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ID this man

John Dolva

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The following may be helpful.

Most statements by witnesses describe who was standing nearby. This composite shows most of the people in the small area. Of these 'm' and 'f' were closest to the man in question. Who were they?

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ID anyone?


I've been told that "everyone in the basement was identified by DPD except for the Asian reporter, who remains unidentified to this day. The DPD list is keyed by number to a scale diagram of the scene which, unfortunately, was not published by the WC."

There remains the possibility (at least) that this is available through the Dallas City Archives JFK Collection, available online (click the link). Unless you're on a slow dial-up connection, your best bet is to check the Database link and do a search for "witnesses" or "newsmen" or whatever you think might turn up this info. The "complete index" is not particularly useful in this regard.

My guess is that it's someone in law enforcement, but only because a reporter would seem to want to be closer to the action (Oswald) than this guy appears to be.

Good luck, let us know what you find!

John, the more I look at the clip the more the behaviour of that guy looks suspicious! Do you know if there exists a list of the persons who were in the basement of the DPD that sunday? ....


See post above.

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Just to throw my 2 cents worth in to the mix which I'm sure some will say is overvalued, but this guy kind of looks like the son of FBI man, John Quigley. John Quigley Jr. was 28 in 1963.

I'm not sure what he was doing officially in 1963 but in 1964 he was the Assistant Personnel Director for Morton Foods and in 1967, he secured a high level position with the Dr. Pepper company.

I realize this comparison below is ultimately useless given the poor quality and the time difference, but Quigley Jr. is an interesting character none-the-less.



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Is the guy in question the one directly above Jim Leavelle? If so, he appears to be very tall.


Yup, that's him, thank's for finding/posting Robin. He is about the tallest there.

One person I've been looking at is Warren Ferguson, soundman for Jim Davidson , who filmed from inside the room behind him. This film exists but not the original. Ferguson was interviewed in Houston by DPD detectives where he gave an almost word for word testimony to that of Jim. He also told them he had been interviewed by the FBI. However no photos yet.

The 'Davidson' film would be most interesting to see as it supposedly the only one in existence that shows the shooting from that POV and may shed more light on the 'pass the parcel' movement by the man in question. Apparently a brittle strip from the film is held by the Dallas JFK database. (Richard, Quigly when resized and reoriented seems to me to have (while a very similar mien) a thinner face.)

Duke, what you say about the database is spot on, there are a number of files available that are not listed, however with a bit of searching one can get at them. In this way a good copy of the scaled diagram appears to be accessible. Unfortunately on it the numbers are blacked out.

The man marked as 'm' may be the best bet so far as his face is very clear and distinct on the photo posted by Robin. Most of the officers detail who they were standing next to.

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Steve, thank you for that, most helpful. The link seems to lead to a partial list ( one of four documents) :

The following may be a complete a list of the people in the basement:

D.R. Archer

C.O. Arnett

Asst.Ch. Charles Batchelor

B.L. Beatty

E.R. Beck

Jack Beers

D.G. Brantley

A.R. Brock

J.D. Brockaway

C.W. Brown

D.L. Burgess

Lt. George Butler

V.C. Campbell

A.W. Capps

W.E. Chambera

B.S. Ciardy

B.H. Combest

R.A. Cox

A.B. Craig

K. Croy

W.J. Cutchahaw

N.J. Daniels

J.R. Davidson

Harold Dawson

Sgt. P.T. Dean

C.N. Dhority

J.B. English

Warren Ferguson

Bob Fenley

Capt. J.W. Fritz

C. Goolsby

L.C. Graves

C.A. Greeson

R. Hankal

O.W. Harrison

W.J. Harrison

J.R. Hopkins

R.S. Huffaker

J.D. Hutchinson

Robert Jackson

L.E. Jez

F.B. Johnson

Capt. O.A. Jones

Seth Kantor

J. Kasten

Capt. G.D. King

H.M. Kriss

J.R. Leavell

C.G. Lewis

R.L. Lowery

Dep. Ch. G.L. Lumpkin

Capt F.W. Martin

B.J. Maxey

J.C. McCain

B.C. McCoy

H.M. McGee

T.D. McMillon

B. Merrell

L.D. Miller

L.D. Montgomery

R.C. Nelson

W.J. Newman

J.F. Newton

Ike Pappas

D.L. Pate

B.G. Patterson

Francois Pelou

Tom Pettit

George Phenix

Lt. R.S. Pierce

Sgt. J.A. Putnam

J.K. Ramsey

H.B. Reynolds

Warren Richey

Jack Ruby

W.B. Slack

J.D. Slocum

Lt. V.S. Smart

Mike Smith

Johnny Smith

I.R. Stephens

Dep. Ch. M.W. Stevenson

Donald Suits

Lt R.E. Swain

Capt. C.E. Talbert

John Tankersly

L.C. Taylor

Robert Thornton

David Timmons

Unknown Japanese Reporter

Unknown Reporter

Jimmy Turner

I.F. VanCleave

R.E. Vaughn

Homer Venso

I.N. Walker

R.A. Watkins

J.C. Watson

Lt W. Wiggins

G.E. Worley

In addition to these there appears to have been 10 unknown media personnell, and Oswald of course.

