held on December 16, 1963, the commission’s general counsel, J. Lee Rankin, had been empowered to retain two "so-called technicians." The two who were under consideration were Francis W.H. Adams, a former New York City police commissioner, and Albert E. Jenner, Jr., a Chicago lawyer. Ford, the documents disclose, could only remember the last names of the two men. The FBI then began an investigation to determine who "Adams" and "Jenner" were. DeLoach, who was the number-three man in the FBI, ranking just under Hoover and his friend Clyde Tolson, reported, "I told Congressman Ford in strict confidence that apparently Chief Justice Warren was quite close to Drew Pearson [a leading syndicated columnist] and obviously used Pearson from time to time to get his thoughts across as to the percentage of the facts in these articles that were absolutely false." [sic]'


Rhodes Returns To Washington

Toledo Blade - Nov 25, 1963

Ruby also worked as a union organizer for Paul Dorfman, Chicago union boss and close buddy of James Hoffa, Teamsters president. Dorfman headed the Waste and ...

Drew Pearson: .Reynolds' Background No Big Secret .

Free Lance-Star - Feb 15, 1964

Reynolds added in hushid confidence that Ruby had Teamster Chief Jimmy Hoffa's henchman, Allan Dorfman, in Chicago. Rich tried for weeks to per suade ...


Investigation of welfare funds and racketeering ... Hearings ... on H.Res. 115 .. Nov. 23, 24, 25, and 27, 1953.83-1

Investigation of welfare funds and racketeering ... Hearings ... ...

United States. Congress. House. Committee on education and labor - 1953 - 502 pages - Snippet view

....Mr. Jenner. He incorporated them afterward.

Mr. Darling. Afterward.

Mr. Jenner. He made the contract with Admiral before the incorporation.

Mr. McKenna. I would rather the witness answer.

Mr. Darling. That was the way it happened....


The above image is excerpted from the first column lower left, Chicago Trib. article, of 26 Nov., 1953.:


quote http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks%3A1&tbo=1&q=TFX+contract+investigation%3A+Hearings+before+the+Permanent+Subcommittee+gilpatric+leave+of+absence&btnG=Search+Books#hl=en&ds=bo&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=The+subcommittee+also+brought+out+that+Gilpatric+personally+chose+Maurice+T.+Moore&cp=220&qe=VGhlIHN1YmNvbW1pdHRlZSBhbHNvIGJyb3VnaHQgb3V0IHRoYXQgR2lscGF0cmljIHBlcnNvbmFsbHkgY2hvc2UgTWF1cmljZSBULiBNb29yZQ&qesig=uiAgXBppSl78XpcefDrlyA&pkc=AFgZ2tlxJUrrGENHt3WzsahUemretG6oG8EqVFcmirJvGdX0X2BX3nmG6q045IXe3Xe8ht5QDd1VKrSjWfQy_dSlVk9F0N5Htg&pf=p&sclient=psy&safe=off&tbs=bks:1&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=The+subcommittee+also+brought+out+that+Gilpatric+personally+chose+Maurice+T.+Moore&pbx=1&fp=211449ec20a1000f

Business week: Issues 1783-1790

1963 -

The subcommittee also brought out that Gilpatric personally chose Maurice T. Moore to take over the General Dynamics account when he left the law firm. Moore became a director of General Dynamics shortly after the TFX contract was...


Claim Gilpatric Should Have Disqualified Self The Telegraph-Herald - Nov 18, 1963

...When Gilpatric, deputy sec-retary of defense claimed that attorney general Robert F. Kennedy's Justice Department said he was not involved in a violation of the law, McClellan snapped: "They cleared Korth, too." unquote

"Mission" accomplished?...Or, move along, people....nothing to see, here!


TFX Inquiry Seems Ended as McClellan Delays Hearings...

- New York Times - Dec 15, 1963

It now appears likely that Senator McClellan may end the investigation with one or ... Dynamics plans to do most o! the TFX production work) at its Convair .


