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Biography: James DiEugenio

James DiEugenio

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Author of Destiny Betrayed, co-editor of The Assassinations. Publsiher and co-editor of Probe Magazine.


Great to see you here. I am hoping to see your response to Joan Mellen's big detraction in her otherwise great book, AF2J. That being that bros Kennedy were really trying to kill Castro. And that Bobby-thru Walter Sheridan- did all he could to sabotage Garrison. Her chief source is Murgado, who claims to be the Angelo of Odio infamy. I heard her last night on a radio show- (called "Taking Aim")- say it was GERRY HEMMING who put her in touch with Murgado (now named Kennedy). We all know what a bs artist Hemming is. (he posts here quite regularily, you might find this interesting itself).

Also there is a real nutcake here who goes by the name of Lynne Foster. She came out of the woodwork right when Joan's book came out and her main theme is to bash Garrison. I put her on "ignore all posts" about two weeks ago. Prior to that we got into it regularily. I wanted to go up to Toronto and slap her silly. Which is very weird for me. Peace loving hippie that I am. But to listen to her slam Garrison all the time; she was drawing blood. I think also bringing the forum way down, when there are in reality very knowledgable peolple here.

Welcome, welcome.


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