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Tim Gratz

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This purported DIA document is from the book “Regicide” by Gregory Douglas. This book is not taken seriously by most researchers (at least I hope not), and there are obvious blunders in the document that indicate it is not authentic.

See this review of a previous book by Gregory Douglas, whom the reviewer states is “a known fabricator of documents who has used a variety of names over the years”:


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Also read about Lisa Pease's encounters with Douglas here.

I wrote this nut an email in response to the stuff about Lisa. Guess what he DENIED THE ENRTIRE THING.

I may still have it on my computer, not sure, was about a month or more ago.

Ya a total nut, a forger of documents and multiple names.

There are a lot of fakes in this Who killed Jfk business.

Seperating the true researchers from the posers and passers of

disinformation can be rather complex, as well as time comsuming.

Then there are all the researchers who just happen to hate each other...

Former partners Like Grodon and Livingstone. It's very sad, and I am sure

the killers just love to see all the infighting in the critical community.


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This thread is a great example of how the Forum works to sort out this stuff. Problem is that many people will read the web-site I encountered without knowing the history of the man behind it.

Thanks to Ron, Dawn and Owen.

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G. Douglas is a real jerk but he's also a pro. This is an obvious black prop op, made to appear as if it came from USSR but actually comes from some domestic agency, probably as a prank.

Lisa on the other hand, is a first rate researcher who gave a very persuasive talk at the 40th annivesary Dallas COPA on James Jesus Angleton, one of the principal characters of Regicide.

I was going to update this review, but I don't have the time at the moment.

B. Kelly

An Analysis of "Regicide - The Official Assassination of JFK -

With documentation compiled by Robert T. Crowley, former Asst. Dep. Dir. for

Clandestine Operations of the CIA," by Gregory Douglas (Monte Sono Media,

Huntsville, Al. 2002 ) ISBN 1-591 48-297-6.

By William Kelly, Jr.


June, 2002 /Reposted July, 2003;

Reposted November 20, 2005

The word "regicide" means "to kill a king," and this book tries to put a familiar spin on the assassination of President Kennedy with questionable documents that places the blame for the murder squarely on the CIA, with the cooperation of the top officials of the National Security Agency (NSA), the FBI and Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

While the premise is simple, it becomes all the more confusing because the source of the documentation is reputedly the late Robert T. Crowley, identified as the former Asst. Deputy Director for Clandestine Operations of the CIA, whose Washington Post obit of October 10, 2000 is one of the first documents presented. It is also one of the few that is verifiable, and while I haven't really checked that reference yet, I'm beginning to suspect it as well. I also wonder if Crowley himself is a real person or if he's just a straw character in the storybook ostensibly penned by “Gregory Douglas,” whose identity has yet to be decisively characterized.

Since this book is classified as "non-fiction," I'll treat it as such, and certainly the primary characters are real, or were at one time, but the supporting documents throw the whole story out of kilt, and while easy to call a "hoax" or "fraud," it is less easy to explain the motivation behind creating this fantastic facade.

Besides the Washington Post obit for Crowley, who is identified as the source of the material, the other documents that make up the basis for the book includes 1) a previously released and verifiable FBI memo regarding a phone conversation between President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) and J. Edgar Hover (JEH), shortly after the assassination; 2) a cover letter to Director (DIA) with official Defense Intelligence Agency logo, dated 20 April 1978 re: "Soviet Intelligence Report on Assassination of President Kennedy," signed by VEDDER B. DRISCOLL, Col. USA, Chief, Soviet/Warsaw Pack Division, Directorate for Intelligence Research; 3) "ENCLOSURE A - THE SOVIET INTELLIGENCE STUDY (translation) Items # 1 - 81 (pages 1 - 10); 4) "ANALYSIS OF THE SOVIET INTELLIGENCE REPORT" (p 11 - 19); 5) Aide-Memoire R.T. Crowley, 2pp. to James Jesus Angleton (JJA), dated Aug 10, 1962; 6) "OPERATION ZIPPER document, cover page, (p. 1-28); 7) List of Abbreviations used in the Zipper Document (p. 220); 8) Organizational Chart of the CIA (circa 1960s); 9) Index of Names (with text; incomplete); 10) Appendix listing #1 (p.125-166) entitled "Alphabetical Listing of CIA and Other Intelligence Sources."