November 18, 1996|By JONATHAN MARSHALL

...A postscript for assassination buffs: No individual stood to lose more from the TFX scandal than Chicago investor Henry Crown, who owned 20 percent of General Dynamics. His personal attorney, Albert Jenner, became a senior staff attorney on the Warren Commission, in charge of investigating the possibility of a conspiracy....

.... http://hosted.ap.org/specials/interactives/wdc/documents/ford/ford03.PDF

Ford reported to DeLoach that at a top-secret meeting of the commission held on December 16, 1963 the commission’s general counsel, J.Lee Rankin, had been empowered to retain to “so-called technicians.” The two who were under consideration were Francis W.H. Adams, a former New York City police commissioner, and Albert E. Jenner, Jr., a Chicago lawyer. Ford, the documents disclose, could only remember the last names of the two men. The FBI then began an investigation to determine who “Adams” and “Jenner” were. DeLoach, who was the number three man in the FBI, ranking just uner Hoover and his friende Clyde Tolson, reported, “I told Congressman Ford in strict confidence that apparently Chief Justice Warren was quite close to Drew Pearson (a leading syndicated columnist) and obviously used Pearson from time to time to get his thoughts across as the percentage of the facts in the articles that were absolutely false.”


Daily Herald: Ex-farmer, judge Crown remembered as 'wise, fair'

- Daily Herald - NewsBank - Mar 8, 1997

Crown clerked for US Supreme Court Justice Tom Clark from 1956 to 1959 and ... law at the Chicago firm of Jenner and Block, where he became a partner. ...


The Kennedy assassination cover-up

By Donald Gibson page -96

...Two of Jenner's references were mentioned by name. Tom Clark, former Attorney General of the U.S.....


Daytona Beach Morning Journal - Oct 26, 1963 pg. 8

Murder Of A Chicago Gambler . Washington Merry Go Round

By Drew Pearson

...I took the story back to Washington and Atty. Gen. Tom Clark authorized a dozen or so FBI men to check on Ragen's facts. A couple of weeks later, they reported that they were true. They also reported that control of the underworld reached into very high places. Some of the rulers of the underworld had become supposedly respected businessmen and politicians whose names were household words in Chicago. Some of them, it was stated, had reformed. Yet they still controlled the mob...


Diaries, 1949-1959: Volume 1

Drew Pearson, Tyler Abell - 1974 - 592 pages - Snippet view

Tom Clark told me afterward that it led to very high places. J. Edgar Hoover intimated the same thing. He said the people Ragen pointed to had now reformed. I learned later that it pointed to the Hilton hotel chain, Henry Crown, ..

I've stumbled upon Henry Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice T. Moore, and I've written about him on the Albert E. Jenner, ...Coincidences thread.:

(quote) http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=17239&pid=217639&st=0entry217639


‎- New York Times - Nov 19, 1963

Mr. Gilpat,tic immediately answered that his participation in the controversial ... that Maurice Moore, senior partner of the firm, was named to the General ...



Evidence Implies Order Expected by Dynamics

Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - Nov 21, 1963

The company still is counsel! to General Dynamics. Its senior, partner, Maurice T. Moore, is a General Dynamics director. Gilpatric told the subcommit-i lee ...

McClellan, Gilpatric Clash in TFX...‎ - Chicago Tribune (Pay-Per-View)

all 26 news articles »


New Director Named By General Dynamics

$3.95 - New York Times - Jan 7, 1963

Maurice T. Moore, special counsel to the executive committee of the General Dynamics Corporation's board of directors, has been elected a director of tha ...

TFX Inquiry Gets Hotter

Pay-Per-View - Wall Street Journal - Mar 21, 1963

In the case of General Dynamics. for example, the Cravath tom advises on certain ... Maurice T. Moore of the taw firm said Mr. Gilpatnc hadn't any financial ...


The corporate director: a critical evaluation: Volume 222

Stanley C. Vance - 1968 - 261 pages - Snippet view

allegation of collusive action by pointing out that one of Gilpat- rick's former law partners, Maurice T. Moore, became a director of General Dynamics a month after the Defense Department gave the TFX contract to the corporation...


