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Where Did This Quote Originate?

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I suppose the topic title and description say's it all, but I am trying to learn about the quote attributed to Ferrie. William Turner who I believe is invaluable as a member of this Forum, in Rearview Mirror (which I have, and think is a extremely insightful book) refers to the interview he did with Robert Depugh national leader of the notorious "Minutemen," in that segment of the book he refers to "John Morris" and then writes

"DePugh knew that in 1962 one of his "patriots" named John Morris cooked up a plot to assassinate Senator J. William Fulbright because he wasn't "voting American" (he opposed the Vietnam War). When DePugh got wind of it, after money had actually changed hands, he squelched it, he said, in order to head off a massive federal probe of his organization. In researching the article, I picked up information that a Minutemen cell in Dallas threatened to "snuff" Stanley Marcus of the upscale NiemanMarcus department store chain because he was Jewish and liberal (I called Marcus to inform him of the danger)."

My question is who quoted Ferrie as saying "Oh sure, we can

easily get Fulbright the same we got S. when he was

overseas--and nobody will ever suspect. They'll think it was

a natural death."

I think, and this is just my opinion, that the quote is referring to Adlai Stevenson, (D-IL) ran unsucessfully against Eisenhower 1952 and again in 1956) who died of natural causes in England in 1965. I wanted to sort this out, and see if there is anything to this. The reason I ask, is that recently I read somewhere (On the internet, MAYBE on the Forum) in which an individual referred to Adlai as being, (paraphrasing) responsible for the mess in Cuba, (comments circa 1963?) again I am sorry I do not remember where I saw this. Anyway, I am just trying to verify if it was ever proven that Ferrie said this. If he did say this, does anybody think there "may have been foul play with regards to Adlai Stevenson's death?" He was a part of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and I am sure he wasn't admired by all those extremist right-wing hate groups, back then.

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