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Wim, more then one Parkland hospital bystander noted a high center windshield hole against the upper windshield molding that had the look of frontal entry. The car was hastily moved by men overhearing this conversation. This entry hole was confirmed by an employee of the warehouse the limousine was moved to for disassembly. Please forgive me for not digging up names and quotes as I am traveling, but I'm sure you are aware of all such persons and events. You conclude there were two, possibly three shooting positions with Files' position being the most forward of the motorcade, if I am understanding you. The windshield entry hole would place an additional position to Files' right, closer to, or on the triple overpass?

edit: I have not read the book, but plan to.

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Welcome to the forum!

I'm not trying to be "difficult" here in this supremely difficult case, but didn't at least one person at Parkland report the windshield bullet hole being low center ?

--Tommy :)

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Tommy, thanks for reply, and I do not find it obtuse in any way. I'm certain you are well aware of the great lengths taken in discussion of windshield damage to the presidential limo, and you are correct about reports of left upper center damage from Parkland ER bystanders. The reports of location and through and through damage varied from witnesses which include DPD officers, a nursing student, agent who drove car to Love Field, and FBI agents examining limo in White House garage and those testifying at Clay Shaw trial -to name a few. I, so far, am failing to rediscover the story of the employee at plant where limo was said to have been disassembled. Too much data and too many years syndrome.


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