Editors: Last Testament

Friday, Mar. 17, 1967

....Luce left 149,465 shares of Time Inc. common stock, which closed the week at $108 a share, to the foundation. Another 540,000 shares, owned by a trust created in 1961, were vested in the foundation on Luce's death. Since the foundation already owned 191,029 shares, it will, with a total of 880,494 shares, control 12.7% of the common stock and constitute the largest single voting block. Its members include Luce's two sons, Henry III, who is president, and Peter Paul; Luce's sister, Elisabeth Luce Moore, and her husband Maurice T. Moore, a member of the Time Inc. board of directors and a partner in the Manhattan law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore; and two early associates of Luce's: Roy E. Larsen, chairman of the executive committee of Time Inc., and Charles L. Stillman, chairman of the finance committee.


Looks like LBJ appointed the WC Commissioners with the deliberate intention of leaving them to "investigate" themselves!


The Kennedy assassination cover-up revisited

Donald Gibson - 2005 - 294 pages -

McCloy was a friend of Time, Inc.'s President, James A. Linen, and of Time director Paul Hoffman.21 Another of the members of Time's board of directors and another of McCloy's friends was Maurice T. Moore.

Moore was married to Henry Luce's sister and he was a member for decades of the law firm with which McCloy had spent fifteen years, the prestigious Cravath, Swaine & Moore (earlier known as Cravath, Henderson, Leffingwell and de Gersdorff).22 Another member of that firm and a friend and mentor to McCloy was Russell C. Leffingwell,23 who succeeded Thomas Lamont,...




‎ - Chicago Tribune - Apr 25, 1949

Dulles a Wall st lawyer is a director of the Rockefeller Foun dationEHis ... the advice and counsel of Maurice T Moore Wall st lawyer who had reorganized ...


Memories of Henry Luce, His Life and Time

- Los Angeles Times - Mar 5, 1967

They drove furiously back to the driver s quarters where Luce read the storySaid announcement was made by Rockefeller's lawyer Maurice T Moore Tex Moore My .

quote http://www.nytimes.com/1986/06/24/obituaries/maurice-t-moorre-dies-at-90-ex-cravath-swaine-partner.html


By JOAN COOK (The New York Times); Obituary

June 24, 1986, Tuesday

Maurice T. Moore, a former presiding partner in the New York law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore, died Sunday at his apartment in Manhattan. He was 90 years old and also lived in Weston, Conn.

Mr. Moore was associated with the firm from 1920 to 1967 and became presiding partner in 1963.

Cravath, Swaine & Moore became counsel for Time Inc. after the corporation moved its headquarters back to New York from Cleveland in 1927. The magazine was founded by Mr. Moore's brother-in-law, Henry Luce, in 1923.

Mr. Moore was elected to the Time board of directors in 1939 and remained on it until 1970. He was chairman from 1942 to 1960. Trustee of Many Organizations

In 1958, he assisted Paul G. Hoffman in organizing and staffing the Marshall Plan.

Mr. Moore was on the board of the Young Men's Christian Association for many years and was on the board of trustees of the Y.M.C.A. of Greater New York until 1982.

He had been a member of the board of trustees of Columbia University since 1952 and was its chairman from 1955 to 1967. He was also a trustee of Trinity University in San Antonio and the Brick Presbyterian Church in Manhattan.

Mr. Moore was a director of the General Dynamics Corporation from 1962 to 1972; a director of the Chemical Bank from 1949 to 1968, and an advisory director from 1968 to 1973; a director of the Pennsylvania Glass Sand Corporation from 1927 to 1968, and a director of the Studebaker-Packard Corporation from 1935 to 1958.

He was born in Deport, Tex. Mr. Moore was an alumnus of Trinity at its original campus in Waxahachie, Tex. He earned an M.A. from Columbia and an LL.B. from the Columbia Law School.

During World War I, he served as a first lieutenant in the infantry.

