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David Ardley

Moderation :up or :down  

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  1. 1. Were you happy with your last externally moderated marks?

    • Yes - Fine. Few changes. None contested
    • Okay. Some understood changes but overall acceptable
    • Frustrated. Significant changes and do not know why

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I was doing some analysis of recent IB Internal assessment marks (for my own benefit) and it occured to me that the majority of the marks tend to get 'moved' en masse when moderation happens. Sometimes I fully understand the shift but at other times :eek . I was wondering with the AS and A2 coursework if similar frustrations exist? Is moderation fair? We all need to be moderated for sure, but once done do we understand (agree :please ) with the feedback we get?

Click the poll and let me know or add a message to the thread - be good to have your feedback.


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