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eBay JFK Assassination Related Materials for Sale

Lee Forman

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As opposed to looking for new threads in which to place items which are continually coming up for sale relative to the assassination, I thought it would be preferable to create a thread and update it on occasion - when items come up for auction that I believe may be interesting to some. Not interested in the auctions for grass clippings from the knoll, or the traffic light from Dealey Plaza, or fencepost from the knoll picketfence for example. ;)

The last item of interest related to a 2-page [one sheet] letter handwritten by Ruby, still on auction:


however, there was also the notes of JD Holmes concerning his interview of Oswald [gone], the screenplay and correspondence concerning a film called 'Countdown to Dallas' I think it was called, which largely was written with help from DA Henry Wade, previously unpublished or rare photos of the motorcade, etc.

There's been a few items which I have bid on, only to be sniped or seriously outbid, plus many items which aren't within any possibility of my acquiring due to the nature of their costs. I thought that there may be some interest by other members of the Forum in some of these items.


Legal Files to Exhume Body of JFK Assassin Lee Harvey Oswald

History: Few remember Dallas attorney Jerry Pittman (famous during the late '70s/early '80s for the case in these files). A British resident and author Michael Eddowes had serious doubts as to the true identity of John F. Kennedy's assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. Mr. Eddowes believed Lee Harvey Oswalds' identity had been assumed by a Russian KGB agent and compiled compelling evidence to that affect. Mr. Eddowes subsequently hired Jerry Pittman to lead the fight to have Oswalds' body exhumed and an autopsy performed to learn if the body buried as Mr. Oswald was truly his.

This auction is for the case files of attorney Jerry Pittman (as shown in the sample pictures here and as described in this listing). They were placed in a Dallas/Ft Worth storage unit along with law office furniture, almost 4000 pounds of law books, etc. Last year the unit went up for auction for non-payment. My brother bought the unit and that is how I came upon these. The files are currently in my posession. I have read through all documents, newspaper articles, etc. and found them to be very interesting and a valuable collection of American History.

Disclaimer: I can not guarantee that these are the complete files of Jerry Pittman for this case. All papers in the unit were gone through thoroughly and these are all the relevant files found.

Description of Documents (in no particular order):

Typed 22 page "Oswald: The Soviet Connection". I believe this was written by Mr. Eddowes and given to Jerry Pittman documenting the differences between the supposed Russian imposter and Lee Harvey Oswald. There is an information summary from 1963 to 1975

Lee Harvey Oswald Petition to Exhume

1959 Marine Medical Report

1963 Autopsy Report

Laminated copy of Oswald's Dental Records (prior to trip to Russia)

Copy of John F. Kennedy's Death Certificate

Original telephone message slips

Pages and pages of hand written logs on daily events on the case and phone logs. References made to Mr. Eddowes, Marina Oswald, Medical Examiners, Judges, FBI informants and so on.

Typed logs on daily activities

Copy of Rose Hill Burial Park Deed for grave

Copies and originals of newspaper articles about the case and it's progress and anything else relevant to the case

Laminated copy of Warren Commission Exhibit 2218 (about statement of Lee Harvey Oswalds' mastoidectomy on 2-8-1946

Copy of the Warren Commission Report and the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassination Hearings (only relevant pages, not the entire reports)

Copy of "Amicus Curiae" description (friend of court?) and other case law

Photocopies of Lee Harvey Oswald photos and ID for comparison of before and after his return from Russia

Letter and article on ear identification

Original letters to Mr Pittman from psychos (my opinion) who had their own theories about Lee Harvey Oswald and John F. Kennedys' death

Copies of several petitions/cases filed related to this case

Transcript of "The McNeil/Lehrer Report" TV show entitled "JFK Conspiracy"

Original and Courtesy Copies of letters among lawyers involved

Copies of Legal Bills sent to Mr. Eddowes along with bills/costs to exhume body

Copies of correspondents/documents required to exhume body, for example: Application and Disinternment Permit, and Burial Transit Permit

The complete stack of documents is approximately 6 1/2 inches tall and 14 pounds

Most legal documents are in legal size files and on legal paper

It should be noted that most of these documents are in very good shape. However, some are yellowed with age and there are only a couple that the ink has faded to a point they are hard to read.