Surviving are his wife, the former Elizabeth Luce; two sons, Maurice Jr., of Provincetown, Mass., and Michael, of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. unquote



Monday, May. 02, 1960

For TIME INC., publishers of TIME, LIFE, FORTUNE, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, ARCHITECTURAL FORUM and HOUSE & HOME magazines, 1959 was a year of unprecedented growth. Its magazines registered a total circulation gain of 605,436 to 11,485,901 and, together with other TIME INC. properties, produced a record-breaking revenue of $271,373,088. But if 1959 was a year of growth, 1960 is a year of change with an eye to the future. Last week the board of directors of TIME INC. approved the election of a new top-management team. Said Editor-in-Chief Henry R. Luce and President Roy E. Larsen in announcing the changes: "Younger men of proven ability take over positions of leadership."

To succeed Maurice T. Moore, 64, TIME INC. board chairman since 1942, the board elected Andrew Heiskell, 44, publisher of LIFE for the past 14 years. Named president of TIME INC., replacing Larsen as the company's operating head: James A. Linen III, 47, who has been TIME'S publisher since 1945. Larsen, 61, who joined TIME as circulation manager in November, 1922, just before its first issue, and was LIFE'S publisher for ten years after its launching in 1936, becomes chairman of the executive committee of the board of directors; Moore continues as the company's chief counsel and a member of the board. In their new positions at TIME'S top, Linen and Heiskell will work closely with Larsen and with TIME'S founder and principal stockholder, Editor-in-Chief Luce.

The new publisher of TIME, succeeding Linen, is Bernhard M. Auer, 44 (see A LETTER FROM THE PUBLISHER). LIFE'S new publisher: C. D. Jackson, 58, publisher of FORTUNE from 1949 to 1953 and onetime (1953-54) special assistant to President Eisenhower.

The changes voted by the board also affect the youngest member of TIME INC.'S family, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Sidney L. James, 53, SI's managing editor since 1954, its first year of publication, succeeds Publisher Arthur R. Murphy, 44, who was elected a vice president of TIME INC. with the assignment of director of production. Assistant Managing Editor Andre Laguerre, 45, moves up to managing editor.

The board also named David W. Brumbaugh, 51, now TIME INC. administrative vice president and secretary, to be executive vice president, treasurer, and a member of the board. Charles Stillman, 56, becomes chairman of the board's finance committee, and Howard Black, 63, becomes senior vice president.

The shifts are part of a management-reorganization program that in recent months has included the appointment of Hedley Donovan, managing editor of FORTUNE from 1953 to 1959, as editorial director of TIME INC.; of Otto Fuerbringer as TIME'S managing editor, succeeding Roy Alexander, now editor; and of Duncan Norton-Taylor as FORTUNE'S managing editor. The changes, said Editor-in-Chief Luce, give TIME INC. "a management which will match the great opportunities of the future."

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Guest Tom Scully

....I first encountered Patrick Hoy when reading this article.:

"July 18, 1949, Traverse City, Michigan

Subscription - Record-Eagle - NewspaperArchie - Jul 18, 1949

... flaming sword is something new on the fabulous Pump Room menu in

Chicago as demonstrated by Patrick Hoy executive assistant to Ernest

Byfield president ..."

...after I stumbled upon the JFK family's odd leasing arrangement of Byfield's ex-wife's Virginia estate, Glen Ora, arranged

through William Walton....

quote http://www.google.com/search?tbs=bks%3A1&tbo=1&q=TFX+contract+investigation%3A+Hearings+before+the+Permanent+Subcommittee+gilpatric+leave+of+absence&btnG=Search+Books#hl=en&ds=bo&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=The+subcommittee+also+brought+out+that+Gilpatric+personally+chose+Maurice+T.+Moore&cp=220&qe=VGhlIHN1YmNvbW1pdHRlZSBhbHNvIGJyb3VnaHQgb3V0IHRoYXQgR2lscGF0cmljIHBlcnNvbmFsbHkgY2hvc2UgTWF1cmljZSBULiBNb29yZQ&qesig=uiAgXBppSl78XpcefDrlyA&pkc=AFgZ2tlxJUrrGENHt3WzsahUemretG6oG8EqVFcmirJvGdX0X2BX3nmG6q045IXe3Xe8ht5QDd1VKrSjWfQy_dSlVk9F0N5Htg&pf=p&sclient=psy&safe=off&tbs=bks:1&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=The+subcommittee+also+brought+out+that+Gilpatric+personally+chose+Maurice+T.+Moore&pbx=1&fp=211449ec20a1000f

Business week: Issues 1783-1790

1963 -

The subcommittee also brought out that Gilpatric personally chose Maurice T. Moore to take over the General Dynamics account when he left the law firm. Moore became a director of General Dynamics shortly after the TFX contract was...


