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John Simkin

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Message from ICT Advice:

This is our 2005 Christmas Special, which offers a selection of Christmassy things to do with computers, ranging from an email letter to Santa (Y1) to a spreadsheet to calculate how many presents were given on the '12 Days of Christmas' (Y6). These activities are not linked to any specific area of the curriculum and you will note that our usual curriculum references are omitted. Although one collection has been provided for each year group (and there is some overlap) many of the challenges are suitable for a wide range of age and ability levels so you may wish to look at all of the activities to select those suitable for your children.

We hope that you will find the activities useful and pass them on to colleagues where appropriate. If you have missed any of the previous week's mailings, or have had difficulty in accessing any of the attachments, you can download them from: http://forum.ngfl.gov.uk/direct2u

The activities cover:

Year 1

This is selection of websites with Christmas activities ranging from drag and drop nativity scenes to sending an email message to Santa.

Lesson plan is available from:


Year 2

Crafty activities involve making a folding Christmas card, Christmas tags

and stained glass window paintings. There is also a selection of Christmas


Lesson plans are available from:



Year 3

This is a selection of websites and other Christmas activities ranging from

word games to making Christmas cards and wrapping paper. Some on-line

sources of free Christmas clip art are included.

Lesson plans are available from:




Year 4

The activities include writing a Christmas jingle, setting up a turtle post

delivery and creating a Victorian Christmas card.

Lesson plans are available from:



Year 5

Here is a spreadsheet activity based on the Twelve Days of Christmas.

There are also instructions for creating a Christmas quiz, spot the

difference pictures or an interactive Advent Calendar.

Lesson plans are available from:



Year 6

Another spreadsheet takes the Twelve Days of Christmas theme further.

There are also ideas for control work with a Christmas theme and extension

of the work on advent calendars.

Lesson plans are available from:



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