Note: There is a JFK museum that is interested in having these documents for their collection. Unfortunately, I am laid off and need the money more then the tax benefit of donating them. If you are interested in purchasing them for the museum, then I can pass on the information.

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Interesting collection.


Extensive collection of varying photos consisting of people, places and things related to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Ten lots of mostly colored shots average nearly 15 photos per set. Composing one are autopsy-related photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, the likes of which were circulated during the days immediatey following the tragedy. Another lot consists of the recorded actions of the President on that day---the motorcade ride he took along the streets of Dallas leading up to his ambush. Still another set is made up of the actions and whereabouts of Oswald leading up to the moment that tragically transformed history.
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One original color photograph taken by Jack Ruby of "Impeach Earl Warren" sign displayed in the Dallas area. Ruby took the pictures on November 23, 1963 as part of his mourning for the death of President John F. Kennedy just hours after the murder and perhaps to create confusion about his motives and whereabouts. This photo was found in Ruby's camera following his arrest. Such photos, taken by Jack Ruby, with an associate who testified as such in tow, in the morning hours of Nov. 23rd, are well documented and remain a to this day somewhat of a mystery. He shot Lee Harvey Oswald on national television the very next day. The 5x7 color photograph shows the sign on the roof of a house above an "Elect Jack Cox Senator" sign. Color photograph, good condition, slightly faded, 5 x 7. This was one of two photos in a lot sold on December 17th at Guernsey's Auction House in New York City as part of the famed Kennedy collector, Robert White's estate. White was the preeminent owner of Kennedy related material and this is a rare opportunity to own a piece of JFK assassination history. Winner will be provided with a photocopy of the original letter Mr. White received from Earl Ruby, Jack's brother detailing the photographs he sold White.


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Also up for sale is an original Weaver. Someone's chance to perform a high quality scan of the corner, perhaps.


The Weaver Photo. This is the last of the 5 photos I found in one of the boxes of photos from the estate of Dallas photographer Lloyd DeGroodt. He did not take this but probably got it from his camera buddies. This shot is called the WEAVER PHOTO. When you look it up on google you will see that this is better quality than the ones on the internet. You can see alot of the buildings including the Book Depository. That is probably why it is of interest to many JFK fans. The buyer of the other black and white photo says it looks like its done from the original negative. The 3 color photos had developed in dec 1963 on the back. The envelope to Mr DeGroodt was postmarked Dec 1963, so I am sure thats when the black and white ones were developed also. The photo measures 3 1/2 by 4 1/2.


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I also noticed that Lee Oswald's Marine Corps yearbook is for sale. Asking price is a lazy 4 million dollars. :D


Ridiculous. Personally, I wouldn't pay a penny more than 3 million for it. 3.5 tops. :D


3.5 you say? I was tossing up whether to purchase the Yearbook or a Sovereign Islands waterfront mansion here on the Gold Coast. Mmmm, what to do..... :blink:


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From the estate of a WWII naval officer and avid photographer comes this original unpublished black and white photograph of President John F. Kennedy and Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson sitting side by side in a presidential motorcade. The measurements of the image are 4.5 by 3.5 inches and the measurements of the photo including borders is 7 by 4.25 inches. The photo is undated. The reverse is marked in blue with POLAROID. The condition of the photo is affected by the following: a number of fingerprints on photo image and borders are visible; there is one small tear along the top edge, but it does not extend into the image; creasing and age toning throughout the photo.

I am not a JFK historian but I have been unable to locate any other images of JFK and LBJ sitting together in a motorcade vehicle after JFK's election. The photo has a strong visceral impact -- it conveys the motion of the car and the excitement of the crowd, contrasts the smiling faces of JFK and LBJ with that of the stern secret service agent (who appears to be eyeing the photographer), and foreshadows JFK's untimely demise in the same setting.

Return for full refund if not as described. Will be shipped in archival grade mylar pocket

Sure looks like the Dallas motorcade to me - with Jackie in back, Kellerman glaring, and CONNALLY smiling - not Bull Johnson. Anyway - just goes to show that there is still material out there among the attics and estates yet to be seen.

Edit: After I informed the seller of his error he canceled and will relist appropriately. Doesn't hurt to help out - even though I was the lead bidder. : )

- lee

Edited by Lee Forman
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