Claim Gilpatric Should Have Disqualified Self The Telegraph-Herald - Nov 18, 1963

...When Gilpatric, deputy sec-retary of defense claimed that attorney general Robert F. Kennedy's Justice Department said he was not involved in a violation of the law, McClellan snapped: "They cleared Korth, too." unquote ....

....I've stumbled upon Henry Luce's brother-in-law, Maurice T. Moore, and I've written about him on the Albert E. Jenner, ...Coincidences thread.:....

....A hop, skip, and a jump.:

Read who the best man was in William HG Fitzgerald's 1943 wedding.:




Marion Rockefeller Wed To Robert G. Stone, Jr.

Pay-Per-View - Hartford Courant - May 30, 1948

Greenwich, May 29.--(AP.)-- Marion Rockefeller, a great grand niece of the late John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and Robert G. Stone, Jr., of Dedham.


Muffie Stone Plans Bridal in May

$3.95 - New York Times - Dec 15, 1974

She is Mrs. Rockefeller and Mr. and Mrs. Robkert G. Stone of Dedham and Marion, Mass. Mr. FitzGerald is a graduate of St. Mark's School and Harvard College,

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Stone Jr. of Greenwich, Conn., have announced the engagement of their daughter, Helen R. Stone, to Desmond G. FitzGerald of New York, son of Mr. and Mrs. William HG FitzGerald of Washington, A May wedding in Greenwich Is planned. ...


.....The EC4B’s presence in Washington can be taken as an indication that those responsible for its presence there (presumably Cheney and Rumsfeld) had no such worries for its safety. Recent research by Larry Hancock and Larry Haapanen indicates a similar situation on 11/22: available records suggest that while some senior bureaucrats worried about the possibility of a foreign attack on that day, there was an eerie passivity at the highest levels, suggesting no such concern....


Roswell Gilpatric -- Interview I -- 6

...TG: I'm not sure if you've told the story of where you were and what your thoughts were at

the time of the assassination.

RG: I was meeting with McNamara, [David E.] Bell, the director of the budget, Jerry Weisner,

and a group of others in the conference room in the Pentagon, going through the budget

figures which were going to be presented to the President that weekend in Hyannis. And

sometime around twelve-thirty my military assistant came in--my office was nearest to

the conference room--and handed me a note that the President had been shot, no

indication how seriously. And I just felt unable to utter the words so I passed the piece of

paper around the table, and McNamara got up abruptly and left. No one felt enough in

control of himself to say anything, so the group just sort of dispersed and disappeared.

The group in the White House went back, and in another half an hour I went in to see

McNamara in his office and we were sort of in a state of shock or trauma. Finally the

telephones began to ring and things had to be done,.....


Wedding Bells for Robert McNamara By Roxanne Roberts Washington Post Staff Writer Wednesday, September 8, 2004; Page C01

"Romantic" is not the first word that comes to mind when referring to Robert McNamara, but the 88-year-old former defense secretary is a dove when it comes to love. McNamara will wed his Italian-born sweetheart, Diana Masieri Byfield, next week in a ceremony in Italy.

This is the second marriage for both. ...

...She was married for more than three decades to Ernest Byfield, a former OSS officer and public relations executive. Byfield has lived for many years on a farm in Middleburg, and is an avid tennis player."

I recall Robert McNamara, shortly before his 2004 marriage, going "off the reservation" via the documentary, Fog of War.

It seems to me there was not another peep out of the man, after he tied the knot with Mrs. Byfield.

