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Jim Garrison and George Bush

Lynne Foster

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George Bush was a heavy cocaine user and when he was arrested for possession, the records vanished.

These records evidently vanished as well, why don't the Garrison experts on this message board explain them:

On November 25, 1963, Garrison arrested David Ferrie, questioned him, and handed him over to the FBI.

Wednesday 30 June 1971: Jim Garrison is arrested, he is charged with violating the Organized Crime Control Act of 1970. Garrison and two police officers are accused of accepting bribes from gamblers in New Orleans involving illegal pinball machines.

What happened to this police corruption case?

The reference to the arrest of David Ferrie merely proves, in my opinion, Garrison's early effort to cover up the truth about the Kennedy assassination. If he was a genuine researcher, he would have started raising questions in 1963, with Dorothy Kilgallen -legitimate researchers.

Garrison exposed the fact that he was a fraud during his Playboy interview when he said he trusted the Warren Report until November 1966, and the reason for that is quite obvious. That is when Johnny Roselli started blaming Fidel castro -timing is everything.

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