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The Khrushchev/Kennedy Plot

Len Colby

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I stand corrected that Appleton was not Houdini's birthplace but he did apparently claim it as his home-town:

From a Houdini website:

The Outagamie County Historical Society gathers, interprets, and disseminates information related to the life and career of Harry Houdini, who claimed Appleton, Wisconsin as his home-town. The new exhibit lets you experience some of Harry Houdini's tricks of the trade through hands-on activities. It is great fun for the whole family!

So when you visit Appleton you can pay your respects to both Houdini and Joseph McCarthy.

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Interesting that Mr. Gratz used the words "respects" and "Joseph McCarthy" in the same sentence.

And I do think that Mr. Gratz almost made a point...that constitutional guarantees of freedom of the press only apply to GOVERNMENTAL restrictions on the press, and do not mention a media outlet engaging in SELF-censorship, for whatever reasons they might do so.

When I studied journalism many long years ago, my idealism was subjected to a huge "wake-up call" [a nod to Mr. Gratz's current occupation] when I discovered that the standard journalism curriculum contained approximately as many courses related to advertising as it did to reporting and writing. So to assert, or to even assume, that there is TOTAL independence between the advertising and the editorial departments in the media, and that the Constitution guarantees this separation, is a fantasyland view of the world.

And Gerry, your comments tie into this...in the "real world," the media sometimes pre-empt the "genuine" news with the stuff that sells...and apparently the Aruba and Michael Jackson stories appeal to a certain demographic that advertisers lust after. But the recognition of THAT fact isn't exactly "news," either, is it?

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Mark, my comment about paying respect to Houdini and McCarthy was intended as ironic.

Which is not to say that McCarthy does not deserve a defense to some of the charges against him. Things are not always as black and white as they sometimes appear.

Mark's point is well-taken, however. While Clooney's film, Good Night and Good Luck" can be seen as being primarily anti-McCarthy, several reviewers have pointed out that it also decries the media's interest in promoting rather fluffy celebrity pieces and game shows over informational and educational shows. Nothing has certainly changed in that regard.

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