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Guest Tom Scully

Linda Minor has written a detailed biographical background piece posted on her blog of David Goddard Copeland and his wives, as part of a series of posts about Copeland, also covering his career and Texas political activism.:


David Copeland--the Man Behind the Torbitt Mask

As a side note, I am under the impression disbarment of an attorney is an rare event, even more so when it happens to an attorney of national prominence or even Manhattan, NY prominence. So what are the odds that both Roy Cohn and his law partner who also served as Cohn's attorney would end their legal careers disbarred and disgraced?


Ex-Client Is Guilty Of Pestering Cohn

New York Times - Sep 25, 1981

A man who had been accused of harassing Roy M. Cohn in an attempt to force the lawyer to represent him was found guilty on six counts yesterday, but was acquitted of the most serious charges - coercion and burglary. The defendant, Richard Dupont, will be sentenced on Nov. 5 by Justice Bentley Kassal in State Supreme Court in Manhattan...

Bogus New York Times Section Attacked Influential Lawyer...


Schenectady Gazette - Oct 25, 1982

The fake supplement contained a purported interview of Cohn by Barbara Walters ... Richard dupont was convicted of Cohrt. dupont was of distributing a bogus ...


Sentencing Memorandum

People v. Dupont









....................... POINT FOUR







COHN's notorious flaunting of the cannons of ethics has

resulted in judicial determinations of misconduct that have been

ignored by appropriate authorities. The following recitation is

drawn from the defendant's memorandum of law submitted in support

of his prior motion:

In re Estate of Rosenstiel, No. 76-436(Fla. Cir. Ct.

Dade Co. June 24, 1976) a proceeding was instituted in

the Florida courts to revoke probate of a second

codicil to the will of Lewis Rosenstiel, a

multmillionaire, which would have appointed COHN and

others as excutors and trustees of the will. The pro

ceeding was initiated when it came to light that Mr.

COHN had entered the hospital room of the dying man,

and lied to him in order to obtain signature on the

codicil. The court revoked the order admitting the

codicil to probate on the basis of its finding that

"ROY M. COHN misrepresented to the decedent, LEWIS S.

ROSENSTIEL, the nature, content and purpose of the

document that he offered to Mr. ROSENSTIEL for


According to the opinion of the Honorable Frank B.

Dowling, Circuit Judge, COHN had in fact misrepresented

to the dying man that the codicil being presented by

COHN for Rosenstiel's signature was a document that

could save Rosenstiel's exwife from prison.

SEC v. Pied Piper Yacht Charters Corp.; No. 71 Civ.

5341 (S.D.N.Y. Feb 25, 1976) involved a motion to hold

COHN and his law firm (at the time known as Saxe,

Bacon, Bolan & Manley) in civil contempt for breaching

their fiduciary duties as court-ordered escrow agents

by failing to protect, and improperely disbursing, the

escrow corpus. In seeking to avoid contempt, COHN de

nied any knowledge of the terms and requirements of the

escrow order, which denial the court viewed "with

suprise bordering on stupefaction." The court stated:

"The evidence ... establishes beyond any doubt not only

Mr. COHN's awareness of the terms and conditions of the

escrow order ... but his responsibility for its re

peated violation."

Commenting on COHN's veracity, Judge Palmieri


"[n]ine months after making his unfulfilled

promise to supply the SEC with facts... COHN

continued his tactic of obfuscation by bold

assertions of half-truths and untruths."

The court found COHN'S testimony on point

after point "not credible", "contrary to the

overwhelming weight of the evidence" and "undermined

and destroyed." The COHN firm was ordered to

repay all monies taken from the escrow fund ($219,000)

within twenty days or be deemed in civil contempt.

United States v. Johansson, 477 F.2d 702 (5th Cir

1971), involved an action by the Government to collect

back taxes owed from the proceeds of the third Floyd

Patterson-Ingemar Johansson heavyweight championship

fight. The court held COHN and his law partner Thomas

a. Bolan personally liable for the back taxes in the

amount of $135,769.94, stating:

"[W]e cannot escape a conclusion that both

Bolan and COHN were directly and personally

responsible for causing Feature Sports, Inc.2

to violate the courts orders..." (id. at 707),

"[W]e do not hestitate to affirm the district

court's determination that appellants

[including COHN and Bolan] have violated the

court's order's orders." Id. at 706.

