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Biography: Amaury Murgado

Guest Amaury Murgado

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Guest Amaury Murgado

Born May 11, 1960

High School: Miami Southridge Senior High 1977

US Army Active Duty 1977-1982

US Army Reserves 1982-1999

Retired Senior Special Operations Sergeant (E-8/Master Sergeant) Tours include The Middle East, Japan, Korea

Associate of Arts Degree from Valencia Community College 1999

Bachelor Degree in Political Science from Columbia College of Missouri 2003

Currently Graduate Student at University Of Central Florida in Political Science

Published author of 50 plus articles on Martial Arts, Security, and Law Enforcement Issues

I grew up in the 1960's in Miami which was a firestorm of Anti-Castro Activities. My father, Angelo Kennedy, being a Bay of Pigs Invasion veteran, exposed me to many things as a young boy. While some boys were playing with toys, I could assemble and disassemble a Colt-45 and knew what an Ingram Mac-10 was. Between my father and grandfather I was exposed to Jujitsu that later led me to attain Dan rank in Karate, Jujitsu and Judo. Many of the hero's of that anti-Castro area were visitors at my childhood home in Miami. For example, Gerry Hemming is an old family friend. All of that wasn't a big deal back then though today it has historical significance. That foundation of duty and love of country led me to do my own military service and subsequent work in law enforcement. When I retire from law enforcement, I hope to teach History and Political Science part-time at the college or university level.

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Mr. Murgado;

It is my hope that you and your father will not take offense at much of the general ignorance and misrepresentations of fact which often surround this subject and thus leads to persons making accusations and claims which have little if any foundation in fact and truth.

Such actions by some who claim to be "researchers" has "closed the door" for much of the true facts of this subject to ever be brought out and discussed by those who carry with them the knowledge which will ultimately set the record straight.

The input from your family (& Gerry) has now laid open a more clear understanding of the "Odio" incident, and as such is an important part of the history of this subject.

It is therefore my hope that you and your father will continue to share those items of knowledge, which only having "been there" can place into the proper perspective.


P.S. My utmost regard and respect to your father, as well as to yourself for your military sacrifice which is why we in this country have the freedoms to openly discuss the subject.

Too bad more "Americans" do not understand or appreciate such freedoms.

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