If anyone knows who any of these are please note it here.

Does anyone know or can find out if I. N. Walker is related to General Walker.

John, may I add Jack Renfro WBTP-TV (cameraman) and Terrence McGarry (Rep.UPI) to the list. (?)


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Ok George, I've updated the suggested list of those present.

Possibles proposed for the ID shifts Hosty to unlikely c/o Frank.

Other names mentioned : Bradley, Bishop, Bookhout, Quigly.

Some thoughts: There is an accepted view that media personnell were not in that area. However it appears that there were a few. Also there was a dash from upstairs down to get there before the elevator, this would be an opportuinity in spite of security arrangements for people to join the group.

(I'm slowly making my way through the documents on the Dallas City site, a lot of documents appear not to be there, including wrong links, in one instance I found that the listed code of the gif does not match the document that appears. Correcting this in the URL in this instance brought up the correct document (the numbered scaled diagram in question))


List of those on record as present at time of Oswald being murdered.

L. H. Oswald, Jack Ruby,


Dep. Ch. G. L. Lumpkin, Asst. Ch. Charles Batchelor, Dep. Ch. M. W. Stevenson,


J. W. Fritz, (Sup) O. A. Jones, (Sup.) G. D. King, F. W. Martin, C. E. Talbert,


(Sup) George Butler, R.S. Pierce, W. Wiggins, V. S. Smart, R. E. Swain,


J.A. Putnam, P. T. Dean, B. J. Maxey,


D. R. Archer, C. W. Brown, B. L. Beatty, E. R. Beck, D. G. Brantley,, D. L. Burgess, A. W. Capps, W. E. Chambera, B. S. Clardy, B. H. Combest, W. J. Cutchshaw, Harold Dawson, L. C. Graves, C. A. Greeson, O. W. Harrison, J. D. Hutchinson R. L. Lowery, T. D. McMillon, L D. Miller, L. D. Montgomery, J. K. Ramsey, H.(N) B. R(N)eynolds, I. R. Stephens, I. F. VanCleave, R. C. Wagner, J. C. Watson,


R. E. Vaughn, N. J. Daniels,


W. J. Harrison, W. B. Slack, L. E. Jez, (jail elevator) C. G. Lewis, R. C. Nelson, D. L. Pate, B. G. Patterson, L. C. Taylor, R. A. Watkins,


Cap. C. O. Arnett, Officer Sgt. K. Croy, Officer W. J. Newman, A. R. Brock, J. D. Brockaway, R. A. Cox, A. B. Craig, J. R. Hopkins, J. Kasten, H. M. Kriss, J. C. McCain, G. E. Worley

still to be sorted

C. Goolsby, C. N. Dhority, J. R. Leavell, Sup. V. C. Campbell,,


John Alexander, Hank Machiarelli, (*Tom Petit) Tom Pettit, George Phenix, Mike Smith (*Mike Smith), Milt Sosin, Jim Standard, Unknown Japanese Reporter, (*?) Unknown Reporter, Paul Cisco, Oliver Oakes, Bert Reinhart, Robert S. Huffaker, Jack Beers, J. R. Davidson, J. B. English, Warren Ferguson, Bob Fenley, R. Hankal, Robert Jackson, F. B. Johns(t)on, Seth Kantor, Ike Pappas, Francois Pelou, Warren Richey, Johnny Smith, John Tankersly, Robert Thornton, David Timmons, Jimmy Turner, Homer Venso, I. N. Walker, Jack Renfro, Terrence McGarry,


J. F. Newton, J. D. Slocum,


Cross referencing these two lists makes for two duplicates and therefore perhaps 3 unaccounted for.

possibles : sgt haxey, det benty (?? bentley, brantley??), res lt mccoy, payne, hughes,

Thanks to Robin:

Update on people standing close to man in question. As the statements frequently include observations on who was standing close, if these can be identified then 'x' may be identified. the guy on the left in particular is clear and has distinct features.

Edited by John Dolva
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