In EC v. Fifth Ave Coach Lines, Inc., 289 F.

Supp. 3 (S.D.N.Y. 1968), aff'd, 435 F.2d 510 (2d Cir.

1970), the SEC sought to enjoin various illegal prac-

tices engaged in by, among others, Messrs. Bolan and

COHN. The court found that Mr. COHN and others had

participated in a conspiracy to use Fifth Avenue Coach

Lines Inc. ("Fifth") for their own purposes and that

"COHN benefited from the use of Fifth's money to pay

the loans made to him by" other directors. Id. at 41.

The Court also noted that Mr. COHN attempted to "cover

up" the involvement of two other directors in ratifying

questionable corporate transactions. Id. at 42 n.24.

Believing that there was "a real danger that unless an

injunction is issued, the sort of activities which have

taken place heretofore will be repeated" (id. at 41),

the court enjoined Mr. COHN and others from violating

the securities laws. Id. at 41-42. As to Mr. Bolan,

who was President of Fifth, the court found that the

evidence did not jusify a finding that he personally

participated and declined to enjoin him. However, the

court appointed a receiver, saying:

"Bolan is the senior partner of Saxe,

Bacon & Bolan. He is so closely associated

with COHN that he allows COHN to sign his

name to important documents. Saxe, Bacon &

Bolan and COHN have been and are closely

connected with Fifth, much more intimately

than in the normal attorney-client


"The court feels that in fairness to Fifth's

stockholders, it simply cannot take a chance

on Bolan...." Id. at 42.

To that recitation we can now add Universal Money

Order. Mr. Pfeffer testified among other things that his

associate paid COHN large amounts of cash for Universal Money

Order fee and that COHN used Pfeffer's money to buy the interest

on behalf of Paul Dano. COHN told Pfeffer that he could not have

an interest because he was somehow related to Scarron. How then

could Scarron's attorney COHN represent the buyer and be involved

in the sale in this way?

As a matter of fact, defendant's attorney can recite

one explanation of why the Bar Association and the appropriate

disciplinary authorities have not reacted to COHN. In 1973, I

had a chance conversation with a former attorney for the SEC.

When he learned that I had been previously an associate counsel

the Committee on Grievances of the Association of the Bar of the

City of New York he began to chide me for the Committee's

failures to take action on COHN. He was knowledgeable with the

SEC's case against COHN and handled liaison with the Bar

Association. He told me that the problem was that the attorney

from the Bar Association was "one of the dumbest attorneys who I

ever met". That particular associate counsel is no longer with

the Bar Association so his name is irrevelant to this discussion.

The fact remains that for whatever reason, be it incompetence or

lack of nerve, despite the findings of Rosenstiel, Fifth Avenue

Coach, Pied Piper and Johansson, not one disciplinary step has

been taken against COHN.

EXHIBIT K of the prior motion of December 16, was an

article by Ken Aulletta concerning COHN. In fact, it was the

cover story and it was this magazine that was brandished by COHN

in one of his discussions with Dupont. COHN boasted of being

"the legal executioner." The concluding paragraph of that

article bears note: "Whatever complaints or judgements are

registered against COHN, no Bar Association has ever banned him.

Evil he may be, but as Roy reminds vistors, he is a member in

good standing. Like an outlaw, Roy may have notches in his gun,

but no one has dared ask him to leave town."

Had authorities taken appropriate action against COHN a

decade ago this dispute would never arisen because he could not

have been defendant's lawyer. He would have been long disbarred.

The question was asked of Mr. Dupont why didn't he take

his complaints about COHN to the Bar Association. Need there be

anymore discussion.

