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Biography: William Law

William Law

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William Law's interest in the assassination of John F. Kennedy began in 1975 when he first saw the Zapruder Film on television. Another important factor was reading Best Evidence by David Lifton. Law began researching the assassination and his work appeared in November Patriots by Constance Kritzberg and Larry Hancock, JFK The Medical Evidence by Vincent Palamara and Murder in Dealey Plaza edited by James Fetzer.

Law has written for The Kennedy Assassination Chronicles and the Dealey Plaza Echo. His book, In the Eye of History: Bethesda Hospital Medical Evidence in the JFK Assassination (2005). Co-written with Allan Eaglesham, the book includes interviews with Dennis D. David, Paul K. O'Connor, James C. Jenkins, Jerrol F. Custer, James W. Sibert, Francis X. O'Neill, Harold A. Rydberg and Saundra K. Spencer.

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