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Biography: Brian LeCloux

Brian LeCloux

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My name is Brian LeCloux. I teach high school Psychology and AP Psychology at a Wisconsin high school. I have an ongoing interest in propaganda, public relations, and the scientific study of human behavior and thinking.

I first became interested in the JFK assassination in 1980 when I took a History course from Professor David R. Wrone at UW-Stevens Point. Wrone introduced me to the writings and research of the dean of the assassination critics, Harold Weisberg. While at UW-SP, I watched videotapes of a national symposium on the JFK Assassation held in November, 1976. The speakers were David R. Wrone, Harold Weisberg, James Lesar and the young Howard Roffman. Their scholarly approach impressed me and has guided me since in my understanding of the case. I try to apply this approach to each new revelation, book, video, etc. on the case.

In joining this forum I would to contribute to the answering of questions posed about topics, books and other publications since I am widely read. I'd also add my own views---where I have knowledge of the documentary record.

I'd also like to be able to ask questions of history book authors such as McKnight, Turner and Mellen since I've read their JFK related works.

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