Now I'll get back to the alleged translation of the "Soviet Study," the reputed DIA "response" to the "Soviet Study" and the Aide-Memoire and Operation Zipper, but first I want to dispose of #10), which purports to be a listing of "CIA and Other Intelligence Sources," but has since been identified as a list of general and associate members of the Association of

Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), which was founded by the late David Atlee Phillips, and includes such JFK assassination luminaries as Mary Ferrell, Gus Russo and Mark Zaid, as well as everybody and anybody who paid their $40 dues. That Mr. Gregory Douglas either didn't bother to learn what the list really is, or did learn and didn't bother telling us, makes me

extremely leary of what else he has to say.

John Judge was the first to tell me that the list was that of AFIO members, plus a few others peppered in, a fact confirmed by FOIA attorney Mark Zaid and private eye Robert Holmes, also on the list. Holmes, who operates Holmes High Tech security firm out of Somers Point, New Jersey (near Atlantic City), is a card-carrying member of the AFIO and pulled out his card

when asked what he thought the list was. A former policeman and Navy veteran, I asked Holmes to look at the other documents - the Zipper document in particular, and he said that in the case of that type of operation there would be no official documentation or any such "paper trail."

Of the other documents, reading backwards, and passing over the book's incomplete index, obsolete CIA chart and list of abbreviations, we'll look at the "T O P SECRET OPERATION ZIPPER 22 DEC 1963" document first before taking on the so-called "Soviet Study" and DIA "Analysis."

Each letter in the title of the ZIPPER doc is C A P I T A L I Z E D, underlined by each letter and one space apart - while the date is underlined differently, whatever that administrative style means to those who can interpret and decipher official docs, please let me know. To me, it is most similar to typical Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) official documents in that it doesn't have an official logo or masthead. It's just typed, with a manual typewriter that could be positively identified, if anyone wants to go to the trouble, by it's soft left side W and other peculiar annomalies.

The OPERATION ZIPPER doc limits it's distribution to : DCI, JJA, MC, RTC and WKH, which if you check the list of abreviations, means it went to Director of Central Intelligence (John McCone), James Jesus Angleton (head of counter-intelligence CIA), CIA/NSA official Marshall Carter, Robert T. Crowley, the initials of which are underlined and include a checkmark next to it - and William King Harvey, the CIA agent introduced to JFK as "America's James Bond."

All of these characters, other than Crowley, are a familiar part of the Rogues Gallery of JFK assassination suspects, as are most of the other characters - except perhaps - G. Fini, one of the four Coriscian assassins - the Grassy Knoll shooter, and the one who got away, ...., who is mentioned in the Zipper doc but not listed in the abreviations or index, Benjamen Bowman,

the Isralie MOSSAD operative who spirited the other three Corisicans out of Dallas in David Ferrie's plane, and then there's the mysterious ARM, the initials of the Zipper participant who apparently arranged for the Secret Service stand down in Dallas. While I can't think of anyone off the bat, I'll bet that Vince Palamara can fit a name to A.R.M, a trap door we're suppose to

fall in and believe that we found another piece of the puzzle and confirm the bonifides of the rest of these bogus documents.

The Zipper document gives times - to the second - and dates of Zipper "conferences," which are defined as meetings and telephone conversations that take place from March, 1963 thru November, 1963. The document is dated December 22, 1963, and some lunch meetings are identified as being held at The University Club and The Metropolitan Club in Washington.

While the cover letter document from "Col. Driscoll" at DIA looks good at first glance, the attached documents - the so-called "Soviet Study" and the DIA analysis are quite fancifull, but no Defense Intelligence Agency analysist worth his salt would write anything like what this guy puts on paper and Colonel Driscoll, if such a person actually exists, and he will confirm his signing off on this document, then he should be indicted for obstruction of justice and conspiracy and treason.

The "Aide de memoire" is reportedly a post assassination memo from Crowley to James Jesus Angleton, aka JJA, giving a report on how the operation is playing out, still looking for Fini - the one who got away - he sleeked out on a bus to Mexico City and disappeared in Spain - if you believe this quite incredible scenario. "And I'll be sure," Crowley tells JJA, "to

get you an autographed singed copy of the Warren Report for your files." Yea, right, we'll check that with JJA's personal files, I'm sure a treasure trove of top secret documents like Crowley compiled.

