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Who Was An Angel?

Tim Gratz

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In one thread it is noted that Angelo Murgado (now Angel Kennedy) has admitted being the "Angel" who visited Sylvia Odio in late September of 1963. He said that to Professor Joan Mellen (in the presence of Gerry and Felipe Hemming) as well as to his son Amaury, a Forum member,

In another thread, John states that he is going to argue at the upcoming Lancer conferencee in Dallas that Angel was not Angelo Murgado but instead was Ed Collins, now deceased.

John, at least after the seminar, can you share any facts you have to indicate that Collins was "Angel"?

Presumably there are two living witnesses who can resolve this dispute: Odio herself, and Bernardo de Torres.

John, any chance either of those two will join the Forum?

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