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Smoking Gun memo

Lynne Foster

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Your "fascinating document" only shows that JEH couldn't either couldn't understand that Connally was sitting IN FRONT OF JFK, and not BETWEEN him and his alleged shooter who was on either the fifth floor or the sixth floor, or that JEH had found the rare Wile E. Coyote ACME direction-reversing bullet, to explain how the shooter in the TSBD would've hit JFK with the second shot if JBC hadn't gotten between Kennedy and the shooter.

Or, to summarize: "senility rears its ugly head."

The memo shockingly reveals that Hoover actually believed this malarkey, if the memo is to be taken at face value; otherwise, it shows that, a week after the assassination, Hoover didn't have any better clue as to what happened than an amoeba does quantum physics.

Or are you implying that Hoover was telling LBJ, "in code," that there had to be a shot from the front? If so, why was Hoover so adamant in the same memo that all the shots came from the TSBD, even if he couldn't decide which floor they came from?

To me, it sounda like the confused ramblings of a total fool. In THAT respect, it IS a "fascinating document." But other than the fact that it shows that Hoover himself "couldn't find a pubic hair in a whorehouse," let alone the flaws in his logic, the document is pretty UNremarkable.

What a joke, the confused ramblings of a total fool?

This is in fact, the Warren Report, prior to the release of the warren Report.

I can't believe that you do not understand the significance here, but it's very interesting that you compare Garrison and Hoover. In that respect I absolutely agree -they are both responsible for covering up the truth -and that makes them both accessories after the fact.

I think that anyody with a genuine interest here would call that significant.

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If you can twist and contort logic enough to interpret my post as a defense of Hoover, then you obviously have powers of reasoning far beyond those found outside locked rooms with padded walls.

If you can make that post out to be a defense of Hoover, then evidently you believe that JFK was presented with some kind of award in Dealy Plaza, and Ruby gave Oswald his heartiest congratulations two days later.

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I don't really have enough time to try to understand your effort to be funny here.

The only post that you have ever made which has been substantial, as far as I can see, is that Cold war analysis.

It's difficult to communicate with people who are not consistent, try to make a contribution here because I typically ignore your attacks, so you have failed to make any impact here.

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