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J. Edgar Hoover

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Agreed. She almost created a 'hot topic' all with her own posts. :lol:

I dunno. I can't read it!

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It is no small coincidence that Guy Banister, who clearly knew Lee Harvey Oswald, was in charge of anti-Cuban operations in Mexico.

David Atlee Phillips: As we've seen, CIA propaganda expert Dave Phillips, a veteran of the CIA overthrow of Guatemala's government in 1954, was involved in both the Castro assassination plots and the CIA counterintelligence operation against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, working under Watergate's James McCord. By the Fall of 1963, he was in charge of anti-Cuban operations in Mexico City at the time of Oswald's visit, but was out of town and didn't return until about a week after Oswald left; a cable from Mexico City suggests the CIA station there held materials about Oswald's visit for Phillips to pick up. Every key source who tried to tie Oswald to Castro after the assassination had links to Phillips.


I still think that the key relationships here, as they relates to the Kennedy assassination cover up are Banister/Hoover, the FBI players of the Cuban Operation, and Jim Garrison, the official who helped Hoover and Johnson bury information about the illegal, Cuban operation.

Does the Warren Report mention the Cuban Operation?

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No wonder I am talking to myself here. You all claim that Jim Garrison is a hero, is he a hero because he was probably the "legal authority" behind the Cuban Operation?

Check this out:

Garrison's New Orleans was a hotbed of illegal, covert paramilitary operations where corruption, disguise and deception had produced an intelligence cottage industry. In the 1960's, it was the city where the Mafia, anti-Castro exiles and self-styled intelligence spooks joined hands to celebrate what they called their patriotic bonds and to condemn their common enemies -Castro, Communists, Liberals... Entrenched interests dominated the order of the day. In particular, New Orleans was a mature organized crime haven, where political campaign contributions and outright bribery insulated Mafia bosses like Carlos Marcello. In the final analysis, the power source of the city that made its own rules and regulations as it went along, was the cozy relationship between Mob Lords like Carlos Marcello and high ranking law enforcement officials like Jim Garrison. In retrospect, the fact that the city where evasion and denial was honed to a science, came to dominate the Kennedy assasination investigation, is not at all surprising.


Have you read the above Dawn/Adam? Are you people merely trying to deflect attention away from all of Jim Garrison's illegal activities?

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Lynne sounds a bit like Gordon Novel: Garrison went after the CIA not to protect Marcello but to protect Hoover! At least I think that was Novel's theory--a novel theory to be sure.

I'd expand that. Garrison protected Marcello and Hoover -remember, there was no such thing as organized crime as far as Hoover was concerned.

I mean, think about it. Hoover's FBI did not fight organized crime, they supported anti-Cuban operations to fight communism.

Garrison, Hoover/Banister and Marcello protected each other, it makes total sense.

That's the Cuban Operation that Hoover is talking about, and he did not know to what extent Oswald was involved.

Does the Warren report say anything about the Cuban Operation, Tim?

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Tim and Adam:

You guys have interrupted a perfectly good monologue...

...yeah, I'm referring to the one that says "you have chosen to ignore this user."

Remember the old saying, that you're not considered insane if you merely talk to yourself...but if you start to answer yourself, the debate on your sanity is over...?

I especially enjoy the logic of "I must be right because I agree with myself," so heavily promoted in threads such as this one.

So you may now shake your own hand, Lynne, and pat yourself on the back.

It's not that we agree with you; we simply no longer care what you have to say.

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Much saner than all the Republican alter egos who pat each other on the back. You know, that shrink and Ron, who claim to know everything -hey, if you join them you can call yourselves the 3 Stooges.

As usual Mark, you prove that you are a fool. Keep up the good work !

By the way, I am not talking to myself, I merely point out interesting facts as I find them. If you have a problem with that, tough luck !

So why don't you take your advice and staff off my thread, since you obviously have nothing to contribute.

Edited by Lynne Foster
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I can't ignore Lynne's posts because I split my sides.

Of course Ron is a Republican. Lynne has already established through her own posts that he is a secret Nixon apologist.

And so is Stephen (at least that is who I think she is refering to as a "shrink".) Forget the fact that he lives in the UK; if he was in the States, he certainly would be a Republican. Anyone who has read his posts knows that!

And Mark is a fool! We know that as well: anyone who does not agree with her must be!

(But I enjoyed Mark's post; I too had thought about the old saying about people who talk to themselves.)

Edited by Tim Gratz
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Not as much as I split my sides. You are the disbarred lawyer who is trying to convince John that Castro is responsible for the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Tim, I enjoy your posts, as always. By the way, you made an intelligent comment on this thread, are you trying to keep everybody guessing?

It looks like you think you are a sophisticated cover up artist.

The interesting thing about this thread is that not one of you dares to defend Hoover the way you defend Garrison -yet I don't see the difference, do you see the difference?

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Adam, tell Dawn, your handler, to give you a life, you need it.

I just realized if you reply to this nutcake then you actually see what she has written, even tho I have enjoyed having her on "ignore" for some time now.

Adam: Take your life; I don't need it anymore:)


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Tim, I enjoy your posts, as always.

Some time back Terry Mauro requested that the two Tims designate themselves so that everyone can tell the difference. This would ensure that readers would know that Lynne was referring to Tim Gratz in the above quote. I responded by beginning to sign off my posts as "T.C." I would hope to encourage others to make that differentiation as well. Sharing a name with a flaming, albeit proud, right-winger can be problematic....


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