COHN's deliberate attempts to play upon his reputation

for the sinister is displayed also in July 1981 Penthouse

Magazine which published the Peter Manso interview of COHN. A

copy of the cover of Penthouse is attached hereto and marked

EXHIBIT NINE. Attached further and marked EXHIBIT TEN is an

extract from the article and the court's particular attention is

drawn to COHN's discussion of representing members of organized

crime, the fact that he feels Tony Salerno is not as underhanded

as the Kennedys or Rockerfellers and that as a matter of course

he refers clients to organized crime members for favors, if "it's

legal and legitimate." What legal and and legitimate favors a

person would expect from organized crime members are not


The court's further attention is directed towards an

article appearing in that same issue entitled the Mud Club by

Cathy Lowery which appears on page 62 et seq. The article in

include pictures of men with genitals exposed, a woman engaged in

fellatio upon a man and recounts the story of a naked man in the

men's room covered with cocaine selling the right to lick the

cocaine off his body. The pictures appear in full color. This

article is in it's contents and depictions more obscene and gross

and pornographic than anything that appears in "Now East".

Except for one thing, the picture of Roy COHN and Steve Rubell

which appeared in "Now East" was cropped from the New York

Magazine of October 15, 1979 and was taken at the Mud Club. This

is COHN's natural milieu.....

....and finally, more than a quarter century later:


As corrected through Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Matter of Thomas A. Bolan

First Department, March 14, 2006


Thomas J. Cahill, Chief Counsel, Departmental Disciplinary Committee, New York City (Raymond Vallejo of counsel), for petitioner.

James R. Froccaro, Jr., for respondent.

{**28 AD3d at 173} OPINION OF THE COURT

Per Curiam.

Respondent Thomas A. Bolan was admitted to the practice of law in the State of New York by the Second Judicial Department on March 29, 1951. At all times relevant to these proceedings, respondent maintained his principal place of business within the First Judicial Department.

On November 30, 2004, respondent pleaded guilty to an indictment filed in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut for misprision of a felony in violation of 18 USC § 4, a felony. The basis for this conviction was that respondent, as a trustee of the St. Francis of Assisi Foundation, attended a meeting on April 29, 1999 at the Mississippi Insurance Department at which false representations regarding the funding, nature and control of the St. Francis of Assisi Foundation were made, and respondent did not as soon as possible make known the same to a judge or other person in civil authority under the United States.

Respondent, who is 81 years old, was sentenced on May 24, 2005, to a term of probation for one year and was ordered to pay a fine of $10,000 and a special assessment of $100.

The Departmental Disciplinary Committee requested an order determining that the crime for which respondent had been convicted was a serious crime and directing him to show cause before the Committee or a referee why a final order of censure, suspension or disbarment should not be made.

In lieu of a response to the petition, pursuant to 22 NYCRR 603.11, respondent has submitted his affidavit of resignation sworn to on December 30, 2005, and requests permission to resign from the practice of law. Respondent acknowledges that there is a disciplinary proceeding against him based on his conviction and that he could not successfully defend himself against the charges, and states that his resignation is voluntary, free from coercion or duress, and submitted with full knowledge of its implications.

Pursuant to 22 NYCRR 603.11 (B), the Committee staff has submitted an affirmation in support of respondent's affidavit, recommending that respondent's request for resignation be granted and that respondent's name be stricken from the roll of attorneys.{**28 AD3d at 174}

As respondent's affidavit satisfies the criteria of 22 NYCRR 603.11, respondent's resignation should be accepted (see e.g. Matter of Percy, 14 AD3d 26 [2004]; Matter of Perrone, 2 AD3d 35 [2003]) and his name stricken from the roll of attorneys in the State of New York, effective nunc pro tunc to December 30, 2005.

Tom, J.P., Friedman, Sullivan, Catterson and Malone, JJ., concur.

Respondent's resignation accepted, and his name stricken from the roll of attorneys and counselors-at-law in the State of New York, effective nunc pro tunc to December 30, 2005.


New York Times - Jun 29, 1999

He introduced Mr. Frankel to Robert S. Strauss, the Democratic Party heavyweight and Washington lawyer; Thomas A. Bolan, the law partner of the late Roy Cohn...


How 2 Priests Got Mixed Up In a Huge Insurance Scandal -...

New York Times - Jun 26, 1999

At least two senior Vatican officials met with Mr. Frankel's American lawyer, Thomas A. Bolan, and tried to help his client set up a charitable foundation ...

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