This is a classic black propaganda operation that deserves deeper analysis. As with all black prop ops, it is information that purports to come from the opposition - "the Soviet Study," but actually stems from U.S. intelligence sources - DIA - "Driscoll" and CIA Crowley, who sent the docs to writer and "historian" - I can't call him a journalist - Gregory Douglas - if

that is his real name and he is in fact a real person - as I suspect this whole thing is a hoax. And not a simple one at that, but a specific covert op - the purpose of which has yet to be determined.

One major aspect of the "Soviet Study" and the Zipper Doc is discussion of the backchannell communication links that JFK and RFK had established with Kruschev and Castro, skipping the standard State Department and CIA lines of power, just as he had done when excluding the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) from the disarmament negotiations. The Northwoods plan to instigate an invasion of Cuba thru terrorist action and blaming it on Castro and Cuba, is also a big part of the Zipper scenario, and I suspect that it is not a coincidence that the NSA leaked the Northwoods material to James Bamford while Crowley gave these docs to Gregory Douglas, as they overlap and appear to confirm each other. But what are they really trying to tell - sell us? The NSA doesn't just give journalists tours of their operations, and retired CIA

officers don't just send documents to writers from the grave. There is a reason behind all this that isn't what it appears to be.

As it has been pointed out on the internet in other "reviews" of this book, "Regicide" is just one of a series of books being published as written by Gregory Douglas, the first of which contains a purported "interview" with former Gestapo chief Henrich Mueller, who ostensibly escaped Nurrenberg because he was recruited by the CIA and brought to America as part of the

Project Paperclip operation that actually did bring in former Nazi scientists like Weiner Von Braun (NASA) and Gen. Dorenberger (Bell Hell) and the designer of the first jet fighter (Collins Radio), and Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (CIA). But was Mueller among them?

It was the search for Muller, Douglas tells us in his book, that led him to Crowley and the "official" documents on the JFK assassination. Under the chapter “The Crowley Papers,” Douglas tells us, “In 1963, the author met a German Luftwaffe officer who lived in Palo Alto, California. His name was Frederick Laegal, and he was employed in the medical department of Stanford University…” Now this is the same Stanford University where the Hover Institute is located and where Sergi DeMornschildet worked at the time of the assassination. Sergi is the brother of the George DeMohrenschildt, the guy that these documents claim was the man who tipped off the CIA about Lee Harvey Oswald’s employment at the Texas School Book Depository on the motorcade route. This is despite the fact that DeMohrenschildt was in Haiti and totally out of touch with Oswald and his activites.

“At one point,” writes Douglas, “Laegel indicated that he had a friend who knew even more about the period than himself, and eventually the author came into contact with Heinrich Muller, then a resident of Piedmont, California. These ongoing contacts and interviews with the former head of the Gestapo led to the books based on Muller’s papers and eventually to an approach by Robert Crowley, a retired high-level CIA official, in 1993.”

“Crowley was working with British author John Costello,” Douglas informs us, “and in return for papers concerning British surveillance of Ambassador Joseph Kennedy in 1939, Crowley and Costello supplied the author with official documentation on Muller’s postwar employment by the American intelligence community. In 1994, the author published the first of his series on the papers of Heinrich Muller, once Chief of the German Gestapo. The first work appeared in Germany and was subsequently published in English in 1995 by Bender Publishing. When these appeared, there was considerable official, but very private, concern expressed in CIA circle due to the inflammatory issued raised.”

Douglas says he was then contacted by Dr. William Corson, of Potomic, Maryland, regarding the name of the CIA official who interrogated Muller in Switzerland in 1948 – James Speyer Kronthal, the 1948 station chief of Bern, Switzerland. Corson, of course, is a former USMC officer and historian of American intelligence agency operations. Crowley then admitted that He was the man “who had worked with Muller when the former Gestapo chief arrived in Washington in 1948.”

Now backing up a bit, British author John Costello has authored a number of books on British intelligence operations, including one book on Kim Philby and the Soviet Cambridge cell of British double-agents – a story that got Costello killed – murdered on a train or a plane – while tracking down some of his suspects. In fact, most of the people mentioned by Douglas are dead, which is suspicious in itself.

