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Jack Ruby and LBJ

John Simkin

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[quote name='Ron Ecker' date='Nov 12 2005, 09:35 AM' post='44945']

The text of the letter is quoted on page 430 of Crossfire by Jim Marrs.

And quite a profound letter at that.

"...I know that my time is running out...they plan on doing away with me. ...As soon as you get out

you must read "Texan Looks At Lyndon" ...and it might open your eyes to a few things...."

Re JFK's trip to Dallas, Ruby questions how LHO would know of the president's trip to Dallas, noting "Only one person could have had that information, and that man was Johnson.....The only one who gained by the shooting of the president was Johnson...What would the Russians or Castro or anyone else have to gain by eliminating the president"?"

Wouldn't it be nice to know what Ruby told Dorthy Kilgallen???


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