From the looks of it, this book is in the same class as Clifford Irving’s Howard Hughes Diary, and as Irving had previously been a world class art forger, and an excellent artist of that genre, it appears “Mr. Douglas” has also previously been up to similar shennagans.

With a tip of the hat to Tim Howells, and a feather in his cap for pointing out to us a London Sunday Observer book review (April 21, 1996) “Spin Time for Hitler” by Gitta Sereny, in which she calls “Douglas” out for promoting a classically forged documents regarding the “interrogation” of Muller and his escape to America with the assistance of the CIA.

Although it’s very long, it’s an important story to know in evaluating the authenticity of “Regicide.”

In her Observer review of Douglas’ book on Muller’s “interrogation,” Gitta Sereny writes:

“The first is a curious tome, available by direct order from the so-called publishers (in America one James Bender,…in Germany the right-radical Druffel Verlag, who have published books by old Nazis). Lip-smackingly called “Gestapo Chief: The 1948 Interrogation of Heinrich Muller,” it is subtitled “From US Secret Archives.” The author’s name is given as Gregory Douglas; his address, shown in a series of letters from the CIA which he reprints, is 23, West Alexander Avenue 10, Merced, California 95348. Now I am quite familiar with this man, though under a different name. He has many of them. I knew him as Peter Stahl and my husband and I, researching this fantastic story, visited him in Merced in July 1988. In November the previous year Stahl and sent me by courier what he announced as an ‘extraordinary document’ that he had just ‘come into his hands’. It was not only extraordinary, but shocking – a much censored photocopy of a seven-page CIC (later CIA) ‘agent report’ to all appearances copied from originals in a US intelligence archive. Dated November 1948, it was signed by two Berlin-based CIC officers, Andrew L. Venters and Severin F. Wallace.”

“The report, titled ‘Ubersee’ (‘Overseas’), stated that Soviet Intelligence had discovered that two SS generals, Odilo Globocnik and Heinrich Muller, had been spirited out of Europe in 1945 by the Americans with the connivance of the British. Heinrich Muller had been the head of the Gestapo, and it had long been rumored that he had survived and was living in the Soviet Union. Odilo Globocnik, however, who as the head of the ‘Aktion Reinhard’ – ‘the organization in charge of the murder of the Jews in occupied Poland’ was at the top of the Allied war criminals lists, was known to have committed suicide in May 1945, after being caught by the British in a hut in the Austrian Alps. There was even a much reprinted (though unclear) photograph of him dead, taken by a British officer and entitled ‘The worst man in the world’.”

“If this document was genuine, the British and the Americans, outrageously, would have helped two of the worst Nazi evil-doers escape justice which, without doubt, would cause one of the greatest scandals since 1945. Therefore, before seeking any backing for research and keeping my interest secret, I had to authenticate the documents. For this I turned to one of America’s leading archivists, Dr. Robert Wolfe, at the U.S. National Archives. As horrified as I was by the document, he undertook to search for the originals and to authenticate the signatures. Two months later, he told me that Venters and Wallace had indeed been CIC officers in Berlin: the signatures checked out and neither he nor two other top people he had consulted could fault the photocopied documents. He was however, he said, encountering unusual reticence and even opposition from other agencies in his search for the originals. We were concerned lest the secret should slip out before I could research the background of the story.”

“My photographer husband Don and I now with the backing of the Times, left immediately for Trieste, Globocnick’s last posting as SS head of police. Over the next weeks we followed his trail, his escape over the mountains with chests of valuables, to the alpine hut where he was finally arrested, and to the castle in the town of Paternion, in the Austrian province of Carinthia, where British intelligence troops held him and where, when identified, he allegedly committed suicide.”

“By June 1988, we had seen everybody still alive who had had anything to do with Globocnick’s life, including the British officers who saw his corpse,…Everything about the alleged suicide, including the famous photograph, was decidedly fuzzy, and even the British Army records at Kew of his capture and death were contradictory. I felt neither comfortable about the documents, nor by this time about Stahl (aka Douglas). He talked too much, had too many pet theories about Joe Kennedy, the President’s father; about Churchill and Roosevelt and secret advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor; about Roger Casement: Stahl (Douglas) urged too hard, wanted too little. By the time we arrived at his door in Merced in July 1988, I strongly suspected that the papers were forged.”

“Just as we were about to abandon the search for lack of definite proof, we found in Germany a former CIC officer who had served with the two men whose signatures were on the document. He looked at it with astonishment. ‘It was done by someone exceptionally well-informed: he was able to get the right stamps, knows the format, the language and was able to copy, superbly, the signatures,’ he said. ‘He slipped up in one way only: he didn’t know the two men.’ The ex-CIC man had shared quarters with Venters for several years; he was his friend. ‘Andrew was an Austrian by birth and a Jew,’ he said. ‘But that was not the main thing: the main thing is that he was a profoundly cultured man of total integrity who would never, under any circumstances whatsoever, have been part, even with retrospective knowledge, of such a cover-up. Globocnick, to him, was not just the devil incarnate, but dirt: he could not have written and could not have signed such a report. He would have preferred to kill himself. This document is a very clever but quite outrageous forgery.’ Two days later, the Austrian widow of the British officer who had taken the photograph of Globocnick’s corpse found for us in her attic in Vienna another picture taken at the same time, this one not in the least fuzzy: Globocnik was dead.”

“Mr. Douglas-Stahl’s book is as much a fake as the document he sent me eight years ago. In his acknowledgements he maliciously thanks me for my ‘research into the authenticity of the key documents, without which this book could not have been written’.”

“We don’t know whether and where ‘Gestapo’ Muller survived and, if he survived, who he talked to. What is certain is that he never had the conversations reprinted here: Mr. Douglas-Stahl has Muller recite here all the stories Peter Stahl told me over the years – ‘Casement, Churchill, Roosevelt, the bombing of Dresden….and of course all about Globocnik: alive, after having been saved by the nasty British for money. And then, folded into it all, more falsehoods about the Final Solution itself, that one crime that none of these obsessed people can leave alone.”

Well the thing that troubles me most about Mr. Douglas is he doesn’t come across as even remotely interested in questioning whether these documents he’s pawning off on us are legitimately real or not, and if not, why not and what it’s all about. He takes them for face value even though he acknowledges receiving them in the mail from a dying man – the deputy director of Clandestine Operations of the CIA – and keeps quite about them until after the man is dead.

For several reasons however, I don’t believe that, and tend to think that this operation, whoever is behind it, is being run by very living people, still playing the Great Game. And it isn’t beyond us to figure out.

What is especially galling about “Regicide” is that after faithfully promoting these entirely questionable documents, Douglas ends the book with a chapter called “Envoy,” which promotes John Jacob Nutter’s truly fine book “The CIA’s Black Ops: Covert Action, Foreign Policy, and Democracy” (Prometheus Books, Amherst, N.Y.).

The book also includes what is called “Aide-Memoire,” a memo to JJA – James Jesus Angleton from “Crow” aka Robert T. Crowley, which states in part, “…This gives us the opportunity of silencing anyone who might express dangerous opinions about Dallas. Hover also suggested, and I agree, that instead of attempting to shut down controversial books, that we encourage the publication of ‘not’ books. That way, the public will soon grow tired of questions and go on their merry way. The forthcoming Commission report is a wonderful piece of creative writing and will be extensively promoted by our good friends at the NY Times. The question of the surviving member is still of concern but hopefully, the reward will flush him out. I will get Allen to autograph a copy of the final Commission report for both of our personal libraries.”

William E. Kelly, Jr.

Browns Mills, N.J.

June 15, 2001


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Great information, Bill. Your participation in this Form is exceptional and we are fortunate you are a member!

Gee Tim G., it's really nice to meet all you people too, and for me to hook up with some old friends.

And it certainly would appear that the forgeries are professional.

You know, these types of forgeries are not difficult to track down, if anybody really wants to do it.

I was trying to figure out what the ZIPPER docs were all about when they put Dealey Plaza Danny Rather through the wringer over the fake docs re: Bush guard service, and thought that they were done in a very similar way and how come they fired Dan and the producer who just wrote a book, and never went after the person who actually fordged the damn documents. That was the crime, not reporting on them.

Like the Ruby/Oswald scuffle arrest report from the DPD, these types of forged records are professionally done